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Beyond The Sea (6/28) Genos

Moline Rouge (6/28) Genos

Moondance (6/28) Genos

Querido Capitan (6/28) Genos

Save The Last Dance For Me (6/28) Genos

Wind Beneath My Wings (6/28) Genos

Musical Background

I have had a rich and diverse musical background. My uncle Angel (a blind Musician) taught me several instruments, all by ear. I learned to play mandolin at the age of 3 and, when I was 12, I had my first profesional gigs with accordion and later with the organ.

Over time I have played the Ace Tone Top 1, changed to the Yamaha Electones D2B, E10 AR, Hammond X66, Yamaha FX1, HS6, EL90s. I began performing in local events such as weddings, dances, and work at Hotel chains in Acapulco, Ixtapa, Cancun.

Later I moved to Chicago in the United States learning lots of American music of all kinds. I eventually migrated from the Organ to use only professional arranger keyboards.

Now residing in Phoenix Arizona, my knowledge and understanding of the use of Arranger Keyboards and Mexican music was key to helping make the 32 Mexican/Latino styles for the first Korg, the PA 500/800. Now some are included in Korg's current line as part of the Factory Preset styles.

Since 2012, I worked with Yamaha as part of the team that developed the new sounds and authentic Latino styles for their Expansion Packs for the new keyboards, in the latest generations the PSR S Series, and now the new PSR SX and Genos series.

In addition to performing at dances for Seniors, I have specialized in demonstrating Yamaha Arranger Keyboards. The recordings provided here are done using only the Yamaha Genos, (played and recorded). I also use in some songs a function that I think should be used more -- the Multipads. Some I use preset, some edited, and one I use the feature Audio link where I used an acapella singer from the Movie Coco, Recuerdame (Remember me). And in only ONE song, I used a Midi file as a back up, You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine, I, of course, play the melody. I really like that arrangement and that is why I include that song.

I rarely use midi files. Most of the time, since I play by ear, I use them as a learning tool instead of buying music books or sheet music. Sometimes I buy those SMFs. For the rest of the songs, I selected a Style, perhaps modifying a little the EQ, volumes, FX, and choosing the sounds or voices I wanted for that particular song. All the time, I manage the keyboard by using the Registrations ONLY. I hope you like my songs.

Manuel Dorantes

Manuel's MP3 Song Index

Recent songs are in the Jukebox above. The list below includes all of Manuel's songs arranged alphabetically by song title and keyboard. Click on the song title to listen to and/or download the song.

Always In My Mind (G1)

Beyond The Sea (G1)

Chariots Of Fire (G1)

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (G1)

Estoy Loca Por Ti (I Am Crazy For You) (G1)

La Bikina (G1)

Masquerade (G1)

Moline Rouge (G1)

Moondance (G1)

Noche Azul (Blue Night) (G1)

Querido Capitan (G1)

Recuerdame (Remember Me) (G1)

Save The Last Dance For Me (G1)

Una Historia De Amori (G1)

Watermelon Man (G1)

The Way You Make Me Feel (G1)

What A Wonderful World (G1)

Wind Beneath My Wings (G1)

You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine (G1)