(22 February 2020) I have compiled a "Classic Standard Styles Archive" of "First Generation Keyboards" for "Next and New Generation Keyboards". Let me define these keyboard categories.

First Generation

The table here shows the keyboard models in the First Generation as well as the year these models were introduced.

First Generation Keyboards
Year Yamaha Keyboards
1997 PSR-8000, 730, 630, 530
1999 CVP-109, PSR-9000, 740, 640, 540
2000 PSR-9000Pro
2001 CVP-209, PSR-2000, 1000, 550
2003 CVP-210, PSR-2100, 1100
2004 PSR-1500

Also included in the First Generation Keyboards are some earlier keyboards [PSR-510 (1993) and PSR-620 (1995)] and various External (Disk) Styles from Beginner Keyboards (2001 onwards), PSR-350 (2001), PSR-450 (2004) and E Series Keyboards.

Next Generation

Next Generation Keyboards are listed in the table shown here.

Next Generation Keyboards
Year Yamaha Keyboard
2002 TRYOS
2004 CVP-309, PSR-3000
2005 TYROS2
2007 CVP-409, PSR-S900, S700
2008 PSR-S550

Here are some of the differences between the First Generation and the Next Generation.

New Generaton

The "New" Generation Keyboards are shown in the table here.

New Generation Keyboards
Year Yamaha Keyboard
2008 TYROS3
2009 CVP-509, PSR-S910, S710
2010 TYROS4
2011 PSR-S650
2012 CVP-609, PSR-S950, S750
2013 TYROS5
2015 CVP-709, PSR-S970, S770, S670
2017 GENOS
2018 PSR-S975, S775
2019 PSR-SX900, SX700

In New Generation Keyboards onwards from the TYROS3 and PSR-S910 the format of the style changed from SFF1 to SFF2. All are Guitar Enhanced Styles (SFFGE). In model after model, many more featured voices and drums were added. SuperArticulation2 Voices are included only in Top Models. Basic Voice arrangements, however, are the same as the Next Generation category. They are shifted to the Legacy area when new voices are added.

Among these GENOS, PSR-SX900 and PSR-SX700 are "All New Arranger Keyboards." They use Touch Screen, Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheels are replaced by Joy Stick. All functionalities are rearranged.

Style Archive - First Generation

Generally speaking, I have replaced the missing and different (sounding) voices with voices from XG and other available new Panel Voices. To resemble the actual sounds of the voices from the First Generation Keyboards, I replaced many voices, for example:

I also remapped the drum voices of DanceKit in order to resemble the DanceKit sound of the First Generation Keyboard.

All the styles are in SFF1 format because I did the revoicing in my PSR-3000. I compiled the archive in Four Sets:

  1. 2-Variation Styles (PSR-540, PSR-550, Beginner Kbds).
  2. 2-Variation to 4-Variation Styles (PAR-510, PSR-620, PSR-730, PSR-8000).
  3. 4-Variation Midrange Styles (PSR-740, PSR-2000/2100, PSR-1500).
  4. 4-Variation Top Model Styles (PSR-9000, 9000Pro, CVP-209/210).

(15 Dec 2020) Note: today I completed updating all Classic Standard Styles Archive by fixing Multipad to OTS for all styles. I also did some alterations. All the updated versions are reflected in the links below.

2-Variation Styles

Here I selected 2-Variation styles of 1. PSR-540 (1999), 2. PSR-550 (2001) and 3. Beginner Keyboards Disk styles (BKDS) (2001). These styles have 2 Variations (MainA & MainB), 2 Fillins (FillAA & FillBB), 1 Intro (IntroB) and 1 Ending (EndingB). The styles under this set are commonly for all Next and New Generation Keyboards. I have revoiced some tracks, adjusted volume levels, added appropriate DSP Effects and added OTS to each style.

