6,720 preset styles from 20 Yamaha keyboards. Every Yamaha Arranger Keyboard comes with a number of preset styles. Over the years, the number of styles included with each keyboard has grown. There were 181 styles provided with the mid-range PSR2000 (with additional styles available on a floppy disk). 203 styles came with the PSR2100. The PSR3000 had 240 styles and the PSR-S900 had 305 styles. The most recent mid-range model, the PSR-S950 has 408 styles. The top-of-the-line keyboards include more styles than the mid-range models, but these, too, have included more styles over time. The Tyros1 had 300 styles. The Tyros2 was introduced with 400 styles. The Tyros3 added another 50 for 450 styles as did the Tyros4 with 500 preset styles. The Tyros5 has 539 preset styles.

As the number of styles included on the keyboards increased, new Yamaha styles appeared. Many earlier styles were carried forward, although always modified slightly. Some styles have proved very durable and have appeared on every model. For example, the Beguine, PianoBallad, ChristmasWaltz and over two dozen other styles available have been available on all the keyboards. But not all styles were carried forward. As new styles were introduced, some earlier styles disappeared. For example, CoolFunk and BluesPiano were on the 9000Pro and the PSR-2000, but were not included on any subsequent keyboard. Fortunately, Yamaha styles from earlier keyboards are playable on the newer keyboards. So, no matter what Yamaha keyboard you have, you can load and play that CoolFunk style from the PSR-2000.

The PSR-2000 styles were based on Yamaha's 480 XG and GM voices available on all the keyboards. So styles using these voices are playable on all the keyboards. As new keyboards were introduced however, new features were added like the "Mega" voices introduced with the the Tyros 1. The PSR-2000 could not play Tyros styles that included the new mega voices, but the PSR-3000 and later keyboards, which included those voices, could play these styles.

With the introduction of the Tyros3, Yamaha introduced a new Style File Format (SFF2), which has been continued on the mid-range S910/S710 and S950/S750 models and the Tyros4 and Tyros5 flagship models. All the previous keyboards used the earlier (SFF1) style format. The newer keyboards can play both SFF1 and SFF2 styles. Older keyboards can not directly play the newer SFF2-based styles.

As each new keyboard was introduced, new voices were also introduced. The One Touch Settings of the newer keyboards were often updated to use the newer voices. So, if you are loading a style from a newer keyboard than yours, you may have to revise the OTS to reflect voices included in your keyboard. When later keyboards load an earlier style, Yamaha often will automatically update the voices to use what is in your keyboard. The Tyros4 and Tyros5 models include a lot of vocal voices that were not available on earlier keyboards. Suitable replacements will be needed for OTS that use the newer vocal voices.

Finally, with the S950 and the Tyros5, new "audio" styles were introduced. These styles use an audio track with actual drum percussion patters that can only be played on that keyboard. So, these audio styles are not available in this collection. It is possible, however, to replace the new audio rhythms with standard drum patterns and some of these "converted" audio styles are available.

Table 1: No. styles, by Keyboard and SFF
Keyboard Abb Year SFF1 SFF2 Total
9000Pro 9P 2001 298 --- 298
PSR-2000* 2k 2001 209 --- 209
Tyros1 T1 2002 300 --- 300
PSR-2100 21 2003 203 --- 203
PSR-1500 15 2004 190 --- 190
PSR-3000 3k 2004 240 --- 240
CVP-307 C3 2004 308 --- 308
Tyros2 T2 2005 400 --- 400
PSR-S900 S9 2007 305 --- 305
CVP-409 C4 2007 408 --- 408
Tyros3 T3 2008 --- 450 450
PSR-S710 71 2009 --- 232 232
PSR-S910 91 2009 --- 322 322
CVP-509 C5 2009 --- 442 442
Tyros4 T4 2010 --- 500 500
PSR-S650 65 2012 -- 180 180
PSR-S750 75 2012 --- 325 325
PSR-S950** 95 2012 --- 382 382
CVP-609 C6 2012   559 559
Tyros5** T5 2013 --- 492 492
Grand Total     2,861 3,899 6,760
* Includes styles from Floppy disk.
** Excludes audio styles.

