This section provides a miscellaneous catch-all for a number of additional, relatively small, style collections.


Simon Williams created many styles for use on PSR keyboards some of which he provided freely to visitors from his web site (now closed). The styles below originated from those free styles. I have modified these styles for the PSR-2000, often adjusting the accompaniment voices as well as adding OTS to each style. I have used PSR-2k panel voices in some styles so they may not translate as well to earlier keyboards. Note these files are all "zipped" and will have to be unzipped to get to the style files. Since Simon closed down SVP World on November 1, 2009, I have included all of the original free styles in SVP-4. Most of these do not have OTS. -- Joe Waters

SVP Styles
15 styles
15 styles
15 styles
49 styles

Moein Ahmadipour's Iranian Styles

I'm from Iran. I have a PSR-2000 now, but I had a PSR-740 for a long time before I got my PSR-2000.  Here are some Iranian and even a few Arabic styles for  They all can be played on PSR-2000 and even some on PSR-640/740.  These styles had "Pinglish" (Persian-English) names -- Persian names typed by English letters --  that I don't think would be useful for your site or even the users, so I have renamed them by simply numbering them.  (Note: if you use Peter's Style Database program to index these styles, you can see the original names. - JW)

-- Moein Ahmadipour

96 Iranian and Arabic Styles
50 styles
46 styles

Frank Blecha's Styles

The styles below, tuned on my PSR-3000, are taken from styles I have posted to the PSR Tutorial Forum. None are my original creations, but rather a group that I've modified from the forum and some of it users, in particular, Gary Diamond, Steve Molnar, and Charlie's Cnt-train style. The modifications are not subtle but rather to bring out the Arrangers voices more. A good number are to support Country music. Most of them were posted as my User styles. There are a couple of surprises....

Frank Blecha (aka Seeker)

32 styles

Note: most of Frank's styles had Music Finder Database entries for songs that the style would go with. In the table below, I list the style name and the songs that would go with that style. -- Joe W.


Beer Barrell Polka (Tavern In The Town, Just Because, Gray Bonnet)
Bluegrass 4R (Beverly Hillbillies)
Cajun Wltz (Coming Thru The Rye)
Cntry Rds (Country Roads)
CntTrain Bt (Casey Jones)
Country Shffle_K7 (Frankie N Johnny)
Country Swing1 ON (Back In the Saddle Again, Forever and Ever Amen)
Country TwoStep (Cold Cold Heart)
Country Waltz_K7 (Let Me Call You Sweetheart, Waltz Across Texas, Could I Have this Dance, When I Grow Too Old to Dream)
C_FOXBA1 (Have I Told You Lately That I Love You, Yellow Rose of Texas, Maggi)
Detroit CityR (Detroit City, I Love You Because)
English Waltz (My Heart Cries For You, Always, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling)
Fields of Gold (Fields Of Gold)
French Waltz (Que Sera Sera)
Green GrassR (Green Green Grass of Home)
I Walk The Line_GD105 (I Walk The Line, Forsom Prison, She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain)
Kramer (Your Cheatin Heart, Born to Lose, You Don't Know Me)
Leben Nach Dem (Wooden Heart)
Lily Marlene (Lili Marlene)
Linedance, MED BALLAD (Home On The Range, I Overlooked an Orchid)
Quick Foxtrot_K7 (Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree, A White Sport Coat)
Release Me (Release Me)
Rock&Roll1 (Walk Right In, Running Bear)
Rollin Sweet (Rollin Sweet Babys Arms)
Swing Waltz (Sweetheart Tree, Tennessee Waltz)


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