Specifically for Tyros5 and Tyros4 owners: 5,300 styles, 800 multipads, 900 midi songs, plus registrations and MusicFinder databases.

This collection is for owners of the Tyros5 or Tyros4 (or even Tyros3) keyboards. It includes, of course, styles specifically for and from these Tyros models, which include three right-hand voices as opposed to the two right-hand voices on the PSR-S models. But it also includes many additional files for these Tyros models including Multi-Pads, Registrations, and MusicFinder databases. It even includes hundreds of midi files developed on Tyros models. These incredible resources have been developed and collected by many Yamaha owners over many years. If you are a new Tyros owner, you will find a bit of everything you need to keep you occupied and happy with your new keyboard for a long time. A more detailed description of collection contents are provided below.


There are nearly 5,300 styles in this collection, over 5,000 of which are unique. The collection includes original preset Yamaha styles, style collections from several Tyros owners, style conversions for the Tyros4 of from other Yamaha and other keyboards, and Song-Style collections developed on Tyros keyboards.

Preset Styles. There are over 2,400 preset styles from the last three Tyros models (Tyros3, Tyros4, and Tyros5) and the last two CVP models (709 and 609). You will discover that styles of the same name in the various Tyros models invariably have different OTS voices. You will also discover that later models, which may introduce "new" styles to the standard set, may also eliminate styles from earlier models. On the CVP models, there may be some OTS voices not in the Tyros, but you can easily replace these with the voice of your choice.

Style Collections. Eileen has generously provided her tuned styles from her Tyros5, her Tyros4, and Tyros3 keyboards. I have also included the Tyros3 styles from Chris collection. All told, there are over 1,000 styles in this category.

Song Styles. Song styles are styles that have been specifically tuned for a particular song with appropriate voices and tempo and then saved under the name of that song. Load the style and you are all set to begin playing that song. Of course, you still need to be able to play the song! Styles are often set up like this to facilitate performers playing a "gig". I have included these "gig" disks from three different Tyros performers: Eileen, Hammer, and the late Neal Saunders. All told there are over 860 styles in this group.

Conversions. There are also over 860 styles in this category. Included here are my conversions of the PSR-8000 and PSR-9000 styles for the Tyros4. These, of course, will also play fine on a Tyros5. Also included are conversions of the Technics KN5 styles and the Roland G7 and G1000 styles.


Registrations are generally keyboard specific. Thanks to Murray Best's Registration Manager program, it is possible to convert a registration made on one keyboard for use on another. I have used that program to convert some of the registration sets included here.

A registration file includes settings for each of the 8 registration buttons on your keyboard. One file can use each of the 8 buttons for a different song. This packs a lot of settings into one registration file, but it also requires an external reference to know where to look (which registration file and which button) to find a particular song. Alternatively, a registration file can be used for a single song and the file then named after that song. The buttons of the registration file then apply various changes to the keyboard settings as the performer goes from one part of the song to the next. Peter's registrations are based on the one song per file method. The other registration sets all use the 8 songs per registration method. The various registration sets described below.

Peter - Peter (xeenix) has undertaken a massive project to compile a registration for every song in a music book. He has done that for 10 different books and the result is a set of registrations for 3,138 songs. There is a set for Tyros4 owners and one for Tyros5 owners. The registrations are in alphabetical folders by song name. Refer to Peter's Gig Disk page for more information on his registration collection.

Jim - Jim Laing uses his Tyros5 while playing with his band. His registrations are set up for different gigs and include 8 songs in each registration. There are separate folders with his registrations for Retirement Homes, Band performances, Irish songs, Italian songs, and Misc songs. In each folder is a pdf file that will show you the songs included in each registration file. You may want to print these files out. The pdf files are not usable in your keyboard. All told, there are registrations for 317 songs in Jim's collection. Visit Jim's Gig Disk page for more information on his registrations.

Freddie - The late Freddie Maynell produced a series of registrations for his PSR-3000 for songs from various Busker books. I have used the Registration Manager program to convert these registrations to a Tyros5 format and they sound very nice on the T5. Visit Freddie's Gig Disk page for a listing of the songs included. There are 146 songs in Freddie's collection.

Gary - Gary Diamond has been performing with his Yamaha keyboards for many years. His gig disks for the 3000 have been very popular. He also provided a large set of registration files for the PSR-3000. I have converted these with Registration Manager for the Tyros5. Scroll to the bottom of Gary's Gig Disk page for a listing of the registration file contents. There are 118 songs in Gary's collection.

Steve - I converted Steve Molnar's PSR-3000 Gig Disks for Retirement Homes and Cocktail Hours for use on the Tyros5 with Registration Manager. Visit Steve's Gig Disk page for a listing of the registration file contents. There are 112 songs in Steve's collection.


There are over 800 multipads in this collection. Included are all the preset pads from the Tyros5, Tyros4, and Tyros3 keyboards. Also included are the multi-pads created by Mark Z on his Tyros4 keyboard.

MusicFinder Databases

There is a MusicFinder database (MFD) included in your keyboard but the song titles provide only hints at the true song title. Several MusicFinder databases with corrected song titles are included. The Tyros5 MFD has 1,825 records. The Tyros4 MFD has 1,464 records. The Tyros3 MFD has 1,850 records. I have also included a number of Yamaha IDC MFDs with a total of 497 records.

MIDI Songs

In recent years, owners of the new Tyros keyboards have preferred to share their songs in MP3 format rather than midi format. So there are not many Tyros5 midi files available. However, by extracting all the PSR Performer midi files that were done on a Tyros4, Tyros2, or Tyros2 keyboard, I was able to compile a collection of over 900 midi songs. These songs were performed by 17 PSR Performers and the performer's initials and the keyboard abbreviations (T4,T3,T2) are appended to the song title. Here are the abbreviations and names of the 17 PSR Performers included in this collection: AG - Alex Green, BH - Brian Haylett, BV -Bill Venice, DL -David Laplante, EL -Eileen Lowry, FP -John Phillips, FT - Franco Tancredi, HS - Hermann Schunk, JG -James Gracey, JJ - James Hunter, JR - John Radford, JV - John Vishnoff, KS - Ken Stenzel, NS - Neal Saunders, PA - Patricia Harman, PZ - Pauline Z, TG - Torben Goldin.

Special Collections

Fred Smith has created two special collections for Tyro4 owners - Christmas and Crooning. These will also work just fine on the Tyros5. The Christmas collection includes 60 songs. It includes a registration file, a text file with lyrics, and sheet music with marks to say when to move from button to button in the registration. It also includes some external styles and pads that may be required in various registrations. There is documentation that explains how to put all this together and how you can have a karaoke party. The Crooning package is similar and includes 100 sing-along song favorites, each complete with registration, lyrics, and sheet music. Documentation file are also included in the Crooning package.

This is the first time I have put together so complete a collection for particular models. I trust all Tyros5 and Tyros4 owners will find the resources offered here a great enhancement to their enjoyment of their keyboards.

Joe Waters

September 2016

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