Over 8,000 unique styles specifically converted for PSR-S970 and PSR-S950 owners including conversions from many Yamaha PSR and Tyros models.

This collection includes styles that have been specifically tuned for the PSR-S970 and PSR-S950 keyboards. These styles will also work on the junior members of these keyboard families, like the S770 and the S750, but some of the OTS voices may have to be adjusted if that voice is not included in your keyboard. In addition, many of the song-styles included in this collection were done for the S950, but the S970 should be able to play all of these styles as well. Most of the styles in this collection are in the new SFF2 format. This is also the format for the Tyros3/4/5 models and so owners of these Tyros keyboards may also take advantage of the styles included here.

Onacimus Conversions

Onacimus Sayaham has done an excellent job of converting styles from earlier and more advanced Yamaha keyboards for use on the PSR-S970. The styles take advantage of the voices built into the S970. He has also done a conversion specifically for the S950 keyboards, which do not have all the voices available in the S970. Both conversion collections are included here. There are 4,786 styles in the S970 collection and 4,331 styles in the S950 collection. If you are a S970 owner, you do not need the S950 conversions since all of them are available in the S970 collection. If you are a S950 owner, the S970 set may not be needed, although there are some additional styles there that you may be able to adjust for use on your S950 keyboard.

Onacimus' conversions are in three large sets. The "Standard Styles" collections include styles from 9 keyboards: PSR-9000 and 9000Pro, PSR-740 floppy, PSR-2000, PSR-2100, PSR-1500, PSR-550, and CVP-209 and CVP210. These standard styles have many extraordinary voices (Sweet, Cool & Live) except Mega voices in tracks and OTS.

The "Super Mega Styles" collections include all SFF1 Mega styles from 7 keyboards: Tyros1, Tyros2, CVP-309, CVP-409, PSR-3000, PSR-S900 and PSR-S700. The Super Mega styles have super articulartion voices in OTS and mega voices in tracks.

The "Super Mega Plus Styles" collections include styles from 7 keyboards: PSR-S710, PSR-S650, PSR-S910, Tyros3/CVP-509, vS950, Tyros4/CVP-609, Tyros5/CVP-709. Here S910=S750 and S950=S770. But there are some unique styles in new ones. Also some unique styles of PSR-S670 are added. PSR-S710 has no Mega Strings and Brass. PSR-S910 has no Mega SingleCoil, Jazz, Vintage Basses. PSR-S950/T3 has no Mega Finger, Vintage, Slap, Amp, Pick Guitars and Real & Classical Strings.PSR- S970 has all Mega voices mentioned above and related S.Art! and regular voices of TYROS4. But Mega Choir Voices and S.Art2 voices are not included. There were some risks in converting some TYROS Styles with DSP effect (Rock type styles), but Onacimus tried to substitute the effects. Also includedare the S970 Converted Audio styles. Dance styles iinclude new DJ styles. For using DJ styles in the Tyros4 and after, the extension (.scp) should be changed to .sty or .prs or .sst. Latin and Ballroom styles include some unique Brazil styles of PSR-S670.

In addition to the conversions of Yamaha preset styles, Onacimus has also provided a set of "Special" styles drawn from the internet and various Yamaha expansion packs. There is a special set for both the S950 and the S970 owners.

While earlier PSR Tutorial collections, like Styles #8, include the original preset voices from many of the Yamaha keyboards, using Onacimus' conversions, you get all of these earlier keyboards already adjusted for use on your S970 (or S950) keyboard. Included in the "MS Excel" folder are Microsoft Excel files that show you the original source keyboard for all of the styles included in the Standard, Super Mega, and Super Mega Plus collections.

Style Collections

In addition to the conversions from earlier Yamaha keyboards, several members who upgraded to the S950 have provided us with a number of their style collections tuned for use with the PSR-S950. These include not only song-styles, that is, styles that have been adjusted for use with a specific song and then named after that song, but also styles originally from other keyboards or collections and then adjusted for use on the PSR-S950. These will also work, of course, on the S970. You will find 329 styles from Drake, 857 styles from Hammer, 1,092 styles from Henni, 88 styles from Ian, 94 styles from Jan, and 21 zouk styles from Patrick.

All told, there are over 11,600 styles in this collection. Of course, many of the styles found in the S950 conversions are identical in the S970 conversions. However, removing all the duplicate styles, there are still over 8,000 unique styles included. For S970 and S950 owners, you will find thousands of styles here that will help you enjoy your keyboard even more!

Joe Waters
1 August 2016

This page updated on December 5, 2023.