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I'm afraid I don't record many songs and so have not spent much time trying to "tune" a midi file. But, thanks to the generosity of several PSR owners, we do have a number of excellent lessons on how you can use the SONG CREATOR and the MIXING CONSOLE to adjust your songs.

Song Volume

Chris Bell and Will Stewart have combined to provide step-by-step instructions on how to adjust the volume of instruments in a particular midi file. By the way, if you'd like to hear Chris and Will play for you, visit our Archived PSR Performers section where you can find a page for Chris Bell and one for Will Stewart. Both are excellent players.

Adjusting Voices

Thanks to Phil Hall for these instructions on how to change the instrument voices used in a midi file. You can also hear Phil play by visiting Phil's page in the PSR Performer section.

Adjusting Tempo

Once again, Phil comes to the rescue by showing you how to actually change the tempo right in the middle of a song.

Song Editing

Phil continues his series of lessons on song editing with a "letter" explaining how to reset the modulation wheel as well as how to adjust many other parameters including adding some reverb to your voices -- after the songs is recorded.

Advanced Editing

Thanks again to Phil for this explanation of how to change the volume of a single track in the middle of a song.

Adding Lyrics

You may very well want to add lyrics to your song. They don't, of course, automatically appear when you record the song -- you have to type in the lyrics, phrase by phrase. You can do this on the PSR-2000 and this lesson explains how. You will also find an explanation of the BAR/BEAT/CLOCK timing data used by the PSR in many of the song and style editing screens.

Transposing a MIDI

Frank Blecha gives step by step instructions on how to transpose a midi file on the PSR-3000.


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This page updated on February 15, 2024 .