14,900 styles -- all the new styles added to the PSR Tutorial web site and forum in 2014 and the first 8 months of 2015 plus

This collection includes 14,900 styles for Yamaha PSR and Tyros (and CVP) keyboards. It includes most of the style sets provided by PSR Tutorial Forum members over this period plus other style sets new to our archives. Almost 6,500 styles are in the new SFF2 format, many tuned specifically for the S910 or S950. Almost all of these include one-touch-settings (OTS). The remaining 8,400 styles are in the earlier SFF1 format. Half of the SFF1 styles are styles from arranger keyboards other than the Yamaha. Newer Yamaha keyboards (Tyros3, Tyros4, Tyros5, Genos and PSR-S910, S950, S970, S975) can, of course, read both of these file formats. Earlier keyboards can read all of the SFF1 styles, but can not directly load the SFF2 styles. (There are utilities that can convert SFF2 styles to the earlier SFF1 format.)

Since you are on the PSR Tutorial web site, you are aware that the Styles section includes tens of thousands of styles that you can freely download. As Yamaha has introduced new keyboards last year and this, many style conversions were provided to make new styles available to older keyboards and to convert some of the older styles for use on the newer keyboards. If you have not kept up with all the changes, no need to hunt through all the style pages. All the new additions are in this collection. My thanks to those style creators/converters for their contributions to this collection. You can check the links below for more information on the new style sets.

If you are a regular PSR Tutorial Forum member, you realize that the forum is also a good source of new styles. Need a style for a particular song? Just post your request in the forum and somebody is likely to provide you one or more styles that meet your needs. In 2014 there were 2,800 styles provided by forum members. So far in 2015, there have been 1,400 styles made available in the forum. I have gathered all of these styles, eliminated the duplicates in the collection and also eliminated any duplicates from our earlier collections. Uploaded zip files that included many styles are found in subfolders of the "Forum Uploads" folder. Individual file uploads were moved to appropriate category folders or Song Title folders(see below).

Since this collection has a lot of styles from other keyboards, they have all been placed in subfolders under an "Other Kbds" main folder. There are over 3,700 styles found here and they are all in the earlier SFF1 format. Most of these styles do not have OTS.

The other two main folders are labeled "SFF1" and "SFF2" to indicate the style format of all the style subfolders they contain. The SFF1 folder includes 3,200 styles. There are SFF1 versions of Drake's YEP conversions in this folder. The SFF2 folder includes 5,580 styles. Most of Onacimus' styles are found here. Drake's gig disks and YEP conversions are here as well as Henni's S950 styles. Styles with song-named titles are found in folders on SFF1, SFF2, and Forum Uploads. All told, there are about 2,300 styles named after songs.

New Multipads - The Multipads folder includes over 1,362 multipads. In the past year or so, MarkZ and Onacimus added Multipad collections to the site and they are included here. I have also included multipads from several Yamaha keyboards as well.

Accessing Files

If you are new to downloading, zipping and unzipping, and even working with a USB drive, you may want to review some detailed instructions on How to Access Files in Collections. This tutorial focuses on Style Collection #9, but even if you ordered some other collection, these instructions may prove useful.

There are a lot of gems in this collection. I hope you will have a lot of fun exploring and discovering new styles to add to your own "favorites" collection.

Joe Waters
15 September 2015

This page updated on December 5, 2023.