(Mar 2018) I am Peter, I live in Germany and I'm a home player with the Tyros5.

I picked up the original Genos styles and Genos Multi Pads from the internet.  The conversion of the internal Genos styles for my Tyros5 started in November of 2017. 

Thanks to J. Sorenson's software (Style Unlocker, RD Cleaner, Style Revoicer, OTS Editor) and Michael P. Bedemsen (Mix Master), I could do that. Many thanks to these Gentlemen for this relief at this point. 

Where it was possible, I used the Genos voices included in the styles. The drum sets mostly needed to be remapped. The missing style voices in the style parts themselves and the missing OTS voices I have supplemented by similar sounding voices from the Tyros5. I did the same with the multi pads. Please note that I edited the multi pads used in the styles. 

An exception for the multi pads I made: Instead of Cymbal & Chimes1 (= Genos), I generally used Cym & Chimes (= T5). 

All style parts are freely editable, so they can be changed depending on the musical feeling. Have fun with the styles.

If you have some more questions or information for me, please let me know.

623 SFF2 Genos Styles (for Tyros5)
Ballroom Classic&Events Country
Dance EasyListening Entertainer
Jazz Latin Movie&Show
Oldies Pop R&B
RetroPop Rock Trad&Folk

The styles use the Genos multipads. To set this up on your Tyros5, create a folder on your hard drive at the root level called "Genos". Put two subfolders in the Genos folder: "GenosStyles" and "GenosMultipads". Unzip the Multipads file and move the resulting "Genos Multipads" folder into "GenosMultipads". Unzip each of the style category files and move them under "GenosStyles".

PSR-SX900 Styles for the Tyros5

(August 2019) Henni has already eliminated the Revo drums from the styles of the  PSR-SX900. I have now converted these styles for my Tyros 5. Hopefully, you will find these conversions useful.

521 SFF2 SX900 Styles (for Tyros5)
26 styles
82 styles
43 styles
60 styles
40 styles
43 styles
97 styles
71 styles
59 styles


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