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Some users spend a lot of time tinkering with a style and voices to get their keyboard set up just right for a particular song. Others, however, just want to play songs and not spend time searching for the perfect style and adjusting voice settings on their keyboard. For these users, the Yamaha Music Finder system was a great tool that gets them off and running with minimal effort. The Lessons under "Music Finder" explained how the system worked and gave many options on how you could use it.

The new touch-screen keyboards, the Genos and the PSR-SX900/700 models do not include the Music Finder System. It has been replaced by a new "Playlist" system. Features in the new Playlist system have some similarity to the earlier Music Finder but also many significant differences. The lessons in this section will explain the new Playlist system and also show you how to take advantage of databases developed for the earlier Music Finder.

There are four lessons currently in this section. Additional Lessons will be added as they are completed. A sub-menu is shown under the Playlist button for each of these lessons. You can review the lessons in order, or simply jump to an area where you would like to learn more.

Sample Playlist -- You know that your keyboard comes with styles and voices in the Preset area. It also has some preset midi files (songs). You may not, however, be aware that it includes a sample Playlist with sampe registrations in the Preset area. The first lesson in this section introduces you to the preset Sample Playlist, what is in it, and how it works.

Beatles Playlist -- Years ago, Yamaha provided users with a series of Music Finder databases (MFDs) with a dozen or so records for particular genres or artists. Fortunately, the new Playlist provides a feature that lets you translate any earlier MFD into a Playlist. This is illustrated in the 2nd lesson, which illustrates how a Yamaha Beatles MFD is converted into a Playlist with all associated registrations.

Fakebook Playlist -- That Yamaha Beatles playlist could be useful if you are playing songs out of the Beatles Fake Book, or if you are performing a Gig of Beatles songs. It only has a sampling of Beatles songs, far fewer than would be in the fake book. But if you are interested in playing the songs in a particular fake book, from the beginning all the way to the end, there are many fake book MFDs available as discussed in the lesson "Fake Book MFDs" in the earlier Music Finder section. This third lesson illustrates how you can convert the Fakebook MFDs into Playlists. It also points out the disadvantage of this approach if you are working with a book that holds a thousand or more songs.

8 Songs Playlist -- Under the discussion on registrations, there were two techniques for storing a song setup in a registration file. Under one method, each registration button was used to store the setup for a particular song. Thus a single registration file could accomodate 8 different songs. Alternatively, many users like to use on registration file for a single song. This allows the use of different setups while the songs is being performed by using multiple registration buttons. Making a playlist from registration files that cover a single song is relatively easy. This lessons explains how you can use registration files with multiple songs to build a single playlist for all the songs in the registration file(s).



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This page updated on February 15, 2024 .