(30 October 2020) My "Next Generation Styles Archive" is similar to the Classic Standard Styles Archive. I have divided this group into two levels.

Next Generation Keyboards
Year Yamaha Keyboard
First Level
2002 TRYOS
2004 CVP-309, PSR-3000
Second Level
2005 TYROS2
2007 CVP-409, PSR-S900, S700
2008 PSR-S550

Next Generationn - First Level

Next Generation First Level includes SFF1 styles of TYROS, CVP-309, PSR-3000, PSR-S700 and PSR-S550.

These (except PSR-S550) commonly have basic Mega Voices, first introduced in the TYROS in 2002. They are Mega!Steel guitar Mega!12StringGuitar Mega!HiStringGuitar Mega!Clean Guitar Mega!Overdrive Mega!Distrotion Mega!Aco.Bass Mega!Elec.Bass Mega!PickBass Mega!Fretless and related Live!, Cool! and regular voices.

TYROS and CVP-309 include many more featured and regular voices including additional SynthBass, SynthBrass, SynthPad and SynthLead voices. Mostly all voices are included in PSR-S910, S750, S950 although Theatre Organ voices are limited in S910 and S750.

Many TYROS voices are limited in PSR-3000, for example Cool!JazzSoloGtr, Live!Humming, Live!Mmh, Live!SymphonyHorns, Live!SaxAppeal, BalladSection, Moonlight and additional Synth voices. I replaced the missing voices with Cool!JazzGuitar, Live!Gospel, Live!FrenchHorn, Live!SaxSection and related other voices.

In PSR-S900 and PSR-S710 the following TYROS Voices are included (not in PSR-3000 or PSR-S700) StereoClavi, Suspense(Vibes&Flutes), PunchyBass, TBBass, BalladBrass(BalladSection), SaxyMood, SaxAppeal, Moonlight, FluteEnsemble, BrightOber, Messanger, MellowPad, Sirus.

Voices Reassigned in PSR-S700
Missing Voices Assigned Voices
Sweet!Harmonica ModernHarp/BluesHarp
Live!Gospel HaaChoir/OtherChoir
Sweet!FlugelHorn FlugelHorn
Sweet!MutedTrumpet MutedTrumpet
Live!SaxSection,Sft,Hrd BrassCombo/TenorSax
Sweet!Oboe Oboe
StudioKit StandardKit1

In PSR-S700 some PSR-3000 and S900 voices are limited. The table shows the reassignments for these missing voices.

I am going to make 3 sets of collections in this archive.

  1. Top Model Styles
  2. Midrange Styles
  3. Next Generation Standard Styles.

I am doing all these convertions in my PSR-3000. So all will be SFF1 styles.

1. Top Model Styles

Here I selected TYROS (2002) and CVP-309 (2004). Both have same voice setup. CVP-309 has additional Clavinova Voices as usual. They have new additional voices than PSR-9000PRO and CVP-210 in all categories. The new voices (including Mega Voices and other Featured Voices) are added in earlier Next Generation Midrange Keyboards (PSR-3000, PSR-S900, PSR-S700) and PSR-S710 (New Generation Basic Model) with limitations as mentioned above. But mostly all voices are included in New Generation PSR Models (PSR-S910 and later).

I combined TYROS and CVP-309 Styles in one collection. Basically I selected all TYROS Styles and added CVP-309 new and different styles by avoiding duplicates. I changed GM and Clavinova voices to related Panel Voices in Tracks as well as OTS. And further I divided this collection into 2 stages.

Stage1 - For Stage1, I did not make many voice changes. These styles are for:

Stage 2 - Stage 2 is only for:

PSR-S900 and PSR-S710 have a certain level of voice limitation; PSR-3000 has further voice limitations and PSR-S700 has more voice limitation than PSR-3K as mentioned above. I made this stage for the PSR-3000. The PSR-S900/S710 and PSR-S700 models can use most of the PSR-3000 conversions, but some additional styles are added in separate folders in each category. These additional styles use reassigned voices available on these keyboards. I updated NGFLK Top Model Styles Stage 1 by correcting the Multipads in OTS like Midrange Styles.

(Nov 15, 2020) A number of styles have been added to this collection. There are 27 new Stage 1 Top Model styles and also 27 new styles in the Stage 2 PSR-3000 and 17 new styles for the Stage 2 PSR-700. All of these new styles are included in the style categories in the tables below.

