This collection includes over 12,700 styles for Yamaha PSR-S and Tyros/Genos keyboards. Included are style sets added to the PSR Tutorial web site and forum over the past year and a half. Most (73%) of the styles are in the latest SFF2 format (9,300 styles); 3,454 styles are in the earlier SFF1 format. Recent keyboards (PSR-S910/S950/S970/S975 and Tyros3/Tyros4/Tyros5) are capable of loading both the new SFF2 format as well as the earlier SFF1 format styles.

Style sets are orgainized in a series of folders and subfolders. A brief description of the major folders is provided below.

For S970 - The latest Onacimus conversions for the PSR-S970 are included in this collection. These conversions include the Genos conversions (530 styles) and the expanded SuperMegaPlus conversions. "Super Mega Plus" (SMP) are conversions of Yamaha preset styles from the newer keyboards (PSR-S710/S910, PSR-S650/S950, TYROS3/4/5, CVP-509/609/709, PSR-S975, PSR-A2000/A-3000, and Genos). SMP styles use SFF2 styles with Sweet, Live, and Cool voices as well as Super Articulation voices and Mega voices in tracks. Since there are so many SMP styles, they are divided into two sets. Styles converted from other PSR models (1,645 styles) are in the subfolder labeled "SMP from PSR models"; styles dervied from Tyros class keyboards (1,226 styles) are in the folder labeled "SMP from Tyros Models."

For Tyros45 - Another batch of Onacimus conversions are designed for the Tyros4 and Tyros5 keyboards. There are five subfolders here:

Peter Packs - Peter (Xeenix) has provided Forum users with a great number of song folders that include a registration file for the song, an associated style file, and a text file. The .txt file are meant to be read on your computer. The songs are provided in two subfolders:

Also included in the "Peter Packs" folder is Peter's Excel file with Song Suggestions for Styles. The Excel sheet includes over 18,000 song suggestions for 1,859 styles. You can use a simple Excel "find" for a song name and you will find one or more styles suggested for that song.

Norman - 384 styles extracted from a variety of Yamaha style expansion packs. The folder is named after Norman who found these styles over the internet and provided them to PSR Tutorial members.

Eileen's Pack Styles - includes 32 styles that Eileen "tuned" on her Tyros5 from various packs.

PSR-S975 Preset - 468 styles from the PSR-S975 keyboard. Here, too, you may have to modify an OTS setting if it calls for a voice that is not in your keyboard.

All of the styles above are in the SFF2 format. But this collection also contains about 3,400 styles in the earlier SFF1 format. Most of these styles are thanks to Henni who provided a large collection of Ketron styles from three different models (SD1, X9, and XD). I narrowed down Henni's collection by eliminating duplicate files and even eliminating "related" files, that is files that were almost identical. I also separated the files into those with OTS and those with no OTS.

Ketron wOTS - includes a total of 1,960 styles in 3 subfolders for the three models *SD1, X9, and XD).

Ketron noOTS - includes 1,426 styles, again in 3 subfolders for the three Ketron models (SD1, X9, and XD).

Scott's KN7 - 28 KN7000 styles (SFF1) converted and tuned by Scott Langholff.

Plenty of styles in this latest collection. Hopefully, enough to keep you busy exploring for the next year!

Joe Waters
June 2019

This page updated on December 5, 2023.