Here are some Custom Voices made on and for the Tyros. But the nice thing is most of the Custom Tyros Voices and all of the Custom Organ will work on the PSR 2000/2100 too. These are Professionally made Custom Voices and they are free to use without restriction.

In the table below, click on the titles which are links to zipped files. You will need to unzip them with an unzipper like Winzip, etc. Unzip them to a floppy disk and insert the Floppy Disk into your Tyros (or PSR2000, PSR2100, .etc), keyboard.

Press the "USER" button on the right side of the Tyros next to the SYNTH button, (other PSR Keyboards you can press the "Main Voice" button) then press the [NEXT] button to navigate to the to FLOPPY DISK tab. You can select an instrument right off the floppy and test it out.

You might also want to copy these to your User area. From the Floppy Disk tab, choose Copy, then ALL, then OK. Press the [BACK] button to get to the "USER" tab then press Paste to paste the Voices into your User Area. You now have 40 very good Custom Voices to add to your Tyros' or other PSR's sound arsenal.

30 Custom Tyros Voices
Allegro 2, Atlantic IV, Chor, D-50, Direct-Strings, Disco-Synbrass, Dreampad, Dyna-Porta, Fat-Synth, Filter Bass, Flanger Lead, Full-Brass, Inka-Flute, Juno-60, Kylie-Synth, MEGA-Blaster, Oberheim, Organ 2, Performer, Rock-Piano, Santana, Star-Pad, Strat-Distortion, String-Trio, Synbrass 1980, Tutti 2, xHammond Dry, xHammond X77, xMoog Bass, xRock Leslie
10 Custom Organ Voices
Elka Organ, OM-Brillance, OM-Full, OM-Hole, OM-Room, OM-Small, OM-Tutti, Perc. Clean 01, Perc. Clean 02, Perc. Clean 03

Note: the voices that are prefixed with an "x" will not work on the PSR 2000 or PSR 2100 although they will work on the Tyros. If you don't have a Tyros, simply delete them.

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This page updated on July 29, 2023 .