1. PSR-540 Styles (1999): Here I converted all the Preset (106) Styles and Floppy (10) Styles (indicated as [F]). Floppy Styles have Count Intro (IntroA) and Simple Ending (EndingA). I allotted the voices in Style as well as OTS according to the standard of voice availability in PSR-540. Sweet!Trumpet is the only featured voice in this model.

2. PSR-550 Styles (2001): Here I converted all the Preset (112) Styles and Floppy (14) Styles (indicated as [F]). Floppy Styles have Count Intro (IntroA), Simple Ending (EndingA) and also BreakFill. I allotted the voices in Style as well as OTS according to the standard of voice availability in PSR-550. Here Sweet!Trumpet, Sweet!TenorSax, Sweet!Flute and Cool!Elec.Guitar are the featured Voices in this model. Also VintageOpen, VintageMute and VintageChorus are additional voices in Guitar category.

3. Beginner Keyboards Disk styles (2001): Here I converted the Factory Disk styles of various Beginner Keyboards such as PSR-350(2001), PSR-450(2004) and other E Series keyboards (up to 2018). These type of styles are also have 2 Variations but controlled in a single button. Each have AB Fill and BA Fill. I moved BA to AA and AB to BB. We can not extract Preset Styles like above models. But there are collections of 100 Disk and Factory styles. All styles are unique. I allotted the voices in Style as well as OTS according to the standard of voice availability in PSR-450. Here Cool!GalaxyEP, Cool!Elec.Piano, Cool!RotaryOrgan, Cool!Organ, Cool!JazzOrgan, Cool!Elec.Guitar, Live!Orchestra, Sweet!Trumpet, Sweet!Trombone, Sweet!TenorSax, Sweet!AltoSax, Sweet!SopranoSax, Sweet!Clarinet, Sweet!Flute and Sweet!PanFlute are the featured Voices in PSR-450. ModernHarp, 60’sCleanGuitar, GlowSax and SweetHeaven are the additional voices used.

2-Variation to 4-Variation Styles

For this group, I selected styles of earlier Keyboards - PSR-510 (1993), PSR-620 (1995) and earlier First Generation Keyboards – PSR-730 (1997) and PSR-8000 (1997). These styles have 2 Variations (MainA & MainB), 4 Fillins (FillAA, FillAB, FillBB and FillBA). I made adjustments in sections, as 2 variations to 4 variations. I shifted 2v MainA to 4v MainA and MainB and shifted 2v MainB to 4v MainC and MainD. I also shifted FillAA to FillBB, FillAB to FillCC, FillBB to FillDD, FillBA to FillAA.

In addition, PSR-8000 Styles have 2 Intros (A&B) and 2 Endings(A&B). Others have only 1 Intro and Ending (B only). For PSR-510 Styles, IntroA and EndingA are transferred from PSR-2700(1993). For PSR-620, from PSR-7000(1995). For PSR-730, from latest similar styles. Then, I made further adjustments. I shifted IntroA to IntroB, IntroB to IntroC, EndingA to EndingB, EndingB to EndingC

The styles under this set are commonly for all Next and New Generation Keyboards. I have revoiced some tracks, adjusted volume levels. Except for 8k styles, appropriate DSP Effects are added. (8K styles have built-in DSP Effects like later styles.) I also added OTS to each style.

1. PSR-510&620 Styles (1993 & 1995): Here, I converted PSR-510, PSR-620 and few earlier 90's styles. All these styles carry only GM voices. To upgrade, I revoiced many tracks to XG voices. OTS also have XG voices. Also I applied DSP effects to each style. All together there are 180 Styles.

2. PSR-730 Styles (1997): I have converted all preset (100) styles, floppy (8) styles (indicated as [F]), and additional (4) styles of PSR-530 as bonus styles (indicated as [B]). PSR-730 styles also carry GM voices. I revoiced many voices to Panel voices according to the standard of PSR-730. Sweet!Trumpet is the only featured voice in this model.