Top Model - Stage 1 (501 styles)
54 styles
41 styles
54 styles
52 styles
49 styles
29 styles
34 styles
31 styles
34 styles
36 styles
47 styles
36 styles
4 styles
Top Model - Stage 2 - PSR-3000 (494 styles)
54 styles
41 styles
54 styles
52 styles
49 styles
29 styles
34 styles
30 styles
34 styles
34 styles
47 styles
36 styles
Top Model - Stage 2 - PSR-S700 (280 styles)
31 styles
26 styles
11 styles
49 styles
05-R&B-TM-S2-S7 43 styles 06-Country-TM-S2-S7
16 styles
20 styles
15 styles
28 styles
17 styles
20 styles
22 styles
Top Model - Stage 2 - PSR-S900/S710 (61 styles)
2 styles
22 styles
10 styles
11 styles
6 styles
6 styles
4 styles

2. Midrange Styles

This set includes styles of PSR-3000, PSR-S700 and PSR-S900. Basically, I selected all 3K Styles and added new and different styles of PSR-S700 and then S900 by avoiding duplicates. I reworked styles by upgrading the voices converting GM voices to Panel Voices and some Regular Voices to Featured Voices.

I made each category of styles in 2 sets. One set is for fhe PSR-3000 ( also applicable for all Midrange and Top Models). I changed StandardKit1 to StudioKit wherever applicable and voices are allotted in tracks and OTS upto the grade of the PSR-3000. The second set is exclusive for the PSR-S700.

(23 Sept) I updated all the style categories in the NGFLK Midrange series. The reason for this update was because PSR-3000 Preset Styles OTS have Multipad selection (that work only for Preset Styles). If other models Preset Styles are selected, OTS displays R1, R2, L voices with their settings. But only "Live!Kit1" (PowerKit1 in later keyboards) Multipad is displayed for external Styles. But after S Series Keyboards, OTS displays the assigned Multipads even for other external Styles. Some 3K Multipads are given as same in later Keyboards, some are given different names, some are given as PowerKit1 or other Pads, that do not match. I found this difference by checking in my PSR-S970.

I programmed all 40 3K Multipads in OTS with different New Styles (4 Multipads in each style OTS) in 3K and checked in S970. With this I prepared a chart "Multipads PSR-3000 VS PSR-S970". When some Multipads display PowerKit1 or Matchless, I changed according to their nature. I took notes and reworked in my PSR-3000.

Midrange Model - for PSR-3000 plus - (368 styles)
48 styles
37 styles
38 styles
33 styles
40 styles
25 styles
34 styles
22 styles
26 styles
29 styles
36 styles
Midrange Model - for PSR-S700 (368 styles)
48 styles
37 styles
38 styles
33 styles
40 styles
25 styles
34 styles
22 styles
26 styles
29 styles
35 styles

3. Standard Styles

(12 Sept 2020) The Next Generation First Level Standard styles include the complete preset Styles of the PSR- S550, the only Next Generation Keyboard without Mega Voices. But the PSR-S550 has many featured voices like the PSR-3000 and the PSR- S700. Basically, these styles have no OTS. These styles have DSP effects that work only in old Junior Keyboards (PSR-640, PSR-1000, PSR-1100). But the DSP effects are disabled while we play in Midrange Keyboards. From PSR-1500 onwards DSP effects for Styles are given as Midrange Keyboard Styles. So I applied DSP Effects and OTS with reffering PSR-3000 and PSR-S700 Styles. Also I applied Icons for each Style.

Here also I did this set in 2 sets. One for the PSR-3000 (also for later Midrange and all Top Models). In this set I upgraded the voices to the standard of the PSR-3000. The second set is exclusively for PSR-S700. Here I edited the voices according to the availability of this Keyboard. Categories will be added as they are available. In Dance there are some new styles not in PSR-3000 and PSR-S700 (ClubBeat, FunkyHouse, MellowHipHop,...) These are available in PSR-S710. Based on these styles, I applied OTS and DSP effects.

