Complete PSR-S970 Multipads

(May 2021) I have created a complete collection of 600 YAMAHA Multipads for the PSR-S970. I selected all Multipads from PSR-2000 up to GENOS making every effort to avoid duplicates. Keyboards in this collection include:

1. PSR-2000 (PSR-9000, PSR-2100 and PSR-1500).

2. PSR-3000 (TYROS) this category has Mega Guitar loops and many additional Multipads.

3. TYROS2 (PSR-S900) this category has more Mega Guitar (Nylon, Solid) loops. The T2 has Mega Brass and Strings loops.

4. TYROS3 (PSR-S910, PSR-S950) this category has more Synth Phrases. T3 has additional Mega Single Coil, Jazz Guitars and many new Multipads with new voices.

5. TYROS5 (TYROS4, PSR-S970, S770, S670) In T4 E.Guitar Multipads are tuned by Mega Fingers and Vintage Guitars. New Mega Real and Classical Strings are also used. T5 has many more Multipads with new Mega Acoustic Guitars and Brass. I Revoiced to S970 Mega Nylon, Steel and Brass.

6. GENOS (PSR-SX900, SX700) Here I tried to tune some new Multipads with less risk and added.

There are many Tyros4 Vocal Multipads, many Tyros5 and Genos Multipads with unknown voices to be tuned. I hope to be able to add these later.

I sorted the multipads in different category folders as used in the PSR-S970. I split the Guitars into two folders: A.Guitar and E.Guitar. Many pads are added in Combination folded by adding Suffixes 'C' or 'Comb' these have multiple parts (for example, Guitar, Brass, Percussion and drum in one Multipad). I also added some Multipads of my own mainly in the SFX Folder. Here I separated Ethnic Multipads those have Ethnic Voices and Percussion.

While I tuned these Multipads to be used in the PSR-S970, they can also be used iIn PSR-S975 and PSR-SX700.

Yamaha MP

Multi Pads from Expansion Packs

(Oct 2016) I have started to convert multi pads from expansion packs. The zip file below includes conversions for Mexican Banda pads, Norteno and Mariiach pads. I skipped the pads that have Scat voices. For others, I changed the related pack voices to panel voices. Also, I did note editions. Some pack voices are Mega voices, so I adjusted the velocity values. These two sets will play without any problem in TYROS2, TYROS3, S910 and later models.

I also converted Euro Dance pads. These will work only in TYROS3, S910 and later models.

The final set have 29 Cumbia Latina pads and 3 SE Europe pads. These are compatible with T3, S910 and later. But in SouthEast pack, the Ethnic Loop will not work in S910 because it uses the TurkishKit.

MexicanBanda pads
21 pads
38 pads
EuroEance Multipads
12 pads
Cumbia & SE Euro
32 pads

Electric Guitar Multi Pads

(Oct 2016) To my knowledge, the Guitar phrases in S970 multi pads are given as TYROS2 and S900. Most of the pads have Mega!CleanGuitar (008-000-004) and Mega!SolidGuitar1 (008-001-004) and some have Mega!SolidGuitar2 (008-002-004). I upgraded Mega!Clean and Solid1 to Solid2 and Mega!Solid2 to SingleCoilClean (008-003-004) and also VintagePick (008-006-004). I put these in 3 levels.

S970 has pads with suffix 97, 95 and 91 (with Mega!Solid2, Mega!SingleCoil and Mega!VintagePick). These pads also applicable to TYROS4, TYROS5, CVP-609, and CVP-709.

S950 has pads with suffix 95 and 91 (Mega!Solid2 and Mega!SingleCoil). These pads also applicable to TYROS3, CVP-509, and S770.

S910 has pads with suffix only 91 (Mega!Solid2 only). I have converted some more. Here I am sending along with the previous. These pads also applicable to TYROS2, CVP-409, S900, and S750

S970 folder
26 pads
S950 folder
17 pads
S910 folder
8 pads

(Nov 2016) Here are the rest of the Electric Guitar multi pads

23 pads
15 pads
7 pads

Multi pads for the PSR-3000

(Oct 2015) I have made another collections of YAMAHA multi pads from TYROS and PSR models for PSR-3000. I picked these from the PSR-2000 (2k), PSR-OR-700 (O7), PSR-S700 (S7), PSR-S900 (S9), Tyros (T1) and Tyros2 (T2).

The PSR-2000 group includes the multi pads of PSR-9000, PSR-1000, PSR-2000, PSR-1100, PSR-2100, and PSR-1500. TYROS1 is same as PSR-3000. PSR-O700, S700, S900 and TYROS2 have many unique pads. Original Guitar pads from S models can not be played well in the PSR-3000 without editing notes and parameters, e.g. if we loop to C Major that sound different chord. I fixed all the problems. I skipped some Strings and Brass Pads of T2 that werre too difficult to convert. I brought together many YAMAHA multi pads of all SFF1 models in one collection. In each of the Multipads, I added a suffix (2k, O7, S7, S9, T1, or T2) to indicate the original keyboard.


Multi pads for the PSR-S910

(Jun 2014) I have made a complete collections of multi pads from TYROS and PSR models. I picked these from basic models - 2k(PSR-2000), Tyros(T1), Tyros2(T2), Tyros3(T3), and some unique pads from other models.

The PSR-2000 group includes the PSR-1000, PSR-1100, PSR-2100, and PSR-1500. TYROS1 is same as PSR-3000. TYROS2 has some that are the same as in S900, most are the same as in S910. Tyros3 has some unique pads with new synth voices and new drum voices. In each of the Multipads, I added a suffix to indicate the original keyboard.

These are 247 multi pads arranged in 11 categories: A. Guitar(26 multipads), Bells&Harp(17), Brass&Sax(23), Classic(25), Dance(38), Drums(23), E.Guitar(25), Latin(35), Oriental(18), Piano&Blues(11), and SFX(6). All of the folders and multi pads are included in the zip file below.

247 pads

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