3. PSR-8000 Styles (1997): Here, I converted Preset Styles (214) and Floppy Styles (25) indicated as [F]. I revoiced some XG and Regular voices according to the standard of this model. Sweet!Trumpet, Sweet!TenorSax, Sweet!AltoSax, Sweet!Clarinet and Sweet!Flute are the featured voices used in this model. Also many new panel voices are added in each category.

4-Variation Midrange Styles

Here I selected 4-Variation Styles of Midrange Keyboards of First Generation Category - PSR-740 (1999), PSR-2000 (2001), PSR-2100 (2003) and PSR-1500 (2004). These styles have 4 Variations (MainA, MainB, MainC and MainD) and 4 Fillins (FillAA, FillBB, FillCC and FillDD). The PSR-740 has 2 Intros (Intro A and IntroB) and 2 Endings (EndingA and EndingB). PSR-2000 and later models have additional IntroC, EndingC and Break. The styles under this set are also commonly for all Next and New Generation Keyboards.

1. PSR-740 Styles (1999): I have converted all Preset Styles and 10 Floppy Styles (indicated as [F]) for a total 170 styles in this group. Floppy styles have additional Break Fill. I have applied icons to each style depicting the instruments used. PSR-740 is the first Midrange Keyboard with 4-variation styles. It has all the voices of the PSR-8000 including five featured voices. More voices like Suitcase EP, PolarisEP, ChapelOrgan2, ChapelOrgan3, CampfireGuitar, ClassicalStrings (unique in 740) and ClassicalFlute are new in this model.

2. PSR-2000 Plus Styles (2001 & 2003): I have converted all Preset (181) Styles and Floppy (28) Styles (indicated as [F]) of PSR-2000. Plus styles are 22 additional styles of PSR-2100 (the rest of the styles are the same as PSR-2000) and 3 upgraded styles (8BeatModern, 16BeatBallad2 and 6-8Modern use Sweet!Harmonica of PSR-2100). Plus styles are indicated as [P]. All together there are 234 styles. There are "Session", "PianoCombo" and "Pro" (PSR-2100 Plus Styles only) styles. In PSR-2000 additional featured voices of PSR-9K like Cool!E.Piano, Cool!E.Guitar, Sweet! Trombone, Sweet!SopranoSax, Sweet!PanFlute, Live!Orchestra, Live!Strings, Live!Allegro (of PSR-9KPro) and other voices like, OctavePiano1, OctavePiano2, PhaseEP, JazzChorus, GospelOrgan, DeepChorus, VintageOpen, VintageMute, ChorusGuitar, Vintage Amp, LeadGuitar, HipLead, HopLead, Oxygen, Matrix, SweetHeaven, DreamHeaven and more are added. In PSR-2100 additional voices of PSR-9k like Cool!Organ, Cool!JazzOrgan, Cool!JazzGuitar, Cool!JazzSolo, Live!ClassicGuitar, Live!NylonGuitar, Live!GospelVoices, JazzOrgan3, Steirisch and more. Also voices of PSR-9KPro like Live!Grand piano, Sweet!FlugelHorn, Sweet!MutedTrumpet, Live!PopBrass, Live!HyperBrass, Live!OctaveBrass, AlohaGuitar, SmoothLead. And also new voices of TYROS like Sweet!Harmonica, Sweet!Mandolin, Sweet!Violin, Sweet!Oboe are added.

4V Classic Standard, Stage 1 - PSR2000Plus (234 styles)
27 styles
22 styles
28 styles
28 styles
24 styles
18 styles
25 styles
19 styles
12 styles
13 styles
18 styles

3. PSR-1500 Styles: I have converted all 190 styles of PSR-1500. This Keyboards has also featured and other new voices with certain limitations of 2K voices. But some regular voices are given as featured voices like Cool!GalaxyEP, Cool!RotorOrgan, Cool!FullRocker. But there are many new styles of PSR-3000. This is the Junior Midrange keyboard of PSR-3000 in 2004 and the last Midrange keyboard under First Generation category.

