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(Nov 18, 2020) "New Generation Basic Level Keyboards Styles"(NwGBLK) includes SFF2 Styles of TYROS3 (T3), CVP-509 (C5), PSR-S910. These are the first batch of SFF2 arranger Keyboards. 

New Generation Basic Level Keyboards
Year Yamaha Keyboard
2008 TYROS3
2009 CVP-509, PSR-S910

In addition to Second Level Mega Voices, these styles have Mega!SingleCoilGuitar, Mega!JazzGuitar, Mega!VintageRoundBass, Mega!VintageFlatBass, Mega!VintagePickBass and related Sweet!, Live!, Cool! and regular voices. These new Guitars and Basses are limited in PSR-S910.

AcousticKit, RockKit (New), HipHopKit, BreakKit, AnalogT8Kit, AnalogT9Kit and TurkishKit are new Drumkits. Except AcousticKit, RockKit and TurkishKit other Drumkits are given in PSR-S910.

New batch of Voices are included with MSB value as 104 in each category. New featured and other voices are included in Tyros3 and CVP509. They are new Voices in Piano, E.Piano, Organ, Accordion, Guitar, Bass, Strings (MellowHarp, OrchestralHarp, Hackbert, Banjo, Sitar, Zither and more), Brass (Tuba), Woodwind (Sweet!OrchOboe, Sweet!OrchBassoon, Sweet!OrchFlute and more) and also more SynthBass, SynthStrings, SynthBrass, SynthLead and SynthPad Voices are included.

In PSR-S910 only all New Batch Synth Voices and very few other voices are included. Also some new Voices: Cool!70'sSolidGtr (104-001-028), Cool!WarmSolid (104-002-028), Cool!CleanSolid (104-003-028), Cool!HalfDrive (104-000-030), Cool!GuitarHero (104-000-031), Cool!HeavyRock (104-001-031), and Sweet!Saxophone (104-000-067). Also Arabic, Indian, Chinese and other Ethnic Voices and Drumkits are included. These are given only in PSR models.

Here "SuperArticulation2!" Voices are introduced only in Top Models.

I am going to make 2 sets of collections in this archive.

  1. Top Model Styles
  2. Midrange Styles

These archives are only for PSR-S950, S970, S770, S975, S775, SX700 and SX600. (These can also be used in PSR-SX900 but the Original T3 and C5 Styles may play better. Because this model support Multi Insertion DSP Effects.)

T3 and following Top Models Styles have Multi Insertion DSP Effects. This will not work in PSR Models (except the new PSR-SX900). I opened each Top Model Styles through MixMaster and viewed the DSP Effects given. I applied particular effect to Electric Guitars, either System or Insertion method, and adjusted the inner parameters for balancing the effects. Also, I replaced SA2 voices in OTS to their corresponding SA Voices or other featured voices (SA2!BreathySax to SA!Saxophone, SA2!Harmonica to Sweet!Harmonica, etc). Till now SA2 voices are not included in PSR Models.

1. Top Model Styles

Now I am working on Top Model Styles.

Here I selected TYROS3 (2008) and CVP-509 (2009). Both have the same voice setup. CVP-509 has additional Clavinova voices as usual. Both have new additional voices not available in TYROS2 and CVP-409 in all categories.

I combined TYROS3 and CVP-509 Styles in one collection. Basically, I selected all TYROS3 Styles and added CVP-509 new and different styles by avoiding duplicates. I changed GM and Clavinova voices to related Panel Voices in Tracks as well as OTS. I replaced SA2 to their related SA/Other Featured Voices in OTS.

(30 Nov 2020) I have now completed the NwGBLK Top Models Styles. In Entertainer, many Schlager styles of CVP-509 are new and different, such as DiscoFox and SchlagerPop, and some are entirely new than T3. All styles in this set suite are for PSR-S950, S770 and later because these support all new batch voices of T3 and C5 except S.A2 voices. Note that T3 and C5 Original Preset Styles may play well in PSR-SX900 with Multi Insertion DSP Effects. But S.A2 voces and Clavinova voices should be replaced.

NwGBLK - Top Model - Tyros3 & CVP509 (523 styles)
60 styles
53 styles
47 styles
53 styles
45 styles
29 styles
40 styles
24 styles
43 styles
42 styles
51 styles
36 styles

2. Midrange Styles

(1 Dec 2020) I have started working NwGBLK Midrange Styles. This includes all PSR-S910 Styles. PSR-S910 has all Tyros2 new featured and other Voices and Drumkits. It also has all new Synth Voices and Elec. Drums of the Tyros3. I also added some new and different styles of the PSR-S750, which has the same voice setup of S910 but uses new Real Distrotion Effects for Rock type Styles that I also added. I also added some unique styles of the PSR-S650.

