In addition to having preset style files, your keyboard has preset Multi Pad Files. These are selected from the 1, 2, 3, and 4 buttons under your MULTI PAD CONTROL block. They are used to "spice-up" a style or even to completely replace a style.

Multi Pad Files are just like style files and can be transferred from one keyboard to another. When you "tune-up" a style and save your own version of the style, you can also save a new multi pad file with your tuned style.

Finally, you can even create your own multi pad file, which four contributors to this section (Frank Blecha, Leo Dunne, and Vince Lutz) have done. Henni hasn't provided any instructions, but he has provided plenty of multi pad files, his whole internet collection, some 2,500 multipadfiles. Onacimus has brought together all the Multi Pad Files from many of the Yamaha PSR and Tyros keyboards for use on the PSR-S910, and, of course, other newer keyboards. Finally, the original preset multi pads from several recent Yamaha keyboards are provided on the Yamaha page.

So, when you need to select a multipad file, no need to restrict yourself to the preset multi pads provided with your machine. You can also choose from the many hundreds of multi pads provided in this section.

This page updated on February 16, 2024 .