(September 4, 2016) ) I like playing songs from fakebooks, partially since my playing capabilities are not good enough to play from difficult pieces of sheet music but mostly because my limited eyesight makes it impossible to read those crowded sheets. I used MusicFinder (MF) a lot since it was an easy and quick way to start with. But soon enough I ran into the limitations of MusicFinder. You can only set up your keyboard with the start of a song and only a few settings will be preserved. Searching MF for a particular song is pretty troublesome and slow (at least for me it is). I also tend to forget what ending I needed to use.

Registrations, on the other hand, can hold much more information and are far more versatile then a MF database. They can be easily sorted into and chosen from an alphabet folder system. And if you add more registrations to an alphabet folder over time you can easily split them up further to speed up your search. All special settings can be changed per registration or even per registration button and so on. Even better, with a great tool called Registration Manager created by Murray Best you can easily share your work with people and simply batch convert all those registrations with a few clicks of your mouse to other models as well. In short: Registrations can make life easier.

I created all my registrations on a Tyros4 (T4) and make use of T4 presets only. I then used Registration Manager to convert them for the Tyros5 (T5) since that keyboard has all those presets as well. If you own a different model, you can make use of Murray's Registration Manager and convert them while making use of a pretty neat feature in that tool called Real Time Substitution. I suggest you have a look at the manual of Registration Manager and try it.

My song registrations are in no way perfect. They just provide you with a more or less basic setup to quickly start playing a song. Once you decide a song is worth your while, I encourage you to modify the registration to your personal needs. To use them, all you need to do is to unzip the file to a USB stick. It will unzip all registrations sorted into an alphabetical folder system for you. All my future updates will include ALL registrations sofar plus the newly added registrations. So all you need to do when an update arrives is to rename the old alphabet folder and then unpack the new zipfile. If all went well you can safely delete the old (renamed) alphabet folder and use the newly created one.

** I STRONGLY recommend that you save a modified registration to a separate folder to prevent mistakes with overwriting.

Below, you can find a zipfile for the T4 and one for the T5. The zipfile name has the date of the latest update added to its name. All you have to do when there is an update, is rename the old alphabet folder name, unzip the new file to the USB stick. After you're done this and checked if everything is in order, you can delete the old alphabet folder.

A textfile and an Excel spreadsheet are also added here. The textfile has an index of all song registrations. The spreadsheet holds all registration information to help users of other models to easier find replacements for any missing styles and voices.

There are currently 3,138 registrations (songs) included. The fake books or piano books included so far are listed below:

  • Busker 101 Hits: 01, 02, 03, 06, 07, and 10
  • Busker Play It Again (No 1)
  • Busker 21st Century Pop
  • Busker Club 2 and 5
  • World Hits Of Oldies
  • The Best Fake Book Ever - 3rd Edition
  • 100 Hits Simply The Best
  • 51 Lucky Irish Piano Classics
  • Pop Selections (51 editions)
  • The Ultimate Fake Book (2nd edition)

Peter's Song Index

(August 2017 update) Peter has constructed a spreadsheet containing over 36,000 songs from 585 books. Peter is making his song index available to PSR Tutorial Forum supporters. Check the Charter Members area of the forum for the latest version.

The index contains three fields: Book Title, Song Title  and Format of staves. (Formats are 1, 2, or 3 staffs -- 1 staff is usually a fake book, 2 and 3 staffs are usually a piano book.) The indexes in my simple spreadsheet are in text format so they are searchable by typing CTRL-F and a part of the song title or book you are looking for. You can also use a filter to see for example only the songs of a particular book. There are now two extra tabs called Indexed books and New since last update! I added the last tab since there are people who want to customize my spreadsheet to their own preferences. With this extra tab you can easily filter the latest additions to my index and use them in your own database.

I created this spreadsheet over the years by adding indexes of fake books and piano books that I found interesting enough. This index differs from others already available on the PSR Tutorial Forum or other sites.

It saves me a lot of time when searching for a song. My index contains duplicate song titles, which is on purpose. This way, you can sometimes find the same song in different formats and/or keys.

Have fun,
Peter (aka xeenix)


This page updated on February 16, 2024 .