(The rhythm styles here are courtesy of Bart Kuijer (BartSr on the forum). Bart retired about 10 years ago and has been able to devote more of his time to his greatest hobby, music, initially on his Yamaha Electone FE60 organ, then briefly on a PSR-E403 before moving up to his present PSR-S700. Bart quickly discovered the computer aspects of the S700 and, using his previous MS-Access skills, developed an Access database to help manage Music Finder Records. He also spent a good deal of time putting together a collection of rhythm styles for use on his PSR-S700. Bart gathered his collection from the internet, eliminated duplicate styles, and checked the styles for quality. Unlike gig disk collections where the style is named after a song, Bart organized these styles around rhythms. - JW)

I started with making on my computer folders for the most well known rhythms: 01 ballad , 02 beat, 03 bigband, 04 blue, etcetera. Then I changed the names of the files, which sometimes are cryptic. A name now consist of 2 characters for the number of the folder in which the style is placed, 2 characters for the group within the folder, 2-3 characters for the size of the style file, and a name of the style file. For example: In the folder "09 country" are style files with the names "09 00 44 ballad.sty" and "09 01 63 bluegras.sty".

After that, I put the folders on an usb stick and tested them all. The styles had to have 3 intro’s, 4 different main variations and 3 endings, a good balance between voice and rhythm and a unique intro.

The result of all this is a collection of about 850 styles for my PRS-S700, but they should also work well on the PSR-S900, the PRS-3000/1500, the Tyros and the Tyros 2. The styles are available in the 9 zip files below, each containing 5 different rhythm folders.

If you have any questions or suggestions about these rhythm styles, send an email to bart.keyboard@kpnmail.nl.

847 Rhythm Styles
Bart_01-05.zip 164 styles (01 ballad, 02 beat, 03 bigband, 04 blue, 05 boogie)
Bart_06-10.zip 119 styles (06 bright, 07 charleston, 08 club, 09 country, 10 dance)
Bart_11-15.zip 55 styles (11 disco, 12 dixieland, 13 enka, 14 foxtrot, 15 gospel)
Bart_16-20.zip 76 styles (16 hawaii, 17 hip hop, 18 house/techno/enz, 19 ibiza, 20 jazz)
Bart_21-25.zip 77 styles (latin: 21 beguine, 22 boss nova, 23 cha-cha, 24 mambo, 25 overige)
Bart_26-30.zip 41 styles (latin: 26 paso doble, 27 reggae, 28 rumba, 29 samba, 30 tangl)
Bart_31-35.zip 99 styles (31 mars, 32 musette, 33 polka, 34 pop&rock, 35 quickstep)
Bart_36-40.zip 55 styles (36 r&b, 37 ragtime, 38 schlager, 39 sfeer, 40 slowfox)
Bart_41-46.zip 161 styles (41 soul, 42 swing jive, 43 waltz, 44 world, 45 xmas, 46 zesachtste)


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