4V Classic Standard, Stage 1 - PSR-1500 (190 styles)
21 styles
18 styles
26 styles
21 styles
19 styles
13 styles
16 styles
17 styles
10 styles
14 styles
15 styles

4-Variation Top Model Styles

Here I selected styles of the Top Model Keyboards - PSR-9000 (1999), PSR-9000PRO (2000), CVP-209 (2001) and CVP-210 (2003). I created two sets. 1. PSR-9000Plus Styles and 2. CVP-210 Styles. These models have a lot of voices that are not included in Next Generation PSR Midrange Models. But are included in later New Generation PSR Models (PSR-S910 and later). So, I further divided these two sets into 2 stages each.

Stage 1

For Stage 1 I did not make much voice changes. Stage 1 are for all Next and New Generation Top Models such as TYROS, TYROS2, TYROS3 TYROS4, TYROS5, GENOS, CVP-309, 409, 509, 609, 709 & 809; and Midrange PSR New Generation Models such as PSR-S910, S950, S750, S970, S770, S975, S775, SX900 & SX700; those support mostly all voices of PSR-9K+ and CVP-2XX except some Choir Voices.

Stage 2

Stage 2 are only for Next Generation PSR-Keyboards such as PSR-3000, PSR-S700, PSR-S900 and PSR-S710. For this I replaced many voices those are not available in these models to related voices (OberStrings to AnalogStrings, BellHeaven to SweetHeaven, PanHeaven to DreamHeaven, MillerNight/BalladBrass/BalladSection to BrassCombo, SaxyMood also to BrassCombo, Moonlight to WoodwindEns…) Many Choir Voices are used only in PSR-9K, 9KPro, CVP-2XX. But Live!Gospel, Live!Mmh and Live!Humming, are Prominently used in styles. PSR-3000, PSR-S900 use only Live!Gospel. So I revoiced other Live!Choir voices to Live!Gospel. PSR-9000PRO additionally has ProHeaven and Sunbeam. I replaced with DreamHeaven. I included Icons for PSR-9K+ styles and changed icons of CVP-2XX styles depicting voices used in styles and mood of styles.

1. PSR-9000 Plus Styles (1999 & 2000): First, I converted all the Preset (125) Styles, Flash (85) Styles and Floppy (66) Styles. Later, I got all Flash Styles of PSR-9000PRO. There are 2 extra styles (VocalSwing and JazzSinger). All PSR-9000PRO styles are the same as PSR-9000 Styles. But 9KPro use many more Featured and new Voices as well as Drums, not in the 9K. Live!GrandPiano, Live!Acro(Allegro), Live!Brass voices, Sweet!FlugelHorn, Sweet!MutedTrumpet, are the additional featured Voices 9KPro. PSR-9K has Live!StandardKit, Live!FunkKit, Live!StyleStandard and Live!StyleFunk as new Drum Voices with Stereo and Dynamic Sampling. PSR-9KPro uses more Realistic Drums such as Live!Brush, Live!Standard+Perc, Live!Funk+Perc, Live!Brush+Perc ... and also Live!Cuban and Live!PopLatin as additional new Drum Voices. In PSR-3000 and later (all Next and New Generation Keyboards) Live!Standardxxx are given as StandardKit1, Live!Funkxxx are given as StandardKit2 and Live!Brushxxx as BrushKit.

I viewed all styles through MixMaster Program and revoiced and saved in my 3K consequently. So I replaced the PSR-9KPro Flash styles with 9K Flash Styles (indicates as [P]). If there are differences, I put both. For example, in Swing&Jazz type styles 9K use Live!Standardxxx; whereas 9KPro use Live!Brushxxx. Also in Latin Styles, 9K use Live!Standardxxx; whereas 9KPro use Live!Cuban and Live!PopLatin. In all these styles I changed the volume levels of Rhythm and Bass Tracks.

