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Yamaha Arranger Keyboard Announcements
Model Date Headline
PSR-S975 Jan 2018 Yamaha Introduces the PSR-S975 and PSR-S775, Versatile Arranger Workstation Keyboards Loaded with Advanced Features
Genos Oct 2017 Incredible Sounds, Effects, and Styles Make Yamaha Genos the Ultimate Songwriting and Performance Keyboard
PSR-S970 Jul 2015 Yamaha S Series Arranger Workstation Keyboards Packed with Amazing Voices and Styles to Create, Arrange and Perform
Tyros-5 Nov 2013 Yamaha Tyros5 Brings Interactive, Intelligent Control to String Quartets and Brass Sections, Delivering Stunning Live Performances
PSR-S950 Sep 2012 Yamaha PSR-S750 AND PSR-S950 Arranger Keyboards Offer Higher-End Features And Advanced Connectivity
Tyros-4 Oct 2010 Yamaha Tyros4 Arranger Workstation Offers Exceptionally Expressive, Realistic Sounds
PSR-S910 Jul 2008 More Power to the People: The New PSR-S910 and PSR-S710
Tyros-3 Sep 2008 Yamaha's Tyros3 Arranger Workstation Takes Keyboards To A New Realm of Realism
PSR-S550B Sep 2008 New Yamaha PSR-S550B Arranger Workstation Offers Professional Features At a Nice Price
PSR-S900 Jul 2007 New PSR-S900 And PSR-S700
PSR-S500 Jan 2006 Yamaha Introduces The Entry-Level PSR-S500 Arranger Keyboard
Tyros-2 Nov 2005 Yamaha Tyros2: The Next Step in Creativity
PSR-3000 Jan 2004 Convenience, Quality and Expandability Set Yamaha PSR1500 and PSR3000 Apart
PSR-2100 Apr 2003 New PSR2100 & PSR1100 Offer Professional Sound
and Features For Musicians on a Budget
Tyros Nov 2002 Tyros - High-End Portable Keyboard Reproduces Incredible Voices, Lifelike Guitar Sounds, With Yamaha's Exclusive Megavoice Technology
PSR-2000 Jul 2001 Yamaha's PSR2000/1000 Portable Keyboards
9000Pro Jan 2001 Yamaha 9000 Pro Professional Stage Synthesizer
PSR-550B Jan 2001 Yamaha Announce New PSR-S550B Keyboard – 176 Styles, 283 Realistic Voices, Full 480 Voice XG Support
PSR-9000 Feb 2000 Yamaha Announces PSR9000
Portable Keyboard Arranging Workstation
PSR-740 Jul 1999 Yamaha PSR740 and PSR640 Portable Keyboards
PSR-8000 Jan 1998 PSR8000 - New Yamaha Flagship
PSR-730 Jul 1997 Yamaha Expands Line with PSR730, PSR630, and PSR530