This collection includes nearly 12,000 unique styles for Yamaha midrange and top level arranger keyboards added to the PSR Tutorial web site or the PSR Tutorial forum over the past year or so.

60% of the styles are in the latest Yamaha style file format (SFF2); 4,800 styles are in the earlier style file format (SFF1). Recent mid-range keyboards (PSR-S710/S910, PSR-S750/S950, PSR-S770/S970, PSR-S975, and PSR-SX700/SX900) and top-level keyboards (Tyros3, Tyros4, Tyros5, and Genos) use the newer SFF2 format but can also load the earlier SFF1 format styles.

Style sets in this collection are organized in a series of folders and subfolders. A brief description of the major folders is provided below.

Chris T5 Catalog - 878 styles collected by Chris Easdown and tuned for his Tyros5 and listed by the standard category subfolders.

Eileen - 34 SFF1 and 59 SFF2 styles by EileenL.

OS - Onacimus Sahayam - gave us over 8,600 unique style conversions this past year. There are several groups of conversions listed in seven major subfolders described below. There are also links to pages in the PSR Tutorial that provide further information on the various data sets.

  1. ANGKS - All New Generation Keyboard Styles. This collection includes 825 Styles of GENOS, PSR-SX900 and CVP-809 keyboards coverted for use on the PSR-S970 and S975 keyboards. For more info check out the Styles>Yamaha>PSR-S970 page.
  2. Classic Standards (SFF1) - 1,716 styles in two subfolders:
    • Tyros+, S910+ - These conversions are in for owners of the Tyros1-5 or Genos as well as PSR- S910 or later midrange keyboards. There are 1,070 styles in four subfolders: CVP-210 (TM) - Stage 1, PSR-1500 (MR), PSR-2000Plus (MR), and PSR-9000 (TM) Stage 1.
    • For 3K,S700, S900, S710 - If you own the PSR-3000 or one of the other three keyboards indicated, these 646 style conversions are for you: CVP-210 - Stage 2, and PSR-9000Plus -Stage 2

    More information on the Classics archive is available at the PSR tutorial site.

  3. NewGenBasic (T3,C509,S910) - New Generation Basic Level keyboards include the Tyros3, CVP-509, and the PSR-S910. Conversions are available in two subfolders:
    • Top Model (Tyros3, CVP509) - 523 styles
    • Midrange (S910) - 360 styles.
  4. NewGenSpecial - The New Generaton Special Styles is a collection of 300+ styles from various Yamaha expansion packs. This group is applicable for Tyros3 onward and for PSR-S950 onword. Styles are grouped by expansion pack subfolders.
  5. NextGenFL-SFF1 (T1,C3,3K) - Next Generation First Level includes the Tyros, CVP-309, and the PSR-3000. There are three subfolders:
    • 1 Top Model (Tyros & CVP309) - Top Models include styles from the Tyros and CVP309. There are two subfolders. Stage 1 (501 styles) is for owners of Tyros1-5 or Genos and owners of the PSR-S910 or later keyboards. Stage 2 (857 styles) is for owners of the PSR-3000, S700, or S900.
    • 2 Midrange (3K, S700, S900) - Midrange Models includes styles of the PSR-3000, PSR-S700 and PSR-S900. There are two subfolders one for PSR-3000+ owners and one for PSR-S700 and PSR-S900 owners.
    • 3 Standard (S550) - Standard Model is the PSR-S550. It has two subfolders: one for PSR-3000+ owners and one for PSR-S700 owners.

    All of the above conversions were done on the PSR-3000 and are thus SFf1 styles.

  6. NextGenSL-SFF2 (T2,C4,S9) - Next Generation Second Level - includes 923 styles from the Tyros2, CVP-409, and PSR-S900. There are 3 subfolders:
    • 1 Top Models (Tyros2, CVP409) - SFF2 - (473 styles)
    • 2 Midrange (S900) - SFF2 - (391 styles)
    • 3 Tyros2 Extra - (59 additional styles for T2)
  7. SuperMegaPlus1 for S970-S975 - This SMP1 collection contains 1,872 PSR styles from 13 keyboards (PSR-S650, S670, S710, S750, S770, A2000, A3000, S910, S950, S970, S975, SX700, and SX900). In Dec, 2020 additional styles from the PSR-SX600 were added. Styles are grouped by standard Yamaha style categories. SMP1 and SMP2 were included in the Styles #14 collection.

Song Styles - This folder has four sets of song styles. These are styles that are adjusted or tuned to go with a particular song and are saved under that song name. Our Styles #7 was specifically for song styles and included over 10,000 song styles in addition to registrations and Music Finder databases. Later collections provided additional song styles: Styles #9 (1,800 song styles); Styles #12 (786 song styles); Styles #14 (372 song styles).

This collection, Styles #15, 1,975 new song styles to our library. These song styles are provided in four large sets drawn provided from PSR Tutorial Forum member postings. I have reviewed these sets to remove any duplicates within the new sets as well as any duplicates with song styles in earlier style collections. There are, of course, duplicates where the same style may have been used for different songs. But there are no duplicates in the styles provieded for any particular song name.

  1. Song Styles (ed mc) - Ed gives us 307 styles named after the song they are tuned for. Six styles are SFF1 and all the rest are SFF2. All but six include OTS. Songs are listed in 6 alphabetical subfolders: A-B, C-F, G-L, M-R, S-Z.
  2. Song Styles (Thomas 750) - Thomas regularly posts styles, registrations, and midi files that are to a particular song book. I have extracted the styles from the many book postings and eliminated all the duplicates. That still left 694 styles that could be added to our collection. 499 styles are SFF1 while 198 are SFF2. 570 styles include OTS. Songs are listed in 10 alphabetical subfolders: A-B, C-D, E-G, H-I, J-L, M-N, O-R, S, T-V, and W-Z.
  3. Song Styles (xeenix) - Peter provides 877 styles named after the song the style was tuned for. All have OTS and are SFF2. Songs are listed in 10 alphabetical subfolders: A-B, C-D, E-G, H-I, J-L, M-N, O-R, S, T-V, and W-Z.
  4. Song Styles (xmas) - Peter is also the source of this collection of 100 Christmas styles, all with OTS and in SFF2.

Xeenix CVP-809 - this folder has 30 CVP809 styles that xeenix has converted for use on the Tyros5. Additional CVP809 styles are available in Styles #14.

Yamaha - This folder has two subfolders with the original preset styles from two Yamaha keyboards. - PSR-S550 (176 styles, no OTS) - PSR-SX600 (415 styles, SFF2, OTS)

You will find plenty of styles in this latest collection. Hopefully, enough styles to keep you busy exploring for the next year!

Joe Waters
January 2021

This page updated on December 5, 2023.