NwGBLK - Midrange - PSR-S910 (360 styles)
56 styles
32 styles
38 styles
30 styles
31 styles
24 styles
33 0styles
17 styles
24 styles
30 styles
35 styles
10 styles

New Generation Special Styles Archive

(21 January 2021)   This is a new archive I call New Generation Special Styles (NwGSS). It includes over 300 styles from various YAMAHA Expansion Packs, starting from PSR-S950, that have not much risk of expansion voices. I upgraded voices with the basic level of the PSR-S950. This Collection is applicable for the New Generatiion Basic Level Keyboards (PSR-S950, S770, S970, S775, S975, SX600, SX700, SX900) and Top Models (Tyros3-5, Genos, CVP509 onwards). 

  • 22 styles from Balkan pack.
  • 2 styles from Best of Europe pack.
  • 43 styles from Brazilian pack.
  • 36 styles from the Celtic Pack.
  • 30 Church & Christmas styles.
  • 21 Cumbia Latina styles.
  • 33 styles from the Eastern Europe pack.
  • 10 Japanese styles.
  • 39 styles from the Latin Pack.
  • 32 Meicaxn styles.
  • 22 Oriental Greek&Turkish Pack Styles.
  • 11 PSR-340 styles.
  • 20 Russian Classical styles.
  • 20 Salsa Pack Styles. I remapped the drum tracks. All styles have new Salsa Drums kits.
  • 18 styles from South East Europe.
  • 12 styles from Vietnamese.
  • 30 styles from Western Europe.
  • Ethnic Styles have Styles from various packs that have Ethnic Kits and Voices. Also styles that have different time signatures like 5/8, 7/8, 9/8, etc. Ethnic Styles are recommended only for PSR Series Keyboards. 

    (26 Jan)   Here I am sending 40 Entertainer Pack Styles. Here l did a lot of Revoicing and Remapping Drums. I placed 18 separate styles in "Entertainer#" these work except in T3 and PSR-S950. Because HouseKit is absent in these 2 keyboards. Also 2 styles are added in Ethnic category.

    (29 Jan) I have added 37 EuroDance Pack Styles. Here also I translated PowerDanceKit and DubstepKit to T9AnalogKit, BreakKit, HouseKit (for S970 and later), DanceKit, etc. I revoiced many Pack Voices to the available Synth Voices. Like Entertainer, I placed 15 upgraded Styles (for PSR-S970, T4 and later) int EuroDance#. Also, I added one more style to the Ethnic folder above.

    (31 Jan) I have added 20 Chinese Pack Styles. These styles are exclusively usable for PSR Models like Ethnic Styles, because these use ChineseKit, ChineseMixKit and Chinese Voices and other Ethnic Voices.

    (Feb 1) I have added 51 Indian Pack Styles. This includes styles from various Packs -- PSR-650, S750, S950 and later S*70 Series Packs. There are 3 Indian Packs. They are IndianBasic, IndianDevotional and IndianEntertainer. PSR-S Series have only one IndianKit in Drums Category. Installation Packs have IndianKit1, IndianKit2, TablaKit1, TablaKit2, NewIndianKit1-4 and more. Above these IndianKit1 is given as IndianKit in PSR-S Series Keyboards. Here I picked the styles those support IndianKit. Others I skipped and some I tried to remap. It's very difficult. This set is also exclusive for PSR Models.

    Also, I grouped 40 styles as Miscellaneous by picking styles from Ethnic folder that have less risk of Ethnic Voices and Drumkits. For a few styles, I did revoice and remap Drums. Top Model users can use these Styles.

    Extra Styles

    This "Extras" archive has additional styles that I got from our friends in the PSR Tutorial Forum. I tuned them to the standard of T3 and PSR-S950.

    NwGBLK - Extras (337)
    Feb 5 - 38 styles
    Feb 15 - 36 styles
    Feb 18 - 22 styles
    Feb 22 - 14 styles
    Feb 22 - 29 styles
    Feb 24 - 21 styles
    Mar 01 - 32 styles
    Mar 02 - 12 styles
    Mar 05 - 28 styles
    Mar 15 - 63 styles
    Mar 11 - 44 styles

     (15 March '21) I have added 2 Entertainer Styles to Extras for NwGSS Archive. 8BeatAdria1 from PSR-2000 and 8BeatAdria2 from PSR-1500. These Keyboards have only Ordinary Mandolin (Without Tremolo). But programmed with Tremolo notes with that voice. This voice is given as Sweet!Mandolin (With Tremolo) in TYROS, PSR-3000 and later. So I Revoiced that track with Zither1 to resemble that sound.



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