Be sure to review our lessons on Registration Files so you understand how to use these files. The lesson applies to PSR-2000 registrations, but they work essentially the same as Tyros registrations.

Richard Peck's Tyros Registrations

Hi Joe,

I've been busy playing my Tyros and haven't spent much time at the PSR Tutorial. I thought, however, you might be able to use some panel settings I've put together on the Tyros for my various gigs. In all there are 109 settings set up for different songs. As usual each setting may be used for multiple tunes but you know how that goes. I'm using a MFC10 foot controller so the settings are balanced for its use. The song names are decipherable in most cases. Where there is no name, the settings are generic for whatever song that fits.

The folks that have the Tyros will know how to access the settings, just go to Registration Bank and select FD. After picking the panel setting desired go to Edit and see which songs are in that bank. I have included an incomplete list below which some may find useful.

This is a work in progress, so the version I've sent today I'll most likely change slightly tomorrow. In keeping with my KISS feeling, I haven't used the OTS or Multi Pad features, but this works fine for me. I hope other Tyros owners may find the regustrations useful.

Have a nice day!
Richard Peck

The zip file in the table below includes all 14 of Richard's registration files. The songs registered in each button are shown in the table. As Richard indicated in his note, the last two files don't have registration for all 8 buttons. Filling that in will be left as an exercise for you! The songs that can be used for these registrations are shown in the table below. -JW

1-Sentimental Journey
2-Darkness on the Delta
3-Theater Organ March
4-Tell Me You’ll Forgive Me
5-Dear Hearts/ Heart of My Heart
8-Strutters Ball
1-Theater Organ
2-Moon Glow
3-Zippity Do Dah
4-Roll Out the Barrel
5-Puff the Magic Dragon
6-Love Me Tender
7-Bluegrass sounds
8-Easter Bonnet
2-Me & My Shadow
3-Wish Upon a Star
4-Green Grass of Home
5-Detroit City
7-Cheating Hheart
8-God Bless America
1-Begin Begine
2-March Medley
3-Sigma Chi
5-King of the Road
6-Yakety Sax
8-In the Mood
1-Banks of Loch Loman
2-Lonesome Tonight
3-Hello Dolly/Regards to Broadway
4-I’ll Fly Away
6-I Was Married Up in the Air
1-Autumn Leaves
2-Lauras Theme
3-White Cliffs of Dover
4-Georgia on My Mind
5-Girl from Ipanema
7-Yellow Bird
8-Danny Bboy
1-My Way
2-San Francisco
3-Frankie & Johnny
4-Bill Bailey
5-Alice Blue Gown
6-Tennessee Waltz
7-Girl of my Dreams
8-Three Coins in the Fountain
1-Lilly Marlane
2-Take Me Out to the Ball Game
3-Peg of My Hheart
4-Red Roses for a Blue Lady
6-Cool Water
7-Up a Lazy River
8-Sunny Side of the Street
1-The Rose
2-Sweetheart Rree/Jean
3-Moon River
5-Sing waltz
6-Sing waltz
7-Sing key C
8-Sing key E flat
1-Mr. Sandman
2-Buttons and Bows
3-Alley Cat
4-Sleepy Time Gal
5-Big organ
6-Over the Rainbow
7-Wonderful World
8-Bird in a Gilded Cage
1-Glow Worm
2-Sweet Georgia Brown
4-Irish Eyes Are Smiling
6-Hawaii 1
7-Hawaii 2
8-Hawaii 3
1-Memories Are Made of This
3-No Other Love
4-What a Beautiful Morning
5-People Say We’re in Love
6-Enchanted Evening
7-If I Loved You
8-I Don’t Know Y I Love u...I do
2-When I Lost You
3-Paper Doll
4-Small World
5-Merry Go Round
7-America the Beautiful
1-Organ 1
2-Dearie Do You Remember When
4-Amazing Grace
5-Battle Hymn of the Republic

Using Yamaha's conversion utilities, I have converted the above Tyros registration to a format for the Tyros2 and one for the Tyros3:

Stephan Molnar's Registrations

Steve, who is one of our PSR Performers, has also sent in a number of registration files he developed on his PSR-3000 and a number of Gig Disks. You will find a description of his registration files as well as his Gig Disks on Stephen's Gig Disk page. I have used Michael Bedesem's MidiPlayer program (and Yamaha's conversion programs) to convert these registrations for use on the Tyros. For convenience, you can download a zip file of Tyros1, Tyros2, and Tyros3 versions here:

Jim Laing's T3/T5 Registrations

Jim Laing has provided registrations for various performances: Retirement Homes, Italian Songs, Irish Songs, and Band registrations he uses with his duo/trio band. There are available for the Tyros3 and for the Tyros5. You will find Jim's registrations as well as complete descriptions on Jim Laing's Gig Disk page.

Peter's T4/T5 Busker Registrations

Peter (xeenix) has developed over 3,000 song registrations for his Tyros4 and converted for Tyros5 users as well. The songs are drawn from 16 different fake books. Peter also provides registration details in an Excel spreadsheet as well as a text file. A description of Peter's work and all of the files are available on Peter's Busker Registrations in the Gig Disk section of Styles.

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