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You may have noticed that while the styles in the PSR and Tyros keyboards are grouped by category, it isn't always so obvious where you will find a particular style.  For example, on the Tyros3, waltzes can be found in many different categories (BALLAD, BALLROOM, COUNTRY, ENTERTAINER, MOVIE&SHOW, R&B, SWING&JAZZ, and WORLD).  Styles for Country songs can be found in COUNTRY, POP&ROCK, BALLAD, and BALLRROM. 

Grouping Style Types in a Registration File

To simplify finding styles of a particular type or genre, you can pick out your favorite styles and save them in a single registration file, which can hold at least 8 different styles, one in each of the 8 registration buttons. Suppose you saved all your favorite waltzes in a "Waltz" registration file. Then, whenever you come across a waltz you want to play, just load your Waltz registration file and you will have your favorite Waltz styles to choose from. You can "name" each registration buttons with the name of the waltz style saved there.

Standard style names do not always give you a good idea of what the style actually sounds like. But you could name the registration button after a song that would go well with that style. A simple way to do this would be to use the Music Finder to find songs with a 3/4 beat. Sort those songs by Style and you will have a quick list of many waltz styles along with songs that go well with that style. Select a song you know with the Music Finder, which will configure your system so that it is ready to play that song. Now, "memorize" your keyboard setup in one of the registration memory buttons in your "Waltz" registration file. Name that button after the song title. Be sure to save the registration file. When you get all 8 registrations filled, you will have a variety of waltz styles and the songs that they go with. If you are familiar with the songs, this gives you a good idea of which style to pick when you want to play a new waltz.

Modifying Preset Styles

While there are some very nice styles included as preset styles in the PSR and Tyros, not every style may be to your liking. Of course, you can adjust or "tune" any of the preset styles by adjusting the volumes of individual instruments, by changing the instruments used in the accompaniment, or by changing the OTS voices included with the style. This can dramatically change how a style sounds. All of your alterations can then be "saved" in a single registration button. Using this method, your "waltz" registration bank would hold not only a variety of waltz styles, but styles that you have altered to suit your playing. For example, suppose you always play a left-hand voice and, normally, one different than Yamaha uses as the default left-hand voice with a style. You would want to load the preset style, select the appropriate left-hand voice, turn it on, and make whatever additional adjustments you want (perhaps you want to also alter the default right-hand voices). When the style is the way you want it, you would THEN save it to one of the registration memory buttons. Now, that button brings up the indicated "preset" style and then makes all the adjustments saved in that registration.

You could also, of course, simply copy the style to the USER area and make all the changes you want there, including changing the one-touch settings.  But if you save the modified style in the USER area, you will be using up quite a bit of the limited amount of memory available for user files. You are saving, after all, the entire style and all your adjustments to the style. You don't, however, have to save the entire style; it is built into the PSR. By saving your adjustments in a registration memory button, the preset style is loaded and then all of your adjustments are applied.  A registration file only takes about 11 to 12K of memory and can store up to 8 setups.  The size of a style varies.  On the PSR3000, preset styles ranged from 20k to 109k with an average of about 40k. Using that average, 8 styles would use up 320K of memory -- that's quite a bit more than 12K in a registration file.  You can easily see the advantage of saving adjustments to internal styles in a registration memory file.

Note, however, that with the introduction of USB drives (replacing the Floppy drive), storage limitations are virtually eliminated. A USB drive can hold thousands of styles so you could alter the preset styles to your liking and simply store them on the USB drive. If you have a Tyros model with a hard drive, you do not, in reality, face any space limitations on storing styles in your keyboard. The space saving feature of registrations is most applicable to models that only have floppy drives for user storage.

Expanding Voice Options

When you are "tuning" a style, if you save a MAIN and/or LAYER voice (RIGHT1 and RIGHT2 in later models) that is not already in one of the four OTS buttons in a registration memory button for that style, then you can have five voice sets (R1 and R2) readily available for that style rather than just the four you get with the OTS included with the style.  But you can go even further.  You can use the [FREEZE] button to freeze the currently loaded style so that it does not change when you press a different registration button. So, after you select, for example, the style saved in registration memory 1 [RM1] and then [FREEZE] that style, you can now select any of the other registration buttons ([RM2] ... [RM8]) and the style, including the left-hand voice, will not change, but the right-hand voices will change. So, with the initial style, you have access to the voices in its 4 OTS settings, plus the voices you have saved in the 8 registration memory buttons.

Some Sample Registration Files

The sample files provided below were were created for the PSR-2000 and should also work on the PSR-2100. If you have a later keyboard, you can use the idea suggested here to create your own category registrations. In fact, my "favorite" styles changed as later Yamaha arranger keyboard were introduced. I also found, somewhat to my surprise, that my "favorite" voices also changed with newer keyboards. So, a "Ballad" registration category for the Tyros3 would be significantly different than one created for the PSR-2000.

Additional registration files can be found in the Styles > Other > Registrations section as well as in a number of the Styles > Gig Disks pages.

In setting up each of the category-based registrations below, I tried to use a different MAIN voice in each registration button, so that if you do freeze the style when it is first loaded, you can then switch to any of the eight registrations main voices while that style is playing.  Note also that I seldom like the LEFT voice specified with the internal preset styles so I usually change it. By "freezing" the style, the LEFT voice is also frozen with the style. So, the other registration buttons that change the MAIN voice, will not be changing the LEFT voice. All of these registrations are available in a single zip file.  If you just want to "try out" one or two, you can click on the registration file category title do download just that file.

