(Oct 2010) As many of you know, you can find thousands of styles for the PSR-3000 from Henni's Style Collecitons page. Henni has also collected an impressive number of Multi Pad Files. All of his Multi Pad Files are available in the zip files below. While Henni currently has a PSR-3000, these Multi Pad Files should work on most of the various Yamaha keyboards. Download the zip files, unzip them to get to the Multi Pad Files, transfer these to your flash drive, then to your keyboard, and have fun exploring all your new options!

2,501 Multi Pad Files
Pads 01.zip
247 multipads
Pads 02.zip
245 multipads
Pads 03.zip
250 multipads
Pads 04.zip
240 multipads
Pads 05.zip
243 multipads
Pads 06.zip
250 multipads
Pads 07.zip
251 multipads
Pads 08.zip
243 multipads
Pads 09.zip
239 multipads
Pads 10.zip
246 multipads
Pads 11.zip
47 multipads

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