Styles by Keyboard - 6,760 styles

I have put together this collection of Yamaha styles for owners of the newer keyboards who would like to have styles from earlier Yamaha keyboards. There are original Yamaha preset styles from 20 different keyboards in this collection of styles. The keyboards and the number of styles from each are shown in the Table below. The table also shows the year that instrument was introduced and the Style File Format used with each keyboard.

These styles are all found in the YKeyboard folder. There is a subfolder for each keyboard and within the keyboard folder are additional subfolders for each style category. The actual styles are in the category folders. Note that all style filenames have been modified slightly by appending the two-letter abbreviation shown above for the originating keyboard.

Of course, many of the styles have the same name and are similar, but none in the group are exact duplicates. There are over 1,000 unique styles in this collection, far more than are available on any individual keyboard.

Styles by Category

A major effort was undertaken to make it easy for you to find the style you need by arranging and organizing styles by type of style or genre. There are 7,649 styles in this genre collection, which is found in the YGenre folder. It is based on the original 6,760 Yamaha preset styles from the 20 keyboards above. The total number of styles is larger because some styles are included multiple times since they are relevant to more than one category. For example,"80sGtrPop" is found in the P&R-Pop folder as well as in a Decades folder, which has all the styles with "80s" in the style name.

Within each category folder are subfolders for each style group. The subfolders are named after the style and include the default style tempo(s). Quite a few styles have maintained their popularity. For example, CountryShuffle was available on all 20 keyboards and it's default tempo was always 126. All 20 variations are shown in the subfolder called "CountryShuffle-126", which is located within the higher-level "Country" folder. Individual filenames include the 2-letter abbreviation of the originating keyboard. Within the CountrySuffle folder you will see filenames like this CtryShfl15, CtryShfl21, CtryShfl2k, ... , CtryShflT4, CtryShflT5.

As you can see from the example above, for this section, I modified the filenames to include abbreviations where appropriate to help shorten the actual filenames. "Country" is abbreviated with "Ctry". "Ballad" is abbreviated as "Bld". Since the subfolder is titled with the actual full style name, you will have no trouble figuring out the abbreviations used.

When the same style name was available with different default tempos, I also included the tempo in the filename. For example, the Tyros1 included three variations of "60'sRock" while the Tyros2 included only two variations. Yamaha added a suffix (1, 2, or 3) to the filename to distinguish between the variations. Unfortunately the "60'sRock1" on one keyboard was not necessarily the same as "60'sRock1" on another keyboard. So, to more accurately distinguish the variations, I included the tempo in the filename and named the three Tyros1 styles as 60sRk152-T1, 60sRk142-T1, and 60sRk129-T1. The two Tyros2 styles were called 60sRk142-T2 and 60sRk129-T2. Note that the "60sRock1" style on the Tyros1 (tempo of 152) was not available at all on the Tyros2. The "60sRock3" on the Tyros1 had the same tempo as the "60'sRock2" on the Tyros2. They are not exact duplicates, but my assumption is that they are, at least, similar.

In this example, I abbreviated "Rock" with "Rk" and, because the same style name was available in different tempos, I included the default tempo in the filename. In fact, there were four tempo variations of 60'sRock and while this style was discontinued on the Tyros3 and subsequent keyboards, it did appear on 10 of the earlier keyboards. Those 10 versions are all found in a single folder labeled "60sRock-126-129-142-152". The folder name shows the full name of the style as well as indication of the different default tempos used in the variations for that style.

The categories largely mirror Yamaha's standard categories. But there are additions. For example, a category called "Decades" lists all the styles that include a decade abbreviation in their style name (60's, 70's, 80's, 90's). An "Organ" category includes all the organ styles. A "Pianist" category includes all the styles with a filetype of ".pst", which generally implies rhythm supplied by the piano instead of a drum set. There is a "PianoCombo" category that includes the ".pcs" file type, which appeared on the 9000Pro and the PSR-2000. I have moved all the "Waltz" styles into a category called "(3-4) Waltz". Other styles that have a 3/4 tempo are found in the category called "(3-4) Other". All of the top-level categories and the number of style files in each are shown in the table below:

