Deane Peters' Registrations

(Aug 2010) Here are some S910 registrations. I did not create these. I found them on the PSR Tutorial website and discovered they work with the S910 (but not all will work on my Tyros3.) They are a mixture of many genres and keyboards from the PSR-2000 and up. Some have the owners id on them; some do not. I don't know who created most of them. The big thing is, here is a bunch of registrations that work out of the box, as they say, on the S910. Some might need a bit of tweaking but most are pretty good as is.

Some are a set of voices only with no style attached. Others are for a certain song with 8 voices. It seems this set represents about all the various ways players have used the registration feature on their keyboard.

Hope this helps,

Patrick Hannequin's Registrations

(Aug 2010) Joe, here are some new registrations I've worked on. I've put in the piano voices registration; I hope members will like the piano sounds and also the accordeon sounds.

Have a nice weekend,

Balkan Registration Set and Styles

(July 2012) Thanks to Patrick Hannequin for sending in a set of 20 registration files provided by Yamaha for the Tyros4, Tyros3, PSR-S910, and PSR-S710 SFF2 keyboards. Registrations are for over 150 songs from Balkan, Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Slovenia. There is a separate set of registrations for each of these instruments that use the styles in these keyboards. There is also a set of 37 SFF2 User styles that are used in some of the registrations. The styles will work on all 4 of the keyboards listed. Note that the doc files are not in English.

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