(Jul 2007) Joe Waters, the Mentor, Master and Creator of the PSR Tutorial forum has helped us immensely in the world of PSR/TYROS music. In addition the encouragement of many of the members in my nearly two years with the forum has taken me a thousand miles past any goals ever set for myself in the music world. I will always have a debt that will never be repaid adequately.

My first experiments with Pads were using Leo Dunne's wonderful sets he has shared with us. I'm in debt also to Vintz Lutz's sharing of his Pad creations. In some cases, the beauty they add to the music, especially Celtic voicing, is way beyond what the current styles provide for PSR/TYROS users. They really added the something extra to some of my early song creations.

Below are Sets of Multi Pads, for sharing with visitors to the PSRTutorial. My time learning to build these was a bit tedious, but with some patience from myself and, of course, the folks on the forum, work on the early ones has paid off. I would also like to thank Graham UK for his pointed advice that I took, which gave me an easier path to follow.

The 120 sets below as of 29 July 2007 have been slightly renamed to better fit the Alpha sorts that computers do. Also some number of them have had the Voice balance volumes adjusted for better sounds. Most of the forum regulars already have these pads, but with name and volume changes, this is the most up to date set. All of these Multi Pads have an underscore (_) added to the name to indicate the new changes.

In addition to all of the above, "We all Need to thank Mr. Bill Grosse." Bill spent many hours these last few days making some major hidden changes, helping me (and us) with some incompatibly problems.

-- Frank J. Blecha ... aka Seeker

I am very sorry to report that Frank passed away on April 27, 2018 at age 74. -- Joe Waters

28 multipads
21 xmas multipads
36 multipads
30 multipads
30 mltipads
29 multipads
30 multipads

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