Ian photo(Nov 2013) My name is Ian MacNeill and I live on the beautiful island of Cape Breton in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada. I just retired after 25 years with Yamaha Canada Music. I began as a Yamaha Electone organ teacher and then became a Clinician and Demonstrator for the Tyros, PSR, and CVP Clavinova arrangers. I am now thoroughly enjoying my retirement with my trusty companion, the Tyros4, which is being played in stereo through two Yamaha MS-60S powered monitors.

I started out making styles on the old PSR-8000. I was not yet on the Internet and had very limited access to new styles, so I had to make my own. I continued creating styles through other arrangers, the PSR-2000, PSR-3000, PSR-S900, and PSR-S910 before finally winding up on the Tyros4.

I make my styles by using the on-board Style Creator's Assembly feature, starting out with a preset factory style, and taking parts from other styles, to make something new, somewhat like Dr. Frankenstein using "donated" bits to make his creation. That's why I sometimes jokingly refer to them as my "Frankenstyles".

My Intro I is the same idea as the Break button and allows the player to initiate a 1-bar stop/fill a bar ahead of where it is needed. Intro II and Intro III are mainly plain and with most you can play them as an 8-bar long Variation. Endings are mostly a simple one bar. The Main Variations are mainly set to correspond to the natural movement through a song -- Var. A is Verse 1, Var. B is Verse 2, Var. C is the bridge/chorus, and Var.D is last verse. The styles with organ in them feature an automatic speed up/slow down Leslie effect, mainly in Var C.

I hope you enjoy using my styles, as much as I enjoyed making them, and I especially want to thank Joe Waters for making this wonderful site available to all us avid keyboard players.

Happy playing,

Ian's Frankenstyles

There are 87 styles in the zip archive below. All the styles are in SFF2 format. They were created using the PSR-S910 and the Tyros4. They should play fine on the Tyros3/4/5 and the PSR-S910/S950/S970/S975. The SFF2 format can not be played directly on earlier keyboard models.

87 styles


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