This collection includes over 9,200 styles for Yamaha PSR-S and Tyros/Genos keyboards. Included are style sets added to the PSR Tutorial web site and the PSR Tutorial Forum over the past year. ($30)

Most (70%) of the styles are in the latest SFF2 format; 2,870 styles are in the earlier SFF1 format. Recent keyboards (PSR-S910, S950, S970, S975, SX900 and Tyros3, Tyros4, Tyros5, Genos) are capable of loading both the new SFF2 format as well as the earlier SFF1 format styles.

Style sets are orgainized in a series of folders and subfolders. A brief description of the major folders is provided below. Unless otherwise indicated, the styles are in the latest SFF2 format.

Drake - adds 11 African styles and 36 styles from the Genos V2 Superior pack.

Eileen - adds 94 of her tuned styles for the PSR-S970 and PSR-S975.

Henni - provides 340 Genos styles converted for use on the PSR-3000 (SFF1).

Norman - offers 240 styles from various packs: Brazil, Eastern Europe, Entertainer, Indonesia, and Latin-EU.

Onacimus - gave us over 5,000 style conversions this past year.

Peter Maul - provides 521 conversions of SX900 styles for the Tyros5.

SX900 Missing - is a set of 654 styles collected by Rikkisbears and expanded by beakybird that were not part of the SX900 preset styles. This collection is a mix of 174 SFF1 styles and 480 SFF2 styles.

Xeenix - had a busy year creating several new collections:

Yamaha - while there are a lot of conversions of original Yamaha preset styles in the collections above, some users may want to try their hand at doing their own conversions. This folder contains 1,600 original styles from three keyboards: the CVP809 styles, PSR-SX900 styles, and PSR-SX700 styles (as well as the PSR-SX700 multi pads).

You will find plenty of styles in this latest collection. Hopefully, enough styles to keep you busy exploring for the next year!

Joe Waters
May 2020

This page updated on December 5, 2023.