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(November 11, 2004) -- Anyone who has used a PSR-8000 or PSR-9000 will realize the benefits of having a facility for individual registration information (that is, Ind. Reg. Buttons) on view on the main screen.

This facility, while a feature on the PSR-8000 and PSR-9000, was dropped from the Tyros (as well as the 2000 / 2100 / 3000 series). These machines allow you to assign an entire Registration Bank of 8 buttons per song setup. You may input and access information on individual registration buttons via the Registration EDIT function, but this is "off" the main screen.

To name your registration buttons, press the button for the REGISTRATION screen, select a registration file, and then press the EDIT button. This brings up the REGISTRATION EDIT screen shown here for the Tyros. The screen is essentially the same on the PSR 2000/1000, 2100/1100, and 3000/1500.

fffPress [1] for NAME and then you are prompted to select a file or folder. Select one of the 8 registration buttons and then select [OK].

This brings you to the NAME INPUT screen and you can put in whatever name you want and then save it. When you save the registration FILE, the names of each registration button are saved with the file. Unfortunately, you can only see the names if you go to the REGISTRATION EDIT Screen. (Note: this is NOT true for the new PSR-3000 and subsequent keyboards. On these keyboards, the registration button name IS shown on the MAIN screen. - JW)

As a gigging musician moving from the PSR-9000 (where individual song setups were assigned to individual registration buttons) this became a problem for me as I wanted to retain the same system on my Tyros. But the naming facility of the PSR-9000 had changed to a facility for showing the Registration Bank name only. To make a long story short, I set about trying to outwit this new operating system to achieve my goal. I wanted to see information on the MAIN screen for each registration button, i.e. a song name, Key, etc, as required. The method I devised is quite simple and allows you to get this info to appear in the "SONG" window, which is in the top left corner of the MAIN screen. Here are the steps you can follow to achieve this result.

  1. Set up a new Song Folder. Call it "," "Reg Info," "Song" or whatever seems appropriate to your needs.
  2. Go into Song Record mode, as you would to record any song, except on this occasion you are going to record a BLANK song. In other words, go through all the steps of song recording except you actually record only silence. You only need a single Bar in your song. Save your Bar of silence and give it a name such as "Empty" or "Free." Save this to your new Song folder that you created in the first step above. I recommend you copy your empty/Free song (free1, free2, free3, etc) a few times in case you accidentally remove or overwrite it later.
  3. Now take your registration / performance program list and, one by one in your special folder, click on your ’Free/ Empty’ Song File to select it. Do not re-name it. Instead you are going to SAVE it under a new file name. For the file name, enter the song name, info, key, etc that you want to appear on the MAIN Screen. You eventually end up with a Song Folder full of "EMPTY" songs / names / Keys / combination of information you want to appear on your MAIN screen for each Individual Registration button you plan on using.
  4. Step 4. Now, set up your keyboard as you want it for the first registration button. As part of your setup, be sure to access your Special (EmptySongs) Folder (whatever you have called it) and load the song file with the Name/Info you want for this registration button. That information now appears in the SONG window as the title of the currently loaded "song." When everything else is all set up as you want it, SAVE everything to the appropriate registration button. Note: (IMPORTANT) when you press the Memory Button to save the registration info, make sure that the Song box is checked for memorizing. When you press that registration button, it sets up your whole keyboard as you want, including loading the Song you had specified, which puts the registration info you want into that song window. (Note: you need to save your special SONG folder in the USER (or CARD or USB) area and keep those songs there for the registration button to be able to find them. But, since they are all empty songs, they do not take up much memory at all. -JW)
  5. In case this all seems like too much trouble, I have included a folder of Empty Songs that you can download. You can use these and individually re-named /personalized them as needed for your individual needs.

I don't know if anyone will find this little "con" of any benefit, but it allows me to have the same program and Registration numbers on both the PSR-9000 and the Tyros so I always have a backup keyboard with the same program setup.

The whole point of this process is that you end up with your own relevant info relating to a particular registration appearing in the SONG box on the main screen; if you don’t have a need for that, then that’s OK

-- Leo D

BONUS -- If you've just finished reading through the lessons on Richard Peck's registration files, I have tried out Leo's method on the 9 banks of registration files. These files had the relevant "song" names in the Registration Edit screen for each bank, but I created "empty" song files as well so that the names would show up in the MAIN screen. Click on the link below to download this set of registration files and see an example of how Leo's suggestion can be implemented.
                                                        -- Joe Waters



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