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Now that you understand the basics of your keyboard, it's time to look at some of the most useful features available in your Yamaha keyboard. The sections here help you in playing songs using styles available in your keyboard. You learn about files, the Yamaha Music Finder System on Tyros and PSR-S and the Playlist system on the Genos and PSR-SX, Yamaha registrations, and how to record your own song. Each section includes several individual lessons that will show up in the navigation bar on the left when you go to that section. Below is a brief description of each of the sections here.

Yamaha Files

You must understand the Yamaha files system because it is key to using many of the features in your keyboard. These lessons cover basic file operations such as viewing files, creating folders, copying or saving files, naming new files. Your keyboard includes hundreds of files. But there are thousands more available on the internet that you can utilize. Since downloading these files and being able to uncompress the zipped format of most internet files are essential skills in working with external files, this section also provides pointers to lessons on downloading and unzipping files.

Music Finder

The Music Finder feature, available in all the Yamaha arranger keyboards from the PSR-2000 through the PSR-S975 gives you a jump start to getting the right keyboard setup for many songs. Simply select the song you want from the Music Finder database and the keyboard is immediately configured with an appropriate style, tempo and voices. The lessons in this section tell you what you need to know to master the Music Finder feature. There are also a number of Music Finder databases that you can download and use in your own keyboard.


Registrations are one of the most useful features on Yamaha keyboards, but also one that users have difficulty understanding. Lessons here will help you to understand what registration memory is all about, show you how to create and use your own registration files, and provide some examples of different registration files you may want to create.


The Playlist replaces the Music Finder system on the Genos and the PSR-SX models. Lessons on the new playlist feature are under development.

Expansion Packs

The Tyros5 and then the Genos are designed to accept Expansion Packs as are the current PSR-SX models and some PSR-S models. This section explains what Expansion Packs are and where to get them. It also discusses the Yamaha Expansion Manager and how it is used to create an Installation pack for your keyboard.

Recording Songs

Many users will want to capture their music and record it so that they can listen to themselves play and also share their songs with others. In this section, the lessons will show you how to do a quick record of your song, how to do a multi track recording, how to use your personal computer and PC software to capture your song on the PC and save it there, and, with a Tyros3/4/5, you can record audio files and then export them as WAV files to your PC where you can create your own CDs or convert them to MP3 versions.


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This page updated on June 16, 2021 .