EileenYou may have already downloaded some PSR conversions from other keyboards in the "Other Kbds" section. Eileen Lowry was a key participant in doing those conversions. Through the years, Eileen has converted a great many styles for use on PSR and Tyros keyboards. Below are additional conversions from Eileen. Eileen has owned many of the Yamaha keyboards. Below are her styles used on the PSR-S970, Tyros5, Tyros4, Tyros3, and earlier keyboards using the SFF1 format.

[Be sure to visit Eileen's PSR Performer page and you can listen to Eileen performing on her Tyros 3. - JW]

S970 Styles

100 Styles for PSR-S970
970 Styles 1.zip BalladCool, Country Beat, Diamante, Easy Beat, LoungePiano, Medium Schlager, Organ Bounce, Raindrops, Slow Shuffle, Tulips from Amst.
970 Styles 2.zip Animation, Ballroom, Big Band Bld, Bossanova2, MillerBand, Organ Beguine, Quick Foxtrot, Showstopper, Shuffle, Swingy Waltz.
970 Styles 3.zip 50's Slo Rock, AGFreestyle1, Ballad, BorderlineBrass, Clapping Gordons, ClassicMovie, Mantovani, MellowHipHop, Synth-medley, Trumpet Romance.
970 Styles 4.zip 6'8 Ballad, Banda Swing, Broadway, CelticSpirits, Chet Atkins, Chill Lounge 1, Choo Choo, PartySamba, Slow Waltz, Starry Night Chill.
970 Styles 5.zip 16Beat Pop 2, 60's, Bugg 1, Consider 68 March2, Fly a Kite Waltz, Morning Town, Musicbox, Oblade, Slow Waltz, Surry.
970 Styles 6.zip 4BohemianRumba, Broadway, Chill Lounge, Cool Rap, Do That To Me, Lovebird, Piano Quick, Rhinestone, Scand Beat, Soft 8Bt.
970 Styles 7.zip 01 Piano Bal 2, 8Beat, Avalon, Bouncy Beat, Broadway, Cool Rap, Eternity, Kisses, P Stride 1, Wash Fox.
970 Styles 8.zip Celtic Strum, Country Swing, Free Movie Ballad, LLiscioBeat, Nice Ballad, P Ragtim, Rhinestone, Slow Jazz 2, Sunny Side Street, Waltz.
970 Styles 9.zip 16 Beat Bal, All of me, It Swwing, Latin, Med Waltz, Nice Ballad, Rock'N'Roll, Showstoper, SlowRock, UptownShffl.
970 Styles 10.zip BalladCool, Country Beat, Diamante, Easy Beat, LoungePiano, Medium Schlager, Organ Bounce, Raindrops, SlowShuffle, Tulips from Amst.

Tyros 5

(Aug 2016) Here are some styles I use a lot on my Tyros5 keyboard. Hope some members can find a use for them. --Eileen

Ty5 Sty.zip
129 styles

Tyros 4

(Nov 2010) Eileen is now the proud owner of Yamaha's new flagship, the Tyros4 and, as you might expect, she has started developing styles for the new T4. Her T4 conversions are found in the table below. (Click on the ".ZIP" files below to download the styles.) Note that many of these styles will also work fine on the PSR-S950.