Standard Styles - for 3K+ (176 styles)
01-Pop&Rock-SD-3K 02-Ballad-SD-3K 03-Dance-SD-3K 04-Swing&Jazz-SD-3K
05-R&B-SD-3K 06-Country-SD-3K 07-Latin-SD-3K 08-Ballroom-SD-3K
09-Movie&Show-SD-3K 10-Entertainer-SD-3K 11-World-SD-3K  
Standard Styles - for PSR-S700 (176 styles)
01-Pop&Rock-SD-S7 02-Ballad-SD-S7 03-Dance-SD-S7 04-Swing&Jazz-SD-S7
05-R&B-SD-S7 06-Country-SD-S7 07-Latin-SD-S7 08-Ballroom-SD-S7
09-Movie&Show-SD-S7 10-Entertainer-SD-S7 11-World-SD-S7  

Next Generation Second Level

Next Generation Second Level Keyboards (NGSLK) Styles includes SFF1 Styles of TYROS2 (T2), CVP-409 (C4) and PSR-S900. These are the last batch of SFF1 arranger Keyboards.

In addition to First Level Mega Voices, these styles have Mega! NylonGuitar, Mega!SolidGuitar1, Mega!SolidGuitar2, Mega!Strings, Mega!Trumpet, Mega!Brass, Mega!TenorSax and related Sweet!, Live!, Cool! and regular voices. PowerKit1 and PowerKit2 are 2 new Drumkits. PopLatinKit has additional percussion sounds than previous (TYROS and PSR-3000). View DrumKeyAssignment in the Data List of T2 and PSR-S900. 

In PSR-S900 new Strings and Brass voices of the TYROS2 are limited. 

Here "SuperArticulation!" Voices are introduced. PSR-S900 has SA! Voices in Guitar, Trumpet and Saxophone categories. More over, Top Models (TYROS2 & CVP409) have SA! Voices in Strings, Brass and Organ Categories. In addition, SA!Harpsichord and SA!MagicBell are included.

TYROS2 and CVP-409 include many more featured and regular voices including additional  SynthPad and SynthLead voices. Mostly all voices are included in PSR-S910, S750, S950 although Theatre Organ voices are limited in S910 and S750.

I am going to make 2 sets of collections in this archive.

  1. Top Model Styles
  2. Midrange Styles

I am doing all these convertions in my PSR-S970So all will be SFF2 styles. I did this collection with basic level of PSR-S910.  Mostly all T2 and C4 voices are included in S910. I have changed all Styles-icons as per S910.  

1. Top Model Styles

Here I selected TYROS2 (2005) and CVP-409 (2007). Both have the same voice setup. CVP-409 has additional Clavinova voices as usual. Both have new additional voices than TYROS and CVP-309 in all categories. 

I combined TYROS2 and CVP-409 Styles in one collection. Basically, I selected all TYROS2 Styles and added CVP-409 new and different styles by avoiding duplicates. I changed GM and Clavinova voices to related Panel Voices in Tracks as well as OTS. 

In TYROS2, many Organ voices and some other voices are given with different parameters than others (CVP-409, TYROS3, PSR-S910 and later) So there are misappropriation of voice selection for TYROS2 Styles in later Keyboards. To illustrate, I prepared a chart "Difference of Voices in TYROS2 and Other". With these, I revoiced tracks and OTS.

Differences in Voices in TYROS2 and Other*
Voice Name Parametre in TYROS2 Parametre in Other* Voice Appear in Other* Voice Appear in CVP Models (CVP-309 Onwards#)
Cool!BalladDX 000-122-006 000-124-006 GM E.Piano2 Natural!DX EP (000-122-006)
Cool!Hold It Fast 000-111-017 000-111-018 Cool!EvenBars (000-111-017)  
Cool!RotarySwitch 000-127-017 000-110-018 Cool!VintageFast (000-127-017)  
Cool!EvenBars 000-126-018 000-111-017 Cool!JazzSlow (000-126-018)  
Cool!R&B Tremolo 000-111-019 Same Same  
Cool!JazzSlow 000-125-019 000-126-018 GM RockOrgan  
Cool!JazzFast 000-126-019 000-127-018 SweetTheatre (000-126-019)  
FullTheatre 000-127-019 Same Same  
Cool!CurvedBars 000-118-020 000-121-017 GM ChurchOrgan  
Cool!VintageFast 000-119-020 000-127-017 GM ChurchOrgan  
OrganAccomp1 000-120-020 000-108-018 GM ChurchOrgan  
OrganAccomp2 000-121-020 000-107-018 GM ChurchOrgan  
OrganAccomp3 000-122-020 000-106-018 GM ChurchOrgan Natural!PipeOrgTuti (000-122-020)
OrganAccomp4 000-123-020 000-105-018 GM ChurchOrgan Natural!PipeOrgP (000-123-020)
OrganAccomp5 000-124-020 000-104-018 GM ChurchOrgan Natural!PipeOrgFl1 (000-124-020)
Cool!TwoChannels 000-125-020 000-109-018 GM ChurchOrgan Natural!PipeOrgFl2 (000-125-020)
SweetTheatre 000-126-020 000-126-019 GM ChurchOrgan Natural!OrgFlTuti (000-126-020)
Live!DynamicStrings 000-122-049 000-124-049 GM Strings1 Natural!Strings (000-122-049)

