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This Styles #17 collection includes over 10,000 styles for your use on Yamaha arranger keyboards. It also includes over 5,000 MIDI files. Some styles are Yamaha original preset styles. Most, however, are conversions of preset Yamaha or Ketron styles tuned for use with a particular keyboard. There are over 3,000 styles in this collection tuned specifically for the PSR-SX900, but these will also generally work well on the Genos. Over 1,000 styles were tuned on the Tyros5. The MIDI files should play well on any of the Yamaha keyboards. The major sections of this collection are described below.

Styles for the PSR-SX900 & Genos

Over the years, the Revd. Onacimus Sayaham has provided us with hundreds of style conversions, that is, modifying styles from newer Yamana keyboards so that they would work well on older keyboards. In 2022, Onacimus was able to use a friend's PSR-SX900 and completed a project to convert the various top-of-the-line Yamaha keyboards for use on the SX900. As it turns out, most of these SX900 styles will also work fine on the Genos. There are 6 folders for these conversions, one for each top-level keyboard. Each folder has 11 additional subfolders listing the styles by category (Pop&Rock, Ballad, Dance, Swing&Jazz, R&B, Country, Latin,Ballroom, Movie&Show,Entertainer, World).

In the listing below, I include some of the notes Onacimus provided as he worked through these conversions.

Tyros5, CVP709 for SX900

660 styles - I started to convert TYROS5additional CVP709 and PSR-S970 styles for the PSR-SX900. I edited Audio Styles, which have the same configuration. In the T5 and C7 styles, I replaced SA2 voices. All the styles have 3 Right Hand voices (R1, R2, & R3) in OTS. Sounds of DSP Effects (Multi Insertion Effects) of these styles are playing perfectly without any problem. While these conversions are not recommended for SX700 owners, GENOS and CVP-809 owners can also use these styles.

For Ballad and Dance styles, [A] represents converted Audio Styles of TYROS5, [C] represent additional CVP-709 styles including some converted Audio Styles, [P] represents additional styles not in T5 including some converted Audio Styles. In this convertion there is no problem about Mega Choir voices. But in T5 and C7 SA2 voices should be replaced in OTS and Styles tracks. In Movie&Show some Organ based styles of T5 have unknown Organ voices (ChoralHymn, EtherealVoices, Toccata). I changed these to the new voices (With Prg. No 020 GrandJeu, OrganPleno, OrganTuti, etc). In Entertainer there are some unique PSR-S970 styles (ChartFox, Evergreen, PartyRock, StandardPop, SwissCharts). 

Tyros4, CVP609 for SX900

581 styles - I have converted TYROS4, additional Styles of CVP609 and PSR-S950 (Dance Styles), which have the same configuration. In T4 and C6 styles, I replaced SA2 voices. Here also the styles have 3 Right Hand voices (R1, R2, R3) in OTS. Sounds of DSP Effects (Multi Insertion Effects) of each style are playing perfectly without any problem. T4 and C6 Choir and Vocal voices are perfect in Style tracks and OTS. I have also added some converted PSR-S950 AudioStyles. I identify them with a suffix [A].

Tyros3, CVP509 for SX900

519 styles - I have converted TYROS3 Plus Styles for the PSR-SX900. These styles also support Multi Insertion Effects in style tracks and 3 Right Hand Voices in OTS. Here, I included all Tyros3 Styles, CVP-509 additional Styles, and PSR-S910 additional Styles and some low models Styles (PSR-S710, PSR-S650). I have replaced SA2 voices in OTS. In Entertainer, many T3 styles are different than C5 and S910 styles, so I included both

Tyros2, CVP409 for SX900

492 styles - I have converted TYROS2 Plus Styles for PSR-SX900. Here, I included all TYROS2preset styles and additional CVP409 styles. OTS have 3 Right Hand Voices. I revoiced many tracks and replaced many voices in OTS. Because Tyros2 has many new voices not in Tyros1, but in next models (CVP-409, TYROS3, till now) some voices parameters are changed.  So there are misappropriation of voices in Style tracks and OTS. In OTS, I changed the voices. But for Style Tracks, I used Style Assembly of Style Creator. For multi voices in same track of a particular section (Main Variations, Intros, Endings, etc) I used certain softwares from Utility section of PSR Tutorial.

