"Tom", an appreciative member of the PSR Tutorial Forum, has retired from playing out for parties and rest homes, etc. Over the years, Tom built a song data base from which he constructed his "gig" disks depending on where he was to play and the age of the people in the audience. His song database had over 2,400 songs in it with the appropriate backgrounds. Tom has generously sent his entire library to the PSR Tutorial and asked me to provide the database to forum members.

Before adding Tom's library, we had about 1,500 styles in our current Gig Disk section. Tom's styles obviously make a major addition to this section of the PSR Tutorial. I have removed any duplicates in Tom's collection that were already posted in the Gig Disks available on the site. I doubt I got them all, but I did remove several hundred styles. Nonetheless, you will still find over 2,250 song-styles in Tom's library.

I standardized the file name formats to use a "Title" case (instead of upper case or lower case or all mixed cases) and to use the full song title. For example, "A FOOL SUCH AS I", "AfterUveGone", and "Among_my_Souv" are now listed as "A Fool Such As I", "After You've Gone", and "Among My Souvenirs". In most cases, the song title was clearly evident. In others, I had to do some research to find out the correct "official" song title. There are a few I could not figure out. For example, "Ain't Nobody". What song is that really? There are several songs that include multiple entries, for example three versions of "Achy Breaky Heart". I usually just added a number to the name to distinguish them.

With a couple thousand styles, this collection is too large to list all the songs here. I have sorted the songs alphabetically and packaged them in 14 zip files by letter. "TomA.ZIP" includes all song titles that begin with the letter "A", "TomB.ZIP" includes song titles that begin with the letter "B", etc. The zip files are provided in the table below.

An index to the contents of each zip file is provided in an Excel file and/or in this web page index. Click on the tabs at the bottom of the web pages to see the contents of each zip file. Note that each of these zip files is 1 to 2+ megabytes in size. If you have a slow web connection, it will take some time to download each zip file. Of course, there's no need to get them all at once. Start with any one file and you'll find that it will take you quite a while to check out the many styles in that file.

Tom's Gig Disk Library - 2,263 Styles
139 styles
135 styles
124 styles
153 styles
128 styles
111 styles
215 styles
202 styles
158 styles
222 styles
258 styles
179 styles
176 styles
63 styles


This page updated on February 16, 2024 .