Table 2. Styles by Category
Category Styles Category Styles Category Styles
(3-4) Other 170 Latin-Caribbean 157 R&B-Gospel 106
(3-4) Waltz 327 Latin-Cuba 106 R&B-Other 159
(6-8) 199 Latin-Rhumba 100 R&B-Rock&Roll 124
16Beat 64 Latin-Samba 71 R&B-Soul 119
8Beat 209 March 88 S&J-Ballad 101
Ballad 432 Movie&Show 333 S&J-BigBand 196
Ballroom 204 Organ 158 S&J-Dixieland 75
Christmas 69 P&R 77 S&J-Jazz 138
Country 405 P&R-Pop 244 S&J-Other 75
Dance 323 P&R-Rock 250 S&J-Swing 149
Decade 403 Pianist (pst) 181 Shuffle 237
Disco 184 PianoCombo (pcs) 61 World 320
Entertainer 100 Polka 106 World-Scand 79
HipHop 105 R&B-Blues 75 World-Schlager 155
Latin 170 R&B-Boogie 45    
Latin-Bossa 108 R&B-Funk 92 Total 7,649

If you have a hard drive in your keyboard, these collections are designed so that you can simply copy all the styles directly to your hard drive. The category styles will be in the YGenre folder and the keyboard-based styles in the YKeyboard folder. While there are a lot of styles here, hard drives are so large that all of these styles, including the duplicate copies, can be stored without any problem. If you do not have a hard drive, you can put these collections on one of the larger capacity USB drives and have all of them instantly available.

SFF1 Variant -- The YGenre folder includes all the styles and thus mixes SFF1 and SFF2 styles. If you have an SFF2 keyboard, this doesn't matter because your keyboard can read all of these styles. If you have an earlier keyboard (before the Tyros3 or the PSR-S910), then your keyboard can not load any of the SFF2 styles. For these owners, a separate folder, labeled YGenre-SFF1, is included with only the SFF1 styles. If you are downloading this collection, you can ignore the larger YGenre folder and download the YGenre-SFF1 folder instead. If you have a newer keyboard, you can ignore the YGenre-SFF1 folder.

Conversions - 3,631 styles

Onacimus - PSR-3000. As mentioned earlier, styles from more recent keyboards may not play as is on earlier keyboards. Similarly, styles from the very early keyboards may not be taking advantage of features available on newer keyboards. Thanks to the work of Onacimus Sayaham, a large collection of styles from both earlier and later Yamaha keyboards have been tuned specifically for use on the PSR-3000. All of these styles are easily playable on any of the subsequent Yamaha keyboards. These styles are all in SFF1 format and all can be played by any of the keyboards that followed the PSR-3000. You will find these styles in the "Onacimus 3k" subfolder under "Conversions".

Onacimus S910 - Just as Onacimus tuned a lot of the Yamaha preset styles for use on the PSR-3000, he started a similar project of tuning the Yamaha styles for use on the newer PSR-S910. These are in the newer SFF2 format and all the conversions should play well on other SFF2 keyboards. Even a number of the "audio" styles found in the PSR-S950 and the Tyros5 are included in these conversions with standard rhythm voices replacing the audio drum voices. There are 1,895 styles in this section. 738 styles in "Standard", 482 styles in "SuperMega", 412 styles in "SuperMegaPlus", and 213 styles in "Oriental".

8k-4-T3 - The original PSR-8000 styles are not included in this collection of preset keyboard styles. They involved a substantially different format from that of the PSR-2000 and subsequent arranger keyboards. However, at one time, I "tuned" many of the PSR-8000 styles for use on the Tyros3, modifying the OTS as needed. There are 237 styles in this collection, about half in SFF2 format and half in SFF1 format.

Excel Documentation

The tables above were extracted from Excel files that catalog all the style files in each collection and these are found in the Excel files folder. Note that Peter Wierzba's PSR Style Database was critical in pulling all this information together and organizing and cataloging the styles. You can use this program to read all the style folders, extract whatever fields you want to a CSV file, import that file into Excel and do your analysis there. You can learn more about this program from Peter's page in the PSR Tutorial Utility section.

Joe Waters
17 November 2014

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