4V Classic Standard, Stage 1 - PSR-9000 Plus (301 styles)
33 styles
24 styles
34 styles
31 styles
25 styles
26 styles
30 styles
22 styles
25 styles
16 styles
35 styles

I make this collection into 2 Stages as I mentioned above. Here is the second stage: 4 Variations Top Model Styles (PSR-9000Plus Styles Stage 2)

2. CVP-210 Styles (2001 & 2003): CVP-210 is the Totality of PSR-2000, 2100 and CVP-209. CVP-210 is the upgraded model of CVP-209. CVP-2xx carry all the PSR-9K and 9KPro Voices and Drum Kits. These have additional Natural Voices (exclusive for Clavinova Models). I replaced them with related Panel Voices. Also CVP-210 has additional Featured Voices of TYROS such as Sweet!Harmonica, Sweet!Mandolin, Sweet!Violin, Sweet!Oboe, Live!FrenchHorn, Live!SaxSection (But the LSB Values of all voices are different from the LSB Values of TYROS). Here also I revoiced and saved all the styles in my 3K like PSR-9000Plus Styles. Here Styles are in ‘Basic’, ‘Pro’, ‘Session’, ‘PianoCombo’ and ‘Pianist’ types.

4V Classic Standard, Stage 1 - CVP-210 (345 styles)
31 styles
26 styles
38 styles
40 styles
40 styles
24 styles
32 styles
19 styles
18 styles
14 styles
28 styles
35 styles

Here also I make this collection into 2 Stages as I mentioned above. 4 Variations Top Model Styles (CVP-210 Styles Stage 2)

Old DanceKit Sounding Styles

(19 April 2021) I have compiled another set of Styles under "Classic Standard Styles Archive" that I call "Old DanceKit Sounding Styles." Here, I picked Styles from the First Generation Keyboards, which Use DanceKit. These Keyboards' DanceKit has Old Drum Sounds. (The Drum Sounds of DanceKit were entirely changed after TYROS, PSR-3000 and later.)

The PSR-S910, S710 and later S-Series keyboards use ArabicMixKit. This Kit uses some of the Old DanceKit Sounds (e.g. see table below).

DanceKit (Old)   ArabicMixKit
Note Drum Sound Note
E0 ReverseCymba E1
G0 SnareTechno G-1
A0 KickTechno Q A-1
B0 KickTechno L F-1

Oher Drum Sounds are given in different notes. I remapped accordingly to resemble the Old DanceKit Sounds. Also ArabicMixKit has only one Cymbal (CrashCymbal 1). I applied the other Cymbals (CrashCymbal 2, RideCymbals, and SplashCymbal) and some other Drum Sounds (not in ArabicMixKit) in the adjacent Rhythm Track. So we can get the same feel of Old DanceKit Styles. I did this se in my PSR-S970. So all styles will be in SFF2 Format.

Note: These Styles can be playable only in PSR-S Series and later PSR-SX Series Keyboards.

I divided this set into three parts.

  1. 2 Variations Styles - This includes 42 Styles from Junior Most Keyboards and Beginner Keyboards Disk Styles with 2 Variations and 2 Fill Ins such as PSR-540, PSR-550, PSR-450, PSR-350 and some PSR-E Series Keyboards.
  2. 2 Variations to 4 Variations Styles - This includes 41 styles from the Earlier Keyboards with 2 Variations and 4 Fill Ins such as the PSR-730 and the PSR-8000.
  3. 4 Variations Styles - This includes 4 Variations Styles from Keyboards such as PSR-740, 9000PRO, 2000, 2100, A1000, 1500 and CVP-210. In this set there are 2 TopModel (PSR-9000Pro and CVP-210) Styles. Some of the voices are absent in PSR-S710, PSR-S650 and PSR-S670. So, I split further in two levels:
    • Level 1 is for PSR-S910, PSR-S950, PSR-S750 etc.
    • Level 2 is only for PSR-S710, PSR-S650 and PSR-S670.


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