Chris Easdown(Aug 2010) I am British, 60+ years old, and retired now after a Marketing career with a major American Chemical company. I have been playing Keyboard/Organ for 35 years, always as a hobby. I have been loyal to Yamaha for the past 12 years starting with a PSR-740, followed by the Tyros, then Tyros2, and now the Tyros3. I love tinkering around with non preset styles to make them sound their best. That's how I have built up a collection for each instrument I have owned. I'm happy to share these collections with other Yamaha owners and hope you enjoy the styles as much as I have! My Tyros1, Tyros2, Tyros3, and Tyros4 styles are in the tables below.

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Tyros5 Styles

(Nov 2020) Cleaning out my closet, I found my T5 catalogue of styles. I can't claim any credits for originality or tweaking from my side but it could be of interest to T5 players who might want to look at them.

879 Styles for Tyros5
121 styles
11 styles; 1.0MB
199 styles
23 styles
106 styles
164 styles
131 styles
124 styles

Tyros4 Styles

(Nov 2017) I have just sold my T4 and bought a T5 (I always seem to be one step behind.) However, over the years, I have been accumulating and tweaking my collection of T4 styles, which I have attached for the PSR Tutorial. Enjoy!

1,150 Styles for Tyros4
193 styles
32 styles
81 styles; 1.0MB
217 styles
18 styles
19 styles
92 styles
59 styles
249 styles
97 styles
79 styles
14 styles

Tyros 3 Styles

(Aug 2011) Here we are Joe, with my T3 collection. I started this collection immediately after I bought my T3 in February 2010. As with my Tyros and T2 libraries, it is composed of tweaked, and other keyboard collegues styles. However, the launch on the Tyros 4 in September 2010 saw the rapid disappearance of new T3 styles and today I am building a Tyros 4 library, which work perfectly on my T3.

499 Styles for Tyros3
41 styles
84 styles
23 styles
22 stylesB
31 styles
55 styles
31 styles
9 styles
20 styles
71 styles
54 styles
58 styles

Tyros 2 Styles

(Nov 2010) In 2008, I traded in my Tyros for a Tyros 2 and immediately started to tweak and collect a set of styles in compliment the preset styles in my instument. This Tyros2 collection is provided in the table below. Please remember these styles were tweaked to play on the T2 so almost all are Mega enhanced and a lot contain SuperArticulation voices, which could be revoiced for a Tyros or 3000 etc.

594 Styles for Tyros2
70 styles
41 styles
65 styles
34 styles
25 styles
9 styles
149 styles
36 styles
34 styles
64 styles
67 styles

Tyros1 Styles

2,657 Styles for Tyros1
147 styles
148 styles
146 styles
149 styles
127 styles
161 styles
156 styles
149 styles
144 styles
133 styles
85 styles
144 styles
145 styles
142 styles
69 styles
128 styles
126 styles
179 styles
179 styles


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