(Jun 2019) In addition to the preset styles that come with each model, there are also preset multi pads included with each model. These multi Pads are used to add musical phrases to your performance. Here's how they are described in the Tyros5 Owners Manual:

The Multi Pads can be used to play a number of short pre-recorded rhythmic and melodic sequences that can be used to add impact and variety to your keyboard performances.

Multi Pads are grouped in Banks of four phrases each. The Tyros5 features a variety of Multi Pad Banks in a variety of different musical genres.

Morever, the Audio Link Multi Pad functions allows you to create a new pad with your WAVE (Audio) data to play back during your performance.

The introduction of Audio Link Multi Pads was new with the Tyros5 and PSR-S950 models. The table below includes the original preset multi pads from six recent models. As with the styles, each newer model included more Mutlti Pads than the previous model.

190 pads
164 pads
123 pads
188 pads
126 pads
123 pads


This page updated on February 16, 2024 .