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"Workshops" offers a series of more in-depth tutorials by Heidrun Dolde that focus on the last three Tyros keyboards (Tyros3, Tyros4, and Tyros5). Of course, many of the tips and suggestions found here will be useful to other keyboard owners as well.

Tyros3LogoThese tutorials were originally written in German. You can find the originals and more information for owners of the Tyros3 and later keyboards at Heidrun's German web site.

Heidrun now focuses her energy at Sound Wonderland, which provides a variety of products to help new, and experienced, Yamaha players improve their performances. Sound Wonderland LogoSound Wonderland provides registrations, styles, midi files, multipads, and software packages, all of which will help you improve your playing. Heidrun has produced a large number of instructional videos to complement the available products. Be sure to take a look at some of the Sound Wonderland Videos to see what you can learn. In these, of course, Heidrun is speaking in her native German, but many have English subtitles so you will be able to follow along and understand the various hints and tips provided in the video.

Here's a brief summary of the information available in this section:

Organizing Files - Tyros arrangers include a hard drive, which can hold an incredibly large number of files. And with today's large capacity USB drives, even PSR owners will find that they now have the capacity to store hundreds, even thousands, of files for use with their keyboards. This is one area where, you will quickly discover, having a rational organization system will be an enormous aid in keep track of everything. In this brief tutorial, Heidrun provides some pointers you may want to consider in setting up your own folder structure.

Keyboard File Storage - You know your keyboard uses style files and midi files. But it also can store pictures, text files, audio files, registration files, lots of different files. This brief workshop discusses the various kinds of files in your keyboard and where they are stored and what you need to do to find them.

Setup Registration - Your Yamaha keyboard provides hundreds of options for users to they can tailor the board to suit their own needs. Users can spend countless hours setting up everything just the way they like it. To protect this time investment, you need to create and save a Setup Registration that captures all the changes you have made and recalls them all instantly whenever needed. That's what a Setup Registration is and Heidrun explains how you can build one.

Registrations Workshop - This workshop provides an in depth discussion of how Heidrun has set up her own folder system with an emphasis on the Registration folders and subfolders. Every user will benefit by understanding the concepts and strategy Heidrun has implemented in setting up her own registration system. This workshop also provides explicit details on how you can create your own folders and subfolders including providing appropriate names and icons. Instructions also explain how to save your keyboard settings to a registration memory button and how to save registration banks.

Arranging Music - Arranger keyboards are particularly suited to helping you develop your own arrangement of a song. In this tutorial, Heidrun provide some tips on what to look for in arranging your songs and how you can develop your own arranger skills.

Service Manuals - While many Yamaha owners can benefit from the above workshops, there are some owners who are more technically inclined and can benefit by viewing the Yamaha Service Manuals for their keyboard. Thanks to Brian Miles, you will find links to many of the keyboard service manuals in this section.


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