Thanks to Daria Rossi (DIANADIANA in the PSR Tutorial Forum) for sharing his style conversions with PSR Tutorial visitors. Daria sent in the styles with a note as to how he does his conversions. English is not Daria's native tongue, so I have taken the liberty of editing his explanation. I hope I have captured the steps correctly. Note that Daria's styles do not include OTS, so users can insert their own preferred voices. - Joe Waters

Roland Styles

I use my own personal method for style conversion, which is fairly easy. It certainly is a common method, but is the best for me and not very difficult to explain. I start by listening to the whole style and deciding on a category (good, discreet, very bad). If there is at least some good in the style, I make a conversion for my instrument, which is a PSR-3000.

Some style are very bad because they have only 4 or maybe 5 instruments. In many cases, these are not complete because I think that at the moment of conversion to .sty format, the program did not recognize all of the original instruments. For example, Solton styles are often "bad" because the PSR does not have all the instruments used in the Solton. The next step is to adjust the volume for each single instrument and listen to the result. This is not difficult, but the ears are important. I have very good ears for these adjustments. Before making the volume adjustments, I often adjust single voices and insert live, cool, or sweet and other preset voices to produce a better sound. Finally, I adjust reverb and chorus. For these, I take the values from internal styles. For example, one dance style in the PSR-3000 has characteristic values (30, 21, 0, 25, 75, 30, 48, 30 etc). i apply these value to all my dance styles. I make these adjustments for all common categories (country, dance, rock, ballad, pop, disco, latin, ballroom, entertainer, world). After this, I have, finally, a good result.

449 Roland Styles for the PSR-3000
110 styles
56 styles
16 styles
93 styles
135 styles
39 styles

Ketron Conversions

(Oct 2010) Here are the first two packs of Ketron conversions. (On Mar 2013 a 3rd pack was added.)

118 Ketron SD1 Styles for the PSR-3000
45 styles
33 styles
40 styles

Technics Conversions

(Jun 2011) I have converted 30 Technics KN2600 styles for the PSR-3000.

Technics Styles
30 styles

Yamaha Conversions

(Mar 2012) The table below provides conversions of the styles from 11 different Yamaha keyboards for use on the PSR-3000.

1,647 YAMAHA Style Conversions for the PSR-3000
82 styles
129 styles
100 styles
126 styles
195 styles
221 styles
234 styles
85 styles
141 styles
103 styles
341 styles


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