Whether you have a Yamaha PSR-2000 arranger keyboard (introduced back in 2001) or have just purchased the latest (2018) PSR-S975 keyboard, you can use the lessons provided here to help you master the main features in your keyboard. All of the Yamaha mid-range (PSR and PSR-S) and top-level (Tyros) arranger keyboards have a similar user interface and operating system. Newer models have introduced additional, and more realistic, voices, more styles and more capabilities. But how the user interfaces with the keyboard (selecting styles and voices, saving keyboard setups, playing and recording songs) has remained unchanged from the original PSR-2000 to the latst PSR-S9xx models. All of the Tyros models have also used essentially the same system until the introduction of the Genos model in 2017, which introduced a new touch-screen interface.

So, whichever PSR, PSR-S, or Tyros model you have, you will benefit from the lessons provided here. The Yamaha CVP digital pianos also operate similarly so CVP owners as well can benefit.

The lessons are divided into five main sections described below and accessed via the secondary navigation bar you see above under "Lessons".

This page updated on April 9, 2019 .