* CVP-409, TYROS3, PSR-S910 and Later (Some Voices are given as Natural! Voices in CVP Models)
# Mostly given in CVP-209 (2001)

From the above Chart only 4 Voices will appear and these should be replaced as shown in the table below. The rest of the voices will appear as GM voices.

Voice Appeared Should be Replaced as
Cool!EvenBars Cool!Hold It Fast
Cool!VintageFast  Cool!RotarySwitch
Cool!JazzSlow Cool!EvenBars
SweetTheatre Cool!JazzFast

I used Michael Bedesem's MidiPlayer, and Mixmaster for voice changes. Because in some tracks, there are multi voice changes. For example Cool!JazzSlow and Cool!JazzFast Organ voices are used in Pad Track of IntroC and EndingC for "StandardRock". Also I used Michael's StyleDump for viewing the parameters of OTS Voices. The problem is that Cool!JazzSlow used in T2 will appear as GM RockOrgan in Other Models; Cool!JazzFast as SweetTheatre; Cool!CurvedBars as GM ChurchOrgan. These same issues occur in some other voices that I mentioned in the above chat.

For comparison I have given two styles. StandardRock.S578.prs (Original T2 Style) Vs StandardRock[C].T108.prs (Converted with voice changes).  Also Live8Beat.S119.prs vs Live8Beat[C].T108.prs.

If there is single voice in specified track to be changed, I just revoiced. For multi voices, I used MixMaster and MidiPlayer. To add more colours, I replaced some old Regular Voices to new featured voices of T2. 

In TYROS2 there are other voice problems. While viewing OTS, I found some unknown voices. There are four S.Art! Voices not included in any PSR models. They are S.Art!TremoloBowing2 (008-035-049), S.Art!TrumpetShake2 (008-036-065),  S.Art!BrassShake2 (008-033-057) and S.Art!RockSax2 (008-034-083). I replaced them with their first voices (S.Art!TrumpetShake, S.Art!BrassShake). 

(Nov 6, 2020) Due to the limitation of Theatre Organ voices in PSR-S910, I put OrganBallad.T108.prs for Ballad separately. This applies for PSR-S750 also. Due to the limitation of Theatre Organ voices in PSR-S910, I put 3 styles for Ballroom-NGSL-TM-S910.zip separately. This applies for PSR-S750 also. 

(Nov 13, 2020) I have added another 59 styles designed for the Tyros2 from various sources. These are included in T2Extra in the table below. They are sorted by the standard style categories.

NGSLK (T2 & C4) Styles - SFF2 (463 styles)
46 styles
39 styles
41 styles
48 styles
50 styles
27 styles
39 styles
26 styles
37 styles
30 styles
51 styles
36 styles
T2Extra - NGSL - TM
59 styles, 10 folders

2. Midrange Styles

(Nov. 12 2020) This set includes styles of the PSR-S900, which has new featured voices including SuperArticulation voices of T2 and C4. But new Strings, Brass, Organ and some other voices are not included.  Here, I changed GM voices to Panel Voices and some Regular Voices to new Featured Voices. I upgraded all styles upto the Standard of the PSR-S900. As I am doing this set as SFF2 styles, I added some new and different styles of PSR-S710. This model has the same voice setup of the PSR-S900. 

NGSLK Midrange (S900) Styles - SFF2 (391 styles)
46 styles
37 styles
52 styles
33 styles
44 styles
23 styles
37 styles
20 styles
30 styles
30 styles
39 styles



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