155 Styles for Tyros4
Tyros4_1.zip HappyClassic, HappyShuffle, Keep On Smile, Love Call, Menuett, Slow Swing, Soft Ballad 3, Soft Ballad 3, Sweet Sweet Smile, SwingingRag
Tyros4_2.zip Country Ballad, Easybeat, Happy Music, Lonesome Me, Party Time, Pussycat-Smile, Scan Waltz, Slow Ballad, So What's New, SwingFox
Tyros4_3.zip Ballad, Brush Shuffle, Dream Slow, Foxtrot, James Last 2, James Last, ModernOrchBld, Movie Swing 3, Polka, Raindrops
Tyros4_4.zip 8 Bt Standard, Ballad 2, Country, Electric Dance, GenteCome Ballad, Jazz Combo, Schlager 6~8, Schlager, StipeBallad, Sweed Shuffle
Tyros4_5.zip 6-8 Pop, 70s Dance, 70s Disco, BallroomWaltz, James Last, Kaempfert, Rydell Rock, Shaky Time, US Country, Walzer
Tyros4_6.zip 68March, Fast Bossa 1, Lunabeat, MellowRock, Scand I1, Slow Waltz, Spanish Eyes, Tango 1, Theatre Swing, Trendy Beat
Tyros4_7.zip 8 Beats, 70'sGroove, Country Shuffle, Disco Schlager, Love Movie, Medium Schlager, PopTown, Schlager Rhumba, SchlagerPop, SilenceIsGolden
Tyros4_8.zip CaliBlue, Do That, Good Beat, Good Old Rock, ovenbird, Mandolino, ScandSloRock2, Swing Fox, Tango, There Goes
Tyros4_9.zip Brush Slow Swing, Country Beat, Country, ElectricJazz, Green Grass, Guitar, Lovebird, Musical, Nice 8 Beat, Swingy Fox
Tyros4_10.zip Blue Moon, Bubbly, Do That To Me, Hello Joe, Hustle, Nashville, Now Or Never, Pop Ballad 4, Somew Rain, Summer Love
Tyros4_11.zip 8 Beat Ballad, Clapping Gordons, Green Green Grass, Nice 8 Beat, SecretService, Shuffle, Slow Bossa, Theatre March, Warm Ballad, You Light Up My Life
Tyros4_12.zip 8 Beat Ballad, Acapella, Ballad, Country Blues, PopNewAge6, Quick Foxtrot, Slow Pop, Soul Shuffle, Sweet Sweet Smile, Wave
Tyros4_13.zip BallroomWaltz, Country, Last Ballad, SanAntonioR, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, Satin Doll, Scat Swing, SlowShuffle, Waltz
Tyros4_14.zip 6'8 Waltz, 50's Waltz, 70er Waltz, Alpen Waltz, Are You Lonley, BohemianWaltz, CntryPiano Waltz, CountryWaltz, DreamWlz, Fast Waltz, OrganWaltz, Piano Waltz, Slow Waltz 1, Slow Waltz, Waltz All I Do
Tyros4_15.zip 16Beat4, 70sDisco, Broadway, CtryShff, EasyPop, HappyShuffle, MidnightBlues, PianoStandards, SwingingRag, TwBeat2


(Jun 2010) The styles below have been tuned on Eileen's Tyros3 and, as such, will only work on the Tyros3 keyboard. The PA800 styles were converted by Brian Miles and then tweaked for the Tyros3 by Eileen.

447 Style Conversions for Tyros3
30 styles
20 styles
18 styles
17 styles
26 styles
16 styles
20 styles
21 styles
10 styles
20 styles
22 styles
20 styles
10 styles
137 styles
20 styles
20 styles
20 styles

Tyros1/2/3 and PSR-S900

Click on the zip file(s) below to download the individual styles in that collection. As usual, the zip file will have to be unzipped to get to the underlying styles. These styles should work on the Tyros1/2/3 keyboards as well as the PSR-S900. Many will also work on the PSR-3000.

1,467 Style Conversions for T1/T2/T3 & S9
16 styles
41 styles
Ketron to Yamaha.zip
77 styles
25 styles
11 styles
23 styles
Piano Styles.zip
42 styles
16 styles
Grooved Styles.zip
23 styles
50 styles
14 styles
21 styles
140 styles
46 styles
23 styles
13 styles
Mix&Match Multipads .zip
10 pads
59 styles
45 styles
71 styles
71 styles
71 styles
71 styles
119 styles9
55 styles
17 styles
97 styles
78 styles
42 styles
80 styles


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