5,300 styles include original and converted Genos, CVP-709, Chris E's T4 collection, Russian Classical and Cumbia Latin styles, Korg, and song styles.

This collection includes over 5,300 styles for Yamaha PSR and Tyros (and CVP) keyboards. Included are a number of style collections added to the PSR Tutorial web site in 2017 and early 2018. Most of the styles included are in the latest SFF2 format (4,644 styles); 715 styles are in the earlier SFF1 format. Keyboards before the PSR-S910 series and the Tyros3 use the earlier SFF1 format and can not directly read the SFF2 format styles.

In pulling together the styles included in this collection, every effort was made to ensure that styles that appeared in earlier PSR Tutorial style collections are not duplicated in this collection. The styles that are included all have four variations and include OTS.

Late in 2017, Yamaha introduced its new flagship keyboard, the Genos. Genos owners can read all the styles in this collection. The new Genos styles, however, are not directly readable on earlier keyboards because of the new drum sets used and the many new preset voices in the Genos. But there have been a number of attempts to convert the new Genos styles so they can be played on earlier keyboards. Many of those conversions are available in this collection. The original Genos styles are also included for those who want to try doing their own conversions. Genos owners will also enjoy Hammer's gig disks with 90 song-styles for use on the new Genos.

Genos conversions are provided by DrakeM (66 styles), Xeenix (125 styles), Henni (297 styles), Peter Mahl (621 styles) and Onacimus (104 styles). Drake's conversions were done on the S950. Henni's conversions are for the S770. Xeenix and Peter made their conversions on the Tyros5. Onacimus has separate conversions for the Tyros5, Tyros4, Tyros3, S970, S950, and S910. Peter's conversions include the Genos multipads.

Yamaha also has released the new CVP709 digital piano. 579 of these styles have been converted for use on the PSR-S670. These conversions should work on the Tyros models as well as on the other PSR-S9xx models.

Chris E provided us with his Tyros4 collection of over 1,080 styles. They will play very well on the Tyros5 and the Genos as well as the PSR-S models.

Quite a few song-styles were provided by forum members. Thanks to Thomas750 and ed mc for many of these song styles. These are styles that have been "tuned" to play a particular song and then named after that song. The Song Styles folder has 745 styles in several alphabetical subfolders. Another 64 genre based styles from forum members are found in the Misc Forum Styles folder.

If you would like to try some styles converted from another keyboard, the Korg Styles folder has 263 styles for you to explore. All of these include One-Touch settings.

Thanks to DrakeM, not only for his Genos conversions and song styles, but also for his conversion of styles in the Free Classical Music pack. These styles were designed to perform works by the Russian Classical composers such as Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov. The styles should work in your S950, S970, T4 and T5 keyboards, maybe even in the S910. Drake also has revoiced the 28 Cumbia latin styles to work on his S950.

Special thanks also to Xeenix for his wonderful Genos conversions and for his Irish songs. These registrations, done for the Tyros4 and Tyros5, include a number of sometimes heavily modified styles. These registrations were based on the Hal Leonard book, 32 Irish Favorites, and include both T4 and T5 versions.

Xeenix also contributed several song sets (style, registration, midi file, text file) for half a dozen different songs. Included ReadMe files explain how to use all the parts.

Other goodies in this collection include a folder of Tyros5 multipads and Tyros5 voices as well as a set of T5 registrations from Eileen.

Joe Waters
April 2018

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