Tyros1, CVP309 for SX900

496 styles - For this conversion, I include all TYROS1 Styles, CVP-309 additional and different styles, also additional new styles of PSR-S900 and PSR-S700 having the same voice setup as the Tyros1. This conversion was a challenge because Tyros1 styles have various Drumkits that are NOT in later models (Live!StyleStandard+Perc, Live!StyleFunk+Perc, Live!Style Brush+Perc and more). I revoiced wherever necessary. Here also the OTS in these styles have 3 Right Hand Voices

Genos, CVP809 for SX900

255 styles - For this conversion, I replaced many voices and Drumkits not in the SX900. For New Drumkits, I did many Drum Remappings. DSP Effects are not working for style tracks. I have applied DSP Effects through Mixer Settings. Only two effects could be applied only in the 7th and 8th part of Insertion Effects. I applied effects for Guitars and other voices to the best of my taste. I also did voice balancing wherever necessary. For these conversions, I categorised styles according to TYROS and previous PSR Models. I also changed icons to some styles.

Tthere are only a few Dance styles because most of the GENOS Dance styles are included in SX900 and there are no new Dance styles in CVP809.  I converted the new Genos styles and Genos V2 styles. The Entertainer Styles include GN new styles, additional CVP809 styles and V2 styles. In Swing&Jazz Styles I remaped "JazzBrushExpandeKit" to "JazzBrushKitComp" of SX900. In this convertion, all T5 and C8 Audio Styles came alive with new Drumkits. I have converted Latin and Ballroom styles where I also did Drums Remapping. AfroCubanKit and BrazilianKit are not in SX900. I rearranged the drums in PopLatinKit2 of SX900. There are only 5 World styles since very few are new and not in the SX900.

Piano Styles for SX900

70 styles - Here is a collection of Piano Styles for the use on the PSR-SX900. I selected all CVP309 Pianist Styles and added PSR-9000 and CVP-210 Pianist Styles. I also included all CVP-210 PianoCombo Styles and some latest PianoCombo Styles. Here, I put PSR-9000 and C2 Pianist Styles as basic and added C3 Pianist Styles. The Pianist Styles end with ".pst" extension and PianoCombo styles end with ".pcs" extension.

XeeniX Conversions for Tyros5

Peter D. (XeeniX on the forum) has for many years provided conversions of newer styles for use by other Yamaha keyboard owners. Once when a fellow member said, "I appreciate the hard work you do for us", Peter responded, "To be honest Ron, I always do it for myself in the first place ;). I just like to share what I do hoping it maybe helps others that don't have the time, do not want to spend all the time or simply are not able (anymore) to do or learn it themselves :)." Thanks to Peter, we can all enjoy the conversions provided below. Peter's comments included in descriptions below.

5 Bregan Brazil for T5

Here are 5 styles I extracted from the Brasil pack and modified for use on the Tyros5 by adding a 3rd RH voice, changing some instruments and volume/dsp settings.

20 Romance Latino for T5

Here are 20 (slightly modified) styles from the SX900 expansion pack called Romance Latino. Since the SX900 makes use of a different audio engine as far as I know and since that some effects are not available on the Tyros 5 and perhaps also Genos (At least for me) the OTS of all styles were way too loud. I adjusted the volume of the OTS to be more in balance and did the same for some style parts that were too loud (mostly electric guitar parts). I added and adjusted some dsp effects where I thought they were needed and replaced some voices and drumkits with better suited ones from the T5. Most OTS voices, however, stayed the same since even though they were mostly legacy the combinations were very nicely chosen. These styles originally do not contain built in multipads since they are added when using the pack registrations to pick the pads in the expansion pack. I wasn't very impressed with those pads and on top of that did not want to lose a pad due to wrong locations. So all pads are now fitting Tyros 5 preset multipads loaded when the style itself is loaded, If you do want to use the expansion pack pads you can do that manually or by building a registration to do that for you. The original pads from the pack are included in the folder for your convenience.

34 Latin Based Styles for T5

Here are 34 latin based styles that will sound quite nice on at least a Tyros 5. I modified the OTS voices, effects and replaced missing voices etc. If you still encounter a missing drum kit (Rhy1) than you don't have the latin expansion pack installed (brazillian perc kit to be precise) You can try to replace the missing kit in that case with one of the other percussion kits on your keyboard or simply mute the Rhy1 part.

