Be sure to review our lessons on Registration Files so you understand how to use these files.  Registration files in this section are specific to the PSR-3000.

Gary Diamond's Registrations

Gary Diamond, who has authored a great number of very popular "Gig Disks", has also created a set or registration files that he uses when performing with his PSR3000. (His earlier 2000 versions are available in the 2000 list above.). These registration files, 15 in all (named 40's Slow, 60's Slow, 70's Slow, Buffet, Country, Slow Country1 & 2, Latin, Mix, Rock, and Rock&Roll), have each button labeled for a particular song in that category. The registration button then sets up the keyboard with settings specific for that particular song, or one similar to it. A complete listing of the songs is available on Gary's Gig disk page in the Gig Disk section. For convenience, you can also download Gary's registration set from here.

Gary's PSR3000 registrations

Gary has also sent in two registration files with 8 Christmas songs in each: The first one has Blue Christmas, Frosty, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Holly Jolly Christmas, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, I'll be Home for Christmas, Jingle Bell Rock, and Let It Snow. The second file has: Rock'n Around the Christmas Tree, Rudolph, Santa's Coming to Town, Silent Night, Silver Bells, White Christmas, Winter Wonderland, and the Christmas Song. Both registration files are in this zip file:

Stephen Molnar's Registrations

Steve, who is one of our PSR Performers, has also sent in a number of registration files he developed on his PSR-3000 and a number of Gig Disks. You will find a description of his registration files as well as his Gig Disks on Stephen's Gig Disk page. For convenience, you can also download a zip file of here.

Stephen's 14 Registration Files

Freddie Maynell's Registrations

Like Gary, the late Freddie Maynell's registrations are detailed on a Freddie's page in the Gig Disk Section. Freddy played and made heavy use of the UK Busker Books (a series of "Fake Books" published in the UK). He constructed his registraton files to mirror the songs he used in various books. You can read the details on his Gig Disk page. For convenience, you can also download his 101 Hits for Buskers: Books 1-4 right here.

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