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One Registration File- One Song. You may want to save a particular keyboard setup because you have tuned the whole instrument for performing a particular song and that setup may include a variety of voice combinations that vary from one section of the song to the next.  You may want different rhythm variations and different solo instruments to come in at different parts of the song. By "memorizing" these settings in the registration buttons, as you play the song and go from section to section, you merely press the appropriate registration memory button to switch easily and smoothly to the next song section.  In this case, a registration file would contain a variety of keyboard settings for a single song. In such a case, you would save the registration file under that song name.

Eddie Shoemaker's Advice

Eddie (BtweenGigs) Shoemaker uses this method and offers the following advice:

As a working musician, I have found it to be almost imperative that I save all my registrations to floppy.

Other players I have spoken with have all kinds of different systems for saving registrations.  The method used by Richard, which saves a variety of registrations for different songs on each registration button within one bank,  I have found that to be very dangerous.  The reason is:

If you fail to utilize the [FREEZE] button, and then press one of the 8 registration buttons, you can accidentally go into a style that was intended for another song.


I have found it preferable to assign the settings for one song in one bank, even if I use only 1 of the registration buttons for it.

If a player is using the registration buttons just to set up voices and effects -- and not styles and tempos -- that is a different matter.  But, if the goal is to get from one song to the other as quickly as possible with minimum risk, individual set ups by song, seems to me, to be the only way to go.

What must be so hard about writing these tutorials is that there are different ways each of us uses our keyboard.  I know other pros that set up all their registrations "on the fly" and don't use the Banks or Registration Memory. I will do that on occasion, but, for me, it is far more time consuming than having the bulk of your song list ready to go with the push of just a couple of buttons.

You can hear some of Eddie's songs by visiting Eddie's PSR Performer page in the Archived Performers section of the PSR Tutorial.


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This page updated on February 15, 2024 .