35 GenosV2 Styles for T5

Here are some style conversions from the latest Genos superior pack for the Tyros5. I've remapped all revo specific drum notes to their non-revo counterparts and sometimes lowered velocity of mainly kick and snare drums since those when remapped are often a bit too err present for my taste. Furthermore, I added Tyros5 alternatives for missing voices in accompaniment and OTS and sometimes  lowered the volume of some voices when needed. If your Tyros 5 still shows a missing voice in OTS than replace it with an alto sax. I have the alto sax expansion with the Pop Alto, which is used frequently in these styles.

47 Pack Conversions for T5

Here are some styles from various packs that I found worth my while converting for my Tyros 5. Not all styles from the various packs were converted since some simply didn't load on my T5 (too big), some I didn't like and some from the DGX670 presets were either already on my keyboard or in my style collection from different models like SX900/Genos. Still, I would up with 47 nice styles left to share with you.

Henni's Converted Ketron Styles

This section holds a large collection of Henni's Ketron styles converted for use on the Yamaha keyboards. There are three folders included:

Song Styles

"Song Styles" are styles that have been "tuned" to work well with a particular song. The modified style is then saved using the name of the song that it is meant for.

SongStyles-XnX-Books - 793

Thanks to Peter (XeeniX) for compiling song styles for 11 song books identified by the 11 subfolders:

  1. 100 Instrumental Songs
  2. 101 Hits Book 06 (Buskers)
  3. 101 Hits Book 07 (Buskers)
  4. 101 Hits Book 08 (Buskers)
  5. 101 Hits Book 09 (Buskers)
  6. 101 Hits Book 10 (Buskers)
  1. 101 Hits Book 11 (Buskers)
  2. EKL - Great Songwriters
  3. EKL - Number One Hits
  4. Classic Hits Vol. 1
  5. Classic Hits Vol. 2

The styles are optimized for a Tyros5 and, on occasion, make use of expansion pack voices. Books are not included, but may be found in the PSR Tutorial Forum.

SongStyles-XnX-Alpha - 774

This includes all the styles from the above books collection but arranged alphabetically by song title in 7 folders (A-C, D-F, ... , U-Z). Since some song titles appeared in multiple books, the total styles here is a bit less. You can save both collections or only the one you are more likely to use.

SongStyles - thomas750 - 255

Thanks to thomas250 in the forum, here are song styles from two more books: Movie Songs (96), and Pop Standards (109).

XL Song Packs

XeeniX has created these "XL Song Packs". There are 12 subfolders, one for each song included: Afton Water, Arms Of Mary, Battle Hymnof the Republic, Ben, Et Si Tu Nesixtais Pas, Goodnight Sweetheart, Have I Told You Latel, In the Summertime, Oh So Many Years, Softly As I Leave You, and Stand By Me.

Generally included in each song pack:

The included midi file can be a big help while learning to play the song since it is exactly following the sheet music. You can use it to get a "feel" for the song or to help with difficult passages that you might come across in the sheet. And last but not least for those who have problems with reading/using sheet music and therefore rather want to learn and play by ear.

MIDI Files

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) according to Wikipedia "is a technical standard that describes a communications protocol, digital interface, and electrical connectors that connect a wide variety of electronic musical instruments, and related audio devices for playing, editing, and recording music. What this means for our purposes is that the MIDI files you find here can be played both on your computer as well ason your Yamaha keyboards. Our MIDI Library is a collection of 22,500 MIDI songs. For this collection I am including over 600 MIDI files that have arrived at the PSR Tutorial in the past year or so. These are primarily from Roger Brenizer and Juul Meffert.

MIDI Roger

This folder contains a number of subfolders holding the midi files from songs in particular song books as well as a large collection of "Christian Hymns". This latter group of 4,552 MIDI files is further divided into 27 alphabetical subfolders. The book-based midi files are in 6 subfolders: Everly Brothers (16), Glenn Miller (18), INXS Band (11), Movie Themes (114), Police (22), and Sting (38).


Juul Meffert is one of the PSR Performers. Visit his page to audition his latest MP3 songs. You will also find many of the MIDI files in this collection are available also on his PSR Performer page. Juul's MIDI files are available in serveral subfolders:


Joe Waters
18 September 2022

This page updated on February 15, 2024.