Swing & Jazz - Moderate
  R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8
Style JazzBallad1 BBandBallad MoonlightBld JazzClub Swing1 BBandMid2 Swing2 BBShuffle2
Tempo 72 82 82 114 118 130 140 148
Left NylonGuitar GrandPiano Strings Live!Strings BrightPiano GrandPiano GrandPiano JazzOrgan3
Main Harmonica NylonGuitar GrandPiano SClarinet! STrombone! AirTrumpet SoftTrumpet AltoSax
OTS1 ModernHarp Vibraphone STrombone! GrandPiano GrandPiano SClarinet! Musette 60sClean
OTS2 Vibraphone MutedTrump SoftTrumpet JazzGuitar STenorSax! STrombone! Strings JazzOrgan1
OTS3 STenorSax! STenorSax! SClarinet! STenorSax! RotorOrgan  BrassSection SFlute! GrowlSax
OTS4 GrandPiano WWEnsemble Sax Section PopBrass PopBrass PopBrass STrombone! STrumpet!
Swing & Jazz - Bright
  R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8
Style BBandFast1 BBShuffle1 CatGrove BBandFast2 Charleston Ragtime Dixieland GypsySwing
Tempo 152 158 180 182 206 210 220 232
Left BrightPiano GrandPiano GrandPiano GrandPiano  BrassSection Sax Section HonkyTonk BrightPiano
Main SClarinet! STenorSax! Vibraphone STrombone! SoloTrumpet Banjo SSopSax! GrandPiano
OTS1 STenorSax! GrandPiano JazzOrgan1 GrandPiano Banjo HonkyTonk HonkyTonk SoloViolin
OTS2 BrightPiano GrowlSax JazzGuitar SClarinet! HonkyTonk SClarinet! SClarinet! NylonGuitar
OTS3 PopBrass 60sClean STenorSax! STenorSax! SClarinet! MutedTrump STrumpet! Small Accord
OTS4 SClarinet! PopBrass Sforzando PopBrass MutedTrump STrumpet! STenorSax! SClarinet!
  R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8
Style Unplugged LoveSong CountryBld PopBallad PianoBallad 8BeatMod 8BeatAdria AcousticBld
Tempo 68 70 72 77 78 92 100 158
Left PolarisEP SoftAccord NewTines Live!Strings DrawbarOrg JazzChorus NylonGuitar DreamHeaven
Main BrightPiano Vibraphone Fiddle NylonGuitar SoftTrumpet GrandPiano STenorSax! Oboe
OTS1 NylonGuitar NylonGuitar NylonGuitar SSopSax! GrandPiano SSopSax! STrumpet! 12 StringGuitar
OTS2 SSopSax! SSopSax! ModernHarp GalaxyEP SPanFlute! SuperDX Musette SmallAccord
OTS3 LeadGuitar SPanFlute! PedalSteel FolkGuitar SSopSax! Wire Lead Mandolin SPanFlute!
OTS4 Live!Strings GrandPiano GrandPiano WireLead Live!Strings Live!Strings SweetHeaven STrumpet!
Country 1
  R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8
Style FingerPickin Cntry2-4 CntryShuffle CntryRock Cntry8Beat1 CntryPop1 Cntry8Beat2 CntrySwing1
Tempo 94 105 112 128 134 142 148 150
Left FolkGw3 BrightPiano NylonGuitar ClickOrgan HyperTines JazzChorus StageEP HonkyTonk
Main PedalSteel VintageOpen ModernHarp SmallAccord HawaiianGuit 60sClean Fiddle GrandPiano
OTS1 NylonGuitar Musette 60sClean VintageOpen StageEP PedalSteel ModernHarp ModernHarp
OTS2 ModernHarp PedalSteel SmallAccord ModernHarp SolidGuitar SmallAccord StageEP StageEP
OTS3 SFlute! GrandPiano PedalSteel PedalSteel GrandPiano VintageOpen PedalSteel PedalSteel
OTS4 Strings Strings Strings Strings PedalSteel GrandPiano GrandPiano Fiddle
Country 2
  R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8
Style ModCntryPop CntryBrothers BluegrasS2 HullyGully Hoedown Bluegrass1 CowboyBoogie CountryPop2
Tempo 70 112 120 126 128 142 164 180
Left PolarisEP E.Guitar BrightPiano 60sOrgan HonkyTonk Bow Strings Pizz Strings Elec. 12String
Main ModernHarp GrandPiano Musette SoftTrumpet Fiddle ModernHarp TrumpEnsem 60sClean
OTS1 NylonGuitar StageEP Fiddle BrightPiano Banjo Banjo Elec.Guitar Super DX
OTS2 StageEP Musette VintageOpen TuttiAccord ModernHarp VintageOpen Musette SmallAccord
OTS3 SolidChord VintageOpen HonkyTonk JazzOrg1 PedalSteel HawaiinGuit HawaiinGuit PedalSteel
OTS4 GrandPiano Strings Fiddle PopBrass Strings HonkyTonk GrandPiano Live! Strings
  R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8
Style EnglishWaltz SwingWaltz PopWaltz GuitSeranade CntryWaltz BandWaltz TradWaltz OberWaltzer
Tempo 75 90 94 106 128 136 160 192
Left Orch. Oboe GrandPiano Jazz Chorus BowStrings ModernEP BrightBrass HahChoir Strings
Main SFlute! Musette SClarinet! ModernHarp NylonGuitar BallroomBrass Orch.Brass Clarinet
OTS1 BrightPiano GrandPiano SSopSax! NylonGuitar ModernHarp Musette Musette Musette
OTS2 NylonGuitar STenorSax! ModernHarp SmallAccord BrightPiano GrandPiano SmallAccord Hachbret
OTS3 STenorSax! STrumpet! VenusEP SSopSax! PedalSteel SClarinet! SClarinet! SClarinet!
OTS4 Live!Strings Live!Strings GoldenAge Live!Strings STrumpet! STrumpet! STrumpet! STrumpet!


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This page updated on September 30, 2023 .