MixMaster v19r1

This version will work on Windows™ 7 and later.
New in this version

  • Main window received a new look - larger buttons
  • Desktop icon text shows installed version
  • Instrument and Midi Device selection is done in the menu
  • ListView : most of the menu items moved to tabpanel
  • 'Uninstall MM' is added to the Windows Start menu
  • Several bugs are solved
  • New future releases will install over old one (older version will be removed automatically)
  • And more ...

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MixMaster 518

This is the latest version that works on Windows™ XP. NO new features will be added anymore to this version. I will continue to solve any found errors in this version, this as far as possible and as long as the software allows. Thank for your understanding.

Download MixMaster 518

What is MixMaster


MixMaster is a program for editing midi files. It is unique because it is designed specifically for the song, style, pad and voice files used by the Tyros/PSR/Genos line of instruments. It comes ready to use with translations of voice, effect, midi and known Yamaha sysex commands. While extensive in capability, a great deal of effort has been expended to make it easy to use by users of all experience levels.

           * Not available on the instrument

Screen Shots

The following pictures and text are related to MixMaster v19r1. Click on any of the screen shots for a larger image of that screen shot.

MixMaster V19r1 - Main screen
MixMaster Main Options
MixMaster Open File :
Opens a file dialog to load a Song, Style, Pad or Voice file to display, modify or play.
MixMaster Open Library :
Opens a library for some special sample files, including blank files and clips.
MixMaster Save As :
Opens a file dialog to save the loaded file.
MixMaster Multi Process :
You can handle multi processes (optimize, center pan, remove aftertouch, change expression, volume) on one or several files together.
MixMaster Mixer View :
contains a overview of the voices, volumes, controllers, channels with note data and channels activity during play. Uniquely, it can be used to mute or adjust channel related parameters via sliders manually or while the file is playing.
MixMaster List View :
provides access to all midi data in the file and is used for general editing. All events are visible here. ListView exposes the structure of the file in time and has organizational (e.g. style markers) and informational data (text messages, copyright, etc).
MixMaster Note View :
lists just the note and marker data along with a piano roll style graphical display. It is used for note editing. Channels and voices are identified by colors (that can be turned Off/On via the Options screen).
MixMaster Lyrics View :
lists the lyric and chord events along with a formatted text display. Menu items provide editing, printing, copying to the clipboard, kar to lyric conversion, etc...
MixMaster Voices View :
displays all the voices changes in the open file. Identifies any that are missing in the selected Instrument, and performs manual revoice.
MixMaster Volume View :
displays a selectable set of channel volumes and the average volume associated with each channel and the file as a whole. Slider controls provide a convenient means of adjusting any of these settings.
MixMaster Controller View :
is similar to the controller sections in Mixer View, but is larger and is assignable to controllers such as sustain, soft pedal and portamento that are not available on the channel mixer panels in Mixer View.
MixMaster Velocity View :
displays a histogram (the number of velocity events in successive ten-point velocity ranges) for a selected channel and allows expanding or compressing the range as desired.
MixMaster Channel View :
displays and edits controller settings in a tabular format similar to the Track View in Cakewalk Sonar and other midi editing programs.
MixMaster Big Time View :
displays the Now time and the current beat in a seperate screen that can be expanded to the size of your monitor. It is useful for keeping time in band/choir applications.
MixMaster Tempo View :
provides a graphical representation of a file's tempo over the measures of a song, viewing fade in and ritardendo and other tempo variations. It can also be used to edit the individual entries in a convenient manner. Additional tempo tools are available from the ListView/ProcessEdit menu.
MixMaster Drumedit View :
is a very powerful way to display the drum voices that are in a kit and used by the file. Controls on the view enable changing the kit, reassigning the voices to other instruments and changing the volume, pitch, pan, reverb, chorus, lowpass, dsp, EG etc. of individual drum sounds.
MixMaster DSP View :
provides a view of all the Effects used for the selected instrument and the loaded file type. Effects that are shown are : Reverb, Chorus, Variation (DSP1) and all the relevant DSP's. Edit/Insert/Change/Delete can be done by the in the Effect Edit View that opens when clicking on the edit button next to the effect.
MixMaster CASM View :
displays the type of Casm format (and a warning if it is not compatible with your instrument), and allows selection of the listing based upon Section (Main A, etc) and/or Part (Bass, etc.)
MixMaster Clipper View :
makes clip files from your selection of pads, styles or midifiles and selected characteristics.
MixMaster Medley View :
permits unattended playing many midi files sequentially as background or intermission music. Functions include playing any number of songs from the PC, or combining several midi files into one large midi for playing from the instrument. Playing a combined midi on the instrument directly is limited to maximum 300 kb which can be a few a 2-4 midis lasting 3-4 minutes per song, whereas playing from MixMaster can comprise virtually any number. Midi files can be saved with virtually no gap to eliminate unwanted pauses on playback.
MixMaster Monitor View :
displays the midi data as it is received by your computer. It is used to view and record the commands generated by keyboard playing, registration button presses, or other control activities.
MixMaster Play Loop :
Plays continuously a part of a loaded file. Start time is M:B:T From and End time is M:B:T To. Play can be paused or stopped with adjacent controls. Can be paused or stopped with.
MixMaster Play From To :
Plays once the part with start time M:B:T From and Edn time M:B:T To and then stops automatically. It can be paused or stopped.
MixMaster Play :
Plays the loaded file from the beginning to the end. Can be paused or stopped.
MixMaster Pause :
Stops playing; a second click will continue from where it was paused.
MixMaster Stop :
Stops playing the file.
MixMaster Mixer Record :
inserts any changed settings in Mixer View at the Now time.
MixMaster Undo :
removes the last action that was done.

Some screenshots from the most important views.
(Click on any screen shot for a larger view.)

List View


Mixer View


Note View


Multi Process View


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