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You may want to save your favorite solo voices in a registration set.  For example, if you select the ConcertGrand as the RIGHT1 voice and then save your setup to [RM1] (the first registration memory button), you would know that, no matter what style you are using, you could always go to [RM1] and have the ConcertGrand as your R1 voice. You could, of course, use the other 7 memory buttons to save more of your "favorite" solo instruments. Similarly, you may want to set up your left-hand voice a particular way, or you may have a set of voices you like to use for the left-hand voice.  Rather than having to set this up every time you load a style, wouldn't it be great if it were possible to include these in your "Favorites" registration file and be able to easily set the left-hand voice for any style loaded.  Well, it is possible to do this.  The solution comes from a trick discovered by Scott Yee.  Here are the steps:

Step 1. Create a unique style and store it in the USER area.  I have created a BLANK.STY that you can use for this purpose. It doesn't really matter what style you select; any style will do. The trick will be in the name of the style.  

Step 2. Put the BLANK.STY in the USER area and use this style to set up your 8 registrations. You will be putting a different voices RIGHT1, RIGHT2, and Left in each of the 8 registration buttons.

Step 3. Once you have your favorite instruments saved in the 8 registration buttons, save that registration file in the USER area (or CARD or USB or HD1) under an appropriate name.

Step 4. Now, COPY that unique style (called BLANK.STY if you downloaded the one above) to a floppy disk or elsewhere.  Alternatively, you can just rename the style file (for example, add a character to the name and, thus, change it: BLANK1.STY). You will need this style again if you want to modify your registration settings.

Step 5. DELETE that style (BLANK.STY) from the USER area so that it is no longer available.  (You could have CUT the style from the USER area and PASTED it to the FLOPPY or USB and achieved the same result.)  

That's it.  You are done.  Your registration set is now available for use with any style you may wish to load.

According to Scott, this works because when you press one of the registration buttons in your "Favorites" registration file, it first tries to load the style saved with that registration button.  In this case, the style saved was called "BLANK.STY".  But that style is no longer available. This is why you had to move the style or rename it.  Since the registration can not find the style that is specified in the registration button, it gives up looking and defaults to the style that is currently loaded, which is just what you want it to do.

Scott sent me a registration file he uses for his favorites that he calls Acoustic Jazz.  I have a favorite set that I use all the time that I have labeled JazzJW.  The table below shows the MAIN and LEFT voices stored in each of these registration files. Note: these two files are for the PSR-2000 and will not play on other keyboards. However, you can use the ideas here to set up a favorites registration on whatever keyboard you are using.

AcoJazz_Scotty.REG Jazz_jw.REG
1 GrandPiano GrandPiano 1 NylonGuitar GrandPiano
2 ModernEP SuitcaseEP 2 GrandPiano NylonGuitar
3 JazzOrgan1 MellowDraw 3 SweetTenorSax BrightPiano
4 Vibraphone GrandPiano 4 SoftTrumpet Strings
5 NylonGuitar GrandPiano 5 SweetSopranoSax Dream
6 SweetTrumpet GrandPiano 6 ModernHarp RotorOrgan
7 SweetFlute GrandPiano 7 SweetTrombone BrightBrass
8 SweetTenorSax GrandPiano 8 SweetFlute Vibraphone

Setting Your Left-hand Voice

If you want to use a particular left-hand voice, follow these steps:

  1. Load the style you want to play.
  2. Select the registration button that has the left hand voice you want. For example, if I were using my favorite registrations (Jazz JW above) and I wanted the RotorOrgan for my LEFT voice, I would select registration button [6].  
  3. Turn [FREEZE] ON -- this freezes the style, which includes and, therefore, freezes the LEFT voice.  (Make sure that STYLE is checked as the element that you do not want to change when the FREEZE option is invoked.)
  4. Now you can use any of the OTS settings and any of the 8 registration main voices with that style and your left-hand voice will remain set to RotorOrgan.

Don Mason's Setup

Don Mason, who you can hear performing in Shreveport, LA, explains how he sets up his PSR-2000:

Basically, I set the entire keyboard up to the song I usually open with. This includes DSPs, footswitch settings, style, split point, fingering mode, vocal harmony settings and R and L voices.  I save this to Registration #1.  Then, I make 7 more registrations for the styles I use most.  I am certain to have a different right-hand voice saved to each one.  I then set my FREEZE parameters to freeze everything except the voices.

Therefore, when the Freeze light is on, I have 8 instant voices for immediate use. I have GrandPiano, VintageStrat, PedalSteel, Fiddle, 60'sGuitar, SweetTenorSax, GrowlSax and a layered guitar as my 8 voices.  Right 2 voices (layer) are also set, of course. This gives me instant access to 8 complete registrations when the Freeze is off, and 8 instant voices when the Freeze is on.

Of course, more banks can be used in the same way if needed. Since all of the styles have 4 OTS settings, I always have 12 voices I can call up without ever searching through the voice menus.

I also use the Music Finder Favorites menu to call up additional settings. I play 99% live and only use perhaps 2-3 midi files a night. There are many ways to use the Registrations. This is just one that suits my style of playing.



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This page updated on September 30, 2023 .