MIDI Files in This Collection

There are 9,800 midi files in this collection. If you download the artist songs by performer and by song title, there are 13,500 midi files included. They are organized as follows:


About 5,000 MIDI files are named after the song they represent followed by the name of the artist or group that performed the song. These files are stored in a top level folder, named "Artists". The files here are sorted by the Artist or Group name.

Within the main "Artists" folder, are alphabetical subfolders (A, B, ... , M, Other). Within these alphabetical folders, are artist subfolders sorted by the artist's first name. The "C" folder, for example, has 35 artist subfolders (from C Jerome, Cake, Canned Heat, Captain & Tenille, Carly Simon to Culture Club and Cyndi Lauper. Each of these artist subfolders holds 3 or more songs by that artist. Within the artist subfolder, songs are sorted alphabetically by song title.

There is also a "_Misc" folder under each main letter. This is for songs from artists with only 1 or 2 songs available. Under this arrangement, you can easily find the artist you are interested in and all of the songs from that artist that are in this collection.

Alpha - Artist Songs

This folder includes all the songs stored under the main "Artists" folder but here they are stored alphabetically by song title. Since this group duplicates all the artist songs, you may or may not choose to download it. But the alternative organizational structure may be so convenient that it is worth the additional storage space required.

There are a number of main alphabetical subfolders (A, B, C, ... W, XYZ). Within these subfolders are stored all the artist song-named midi files that begin with that letter. The midi file names, like those under "Artists", include the song title followed by a dash and the artist name. For example, in the "G" folder are 148 songs from Gallows Pole - Led Zeppelin, The Gambler - Kenny Rogers, Games People Play - Alan Parsons down to Gypsy - Fleetwood Mac and Gypsy Woman - Bruce Springsteein. If you are interested in a particular song title, it is much easier to find it in this set than in the "Artists" set.


There are about 1,300 songs in the "Genre" main folder. There are 14 subfolders for different genres of songs. Examples include "Country", "Love Songs", "Pop Duos", "RockNRoll". Each of these folders will have additional subfolders. Country, for example, includes "Country 1" to "Country 7". In general, each of these subfolders will have 12 to 15 midi songs and will include a text file with the lyrics for all of the songs listed in that subfolder. In many cases, the song titles will also include the artist name following the song title. Note, however, that songs included under "Genre" are not in the group included user "Artists".


One of our newest PSR Performers, Juul Meffert, has added not only MP3s to his Performer page, but also many midi files. Those Juul has performed are in the "Juul Midifiles" subfolder. He has also used a combination of midi files and corresponding style files as an aid in teaching students how to play a song at their keyboard. The midi files used for lessons are in the "ML_MIDI" subfolder and the corresponding styles in the "ML_Styles" subfolder. Thus, although this is a "midi" collection, it does include over 500 style files! Read more about this at Juul's MIDI Lesson files page.

Note that Juul has also included a number of additional MDI files from various artists as well as from various countries. The individual artist collections ARE included in the "Artists" section above. The several thousand midi files from various countries are provided in the "Countries" section described below.


Of perhaps more interest to some European fans, are the various foreign language midi files that Juul Meffert has been posting on his Additional MIDI Songs page. They are all included in this collection in the "Countries" folder. There are 8 subfolders: Dutch, Engllish, Europe, French, German, Scottish, Spanish, and Welsh.


Xmas - This folder includes several sets of Christmas songs. The "Xmas" folder has three subfolders with a dozen or so songs in each and a text file that provides the lyrics for these songs. Not all of the songs here will have English titles.

Christmas - Has alphabetical subfolders. File names have the complete song title and are sorted by song title.

More Christmas - This is a collection of Christmas songs with very short filenames that may or may not help you discover the song title.


I was able to generate the statistics on how many midi files there are in this library by using Peter Wierzba's Midi Database program. Peter's Style Database is very useful in organizing your style collections. So, too, is his Midi Database if you want to organize your midi collections. The "Utilities" folder that is included with this collection has the setup exec for latest version of the Midi Database (V4.10).

Another useful program for working with MIDI files is Michael Bedesem's MidiPlayer. I have included that program and the latest update (Ver 8.3.1) in the Utilities folder. Visit Michael's MidiPlayer page on the PSR Tutorial web site for more information on what you can do with MidiPlayer and to check if any newer updates are available.

Joe Waters
May, 2023

This page updated on May 25, 2023.