(Apr 13, 2004) - Some more hidden gems?  I spent hours playing some of them. The intros and endings are a real treat if you like that sort of stuff. If you are a fan of the 1980s you will like these. Visit my post in the PSR Tutorial forum for more info.

200 styles

(Apr 20, 2024) - I finally found the rest of these styles. There are a total of 2,300 of them. The big zip file includes 11 folders each with 200 styles and a 12th folder with 100 styles. Visit my post in the PSR Tutorial forum for more info.

All FFFF.zip
2300 styles

(Aug 2003) As many of you know, I have been uploading PSR styles I have "tweaked" for my PSR-2000. I find that my HUGE collection of styles, which I have acquired over time, has more bad styles than good ones. However, I take great pleasure in finding a gem or two when previewing hundreds of downloaded styles at a time. I get even more pleasure sharing these styles with other PSR users. From now on, rather than trying to put together a collection of brand, model, or genre-specific style disks, I plan on choosing styles of my liking that just sound good on my PSR-2000. These will be similar to the "Gig" disks that Gary and Warren have put together at PSR Tutorial. I play by ear and don't know the actual titles of the songs I play so the style names are mostly the name of the original style before it was tweaked. I'd love to hear the actual names of songs you use these styles with. My "Gems" styles disks are available below. Enjoy - Charley

31 styles
32 styles

Country & Rock (Sep 2003) I just finished putting the final "tweaks" on another "Gems" styles disk. This is the third one with 32 styles edited and with added OTS especially for the PSR-2000. I am very pleased with this latest group of styles! Many country styles. That CntyBallad style will bring tears to your eyes ... it's soooooooo sad! A few good rock styles too. That LightR2 rocks!!! The other styles offer some more flavor. I spent more time choosing the voicing for the OTS. I hope you enjoy these styles. - Charley

32 styles

European Plus (Oct 2003) Some more handpicked favorite styles plus OTS tweaked especially for the PSR2000. Many of these have a "European" flavor! I love the polka and waltz........so classic! That Bert Kaempfert type style swings too! Enjoy them all. - Charley

32 styles

Rockin' Gems (Oct 2003) I've acquired quite a few good PSR rock styles from a variety of sources. I've tweaked the ones that needed it and added OTS to all of them. As with the other Gems disks these are made especially for the PSR2000. Enjoy!! - Charley

32 styles

Christmas Gems (Oct 2003) Hello, I know it's early, but there's been some talk in the psrtutorial forum about Christmas songs and styles. I was going to wait until Thanksgiving to share these styles, but thought that one should have plenty of time for practicing so these styles will sound their best! All these styles are of a Christmas theme and have come from many sources. All have been optimized for the PSR2000 and I have added OTS. One style has only 2 variations, but I liked it, so it was included. May the upcoming holiday season be full of peace and joy to all!! Enjoy! - charley

45 styles

Korg & Wersi (Feb 2003) Finally had the time to put together two more "Gems" styles disks (7 & 8). Some of these conversions came from Korg i-series and Wersi styles. A few styles were conversions of styles too large for the PSR-2000. I removed or shortened some elements to make them load into the PSR-2000. All of them have OTS added. A few styles in the Gems 8 collection are over 64K in size. They load perfectly into my PSR2000, but if your internal memory is close to full you might have a problem. I've been able to load styles up to 74K into mine. I had fun tweaking this batch!! I hope you enjoy them. -- Charley

30 styles
30 styles

Tyros Styles from Germany (Mar 2004) Here's my latest set of adjusted styles for the PSR2000. These are from a German site that had PSR9000 and Tyros styles for free download. Some of them already had OTS and all of them needed volume and/or voice adjustments to the accompaniment. So, I tweaked them and added necessary OTS and these are the results. I hope you enjoy them!! -Charley

29 styles
28 styles

More Korg i40M (Mar 2004) Here are my latest "Gems" style disks. Many of these styles are conversions from Korg i-series style files. I used to own an i40M and have been converting my favorite styles from it. Some of them sound better on my PSR2000 than I remember them sounding on the i40M!! These have been customized with OTS for the PSR2000. Enjoy! -Charley

29 styles
27 styles
36 styles

Classical Gas! (Jul 2003) There are a lot of preset styles that come with the PSR-2000 and PSR-2100 covering many genres of music.  But what you won't find there are styles for "classical" music.  Well, thanks to our friend Charley, who contributed the SD1 conversions and the PSR-730 styles with OTS, we now have a collection of classical and orchestral styles.  Charley collected these from a variety of sources and added OTS to the styles.  Try them out -- you'll may be surprised at how much fun you can have with these.

25 styles

German Tyros Styles (Aug 2003) Charley found a number of German Tyros styles from an FTP site. He converted the styles to run on the PSR-2000 but left the original OTS (one-touch settings).  He reports that they sound just fine on the 2000. (They also sound just fine on the 2100.) The style names seem to be indicative of a song title, which you may recognize. I have added the default tempo to the file names. These styles are available in the two zip files provided below.

25 styles
24 styles

March Styles (Sep 2003) Last week a file of mostly march styles was posted at Yahoo PSR Styles Group. I took 15 of them (my favorites!) and edited them for PSR-2000 adding OTS also. Thanks to ALL who contributed in the making of that "Mostly Marches" files. These are so much fun to play!! -Charley

15 styles


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