Style File Utilities

Click on the links for additional information and download instructions. (Java) programs require the Java Runtime Environment; (.Net) programs require the .Net Framework on your computer. (Java) programs will run at several platforms, incl. Windows, Mac, Linux. (.Net) programs are Windows only.

CASM Editor

CASM Editor lets you edit CASM sections in Yamaha style files. (Java)

MDB Editor

MDB Editor lets you edit records in the Music Database (MDB) section in Yamaha keyboard style files. Records can be edited or deleted and new records can be added. (Java)

OTS Editor

OTS Editor lets you edit all parameters in OTS sections in Yamaha keyboard style files. It can export and import OTS sections to or from style files meaning that entire OTS sections can be saved and reused in a number of styles. Furthermore, entire OTS sections can be imported directly from other style files. (Java)

OTS Viewer

OTS Viewer will list the selected voices and multipads in the OTS section of all style files in a folder and, if desired, the subfolders to this folder. The program will generate one HTML page per folder showing these voice and multipad data. (Java)

OTS Volume Changer

OTS Volume Changer will change the voice volume in the OTS voices from 1 to 50 % up or down. The program runs in batch mode, meaning it will change these settings in ALL style files in a user selected folder. For editing a single style file use my OTS Editor (see above). (Java)

Revo Drum Cleaner

Revo Drum Cleaner is a software program for cleaning Revo drums in Yamaha Style files - first introduced in styles for Genos. This program addresses this problem by setting the "noise level" to zero = not audible. 

Single Note Volume Changer

Single Note Volume Changer is a software program for changing volume on single notes in MIDI files and Yamaha Style files.The volume can be changed 100% up or down. 100 % down equals not audible note. Works as the note was deleted! A smart way to remove e.g. annoying hand claps.

Style Duplicates Manager

Style Duplicates Manager helps you manage Yamaha keyboard style files. The program will list duplicate Yamaha keyboard style files and allow you to delete these or to move or copy these to user selected folders. This program operates with data files created with the PSR Style Database by Peter Wierzba. (.Net)

Style File Renamer

Style File Renamer changes the extension of a single style file or all style files in a folder (optionally including any subfolders) according to user settings. You could use this utility when you encounter downloaded style files saved with a .mid extension (instead of the correct .sty extension) or when converting styles from newer keyboards to an older keyboard that only accepts .sty as a style file extension. (.Net)

Style Fixer

Style Fixer checks Yamaha keyboard style files and repairs a number of common errors. Non-repairable style files are listed and you can delete these files or move or copy them to a folder of your choice. (.Net)

Style Format Finder

Style Format Finder is a software program for finding the format in YAMAHA Keyboard style files. This program will check a folder for style files and display the format of these. (.Net)

Style Format 2 Converter

Style Format 2 Converter converts SFF2 format styles (used in Tyros 3) to SFF1 format styles for older/smaller keyboards. (To convert SFF1 format styles, used until Tyros 3, use Style Old Format Converter.) (.Net)

Style Half Bar Fill Creator

Yamaha keyboard style file can, by design requirements, only have one Time Signature for the entire file. However, Style Half Bar Fill Creator can create fills and breaks at a length of a half bar, e.g. a 2/4 break in a 4/4 style file. (.Net)

Style in YEP Files

Style In YEP Files extracts style files from YEP (Yamaha Expansion Pack) files and saves the extracted files in a subfolder to the YEP file. After opening a YEP file the program runs automatically. (Java)

Style Intro 4 and Ending 4

Style Intro 4 and Ending 4 is a software program for activating "hidden" style parts. This program adds the missing buttons for shifting to Intro 4 and Ending 4 style parts. Of course not to your keyboard, but to a computer connected to your keyboard. 

Style Old Format Converter

Style Old Format Converter converts Yamaha keyboard style files (SFF1 style format) from newer/bigger keyboards so that they can run on older/smaller keyboards. After conversion, the style may still need some tweaking. (Java)

Style ReMixer

Style ReMixer can remix Yamaha keyboard styles, which is useful for converting styles for use on smaller / older keyboards that have fewer style parts than the newest models. (.Net)

Style Revoicer

Style Revoicer modifies Yamaha style files by revoicing, changing parameter values, transposing etc. This can adjust the style to match the keyboard capabilities, for example, using only valid voices. (Java)

Style Split and Splice

Style Split and Splice, as the name suggests, splits and splices Yamaha style files. The program splits the Yamaha style file into two parts: a MIDI and Non-MIDI part. MIDI sequence software can then be used to edit the MIDI part of the style file. When done editing, the program can then combine the edited MIDI part with the non-MIDI part and create a new Yamaha style file. (Java)

Style Tempo Editor

Style Tempo Editor allows you to create style parts in Yamaha keyboard style files with individual tempos in parts. (.Net)

Style Time and Tempo in Name

Style Time and Tempo in Name adds Time Signature and Tempo values to the style file name. (.Net)

Style Time Editor

Using Yamaha's Style Creator, you can have only one Time Signature for the entire file. However, Style Time Editor can create individual Time Signatures for each part in a style file. (.Net)

Style Unlocker

This software program unlocks the edit protection; and make it possible to edit the preset styles in the keyboard Style Creator. Style Unlocker will work for ALL Yamaha keyboard style formats. (.Net)

Style Volume Changer

Style Volume Changer lets you change volume in Yamaha keyboard style files. (Java)

This page updated on November 25, 2017.