200 Preset and Flash Styles

PSR-9000 keyboardAt the Winter NAMM 2000, Yamaha introduced the PSR9000, their new flagship arranger keyboard. Yamaha no longer produces the PSR9000, but this keyboards had some wonderful styles. Here's what Sweetwater had to say about the new PSR9000 styles in their Early Summer 2000 Issue:

"...Let's talk about the auto accompaniment -- and we're not talking about those rinky-dink polkas and sambas that were a trademark of yesterday's portables. We're talking about everything from tight jazz to loose blues and beyond -- and yes, there are still polkas and marches available, but they actually sound like real musicians playing in a real band, not the old cardboard cutout stuff. In fact, no matter what kind of music you enjoy, the PSR9000 has the perfect accompaniment onboard! Over 100 styles are provided, and all of them have been arranged by living, breathing professional musicians. Each style has its own unique four Main Variations, three Intros, three Endings, four Fill-ins and one Break Fill. Four "One-Touch Settings," any of which can be freely customized, are provided for each style."

The OTS format in the 9000 was not an integral part of the style and is not compatible with the format in more recent keyboards, but the styles can be converted for use with other Yamaha keyboards and you can, of course, add your own OTS.

The PSR9000 keyboard had 9 Preset style categories (shown in the table below). It also had 8 additional category buttons (I - VII) for 85 additional Flash Styles. These were styles stored in the keyboard and could be used just like Preset styles, but they could also be replaced with other styles from a floppy disk. The original Preset and Flash styles are combined into the relevant categories shown in the table below. The styles shown under Pianist and Floppy were provided with the PSR9000 and gave users a wide selection of styles that could be used to replace Flash styles not normally used. Click on the style category title to download a zip file with the styles in that category. Click on the table title to download all the files in a single zip file.

PSR-9000 Preset Styles
8 BEAT - 30 Styles
6/8 Slow Rock (6/8@68)
60's Rock 1 (4/4@152)
60's Rock 2 (4/4@150)
8 Beat 1 (4/4@130)
8 Beat 2 (4/4@95)
8 Beat 3 (4/4@142)
8 Beat 4 (4/4@116)
8 Beat 5 (4/4@100)
8 Beat Adria (4/4@100)
8 Beat Ballad 1 (4/4@65)
8 Beat Ballad 2 (4/4@104)
8 Beat Rock 1 (4/4@116)
8 Beat Rock 2 (4/4@112)
8 Beat Rock 3 (4/4@136)
Acoustic Ballad (3/4@158)
Barock (4/4@126)
Guitar Ballad (4/4@81)
Hard Rock (4/4@120)
Heart Beat (4/4@148)
Love Song (4/4@70)
Modern 6/8 (6/8@56)
Off Beat (4/4@120)
Organ Ballad (4/4@78)
Piano Ballad (4/4@72)
Root Rock 1 (4/4@128)
Root Rock 2 (4/4@132)
Root Rock 3 (4/4@150)
Slow Rock (4/4@68)
Soft Rock (4/4@75)
Spicy Beat (4/4@130)
16 BEAT - 20 Styles
16 Beat 1 (4/4@80)
16 Beat 2 (4/4@80)
16 Beat 3 (4/4@80)
16 Beat 4 (4/4@80)
16Beat Ballad 1 (4/4@74)
16Beat Ballad 2 (4/4@64)
16Beat Rock Bld (4/4@66)
Analog Ballad (4/4@77)
EP Ballad (4/4@68)
Funk (4/4@112)
Hip Hop Pop (4/4@100)
Jazz Rock (4/4@100)
KoolShuffle (4/4@88)
LA Groove (4/4@100)
Pop Ballad (4/4@78)
Slow & Easy (4/4@60)
Smooth Jazz (4/4@102)
Uptown Beat (4/4@83)
Uptown Shuffle (4/4@90)
West End Shuffle (4/4@100)
BALLROOM - 10 Styles
Cha Cha Cha (4/4@132)
English Waltz (3/4@90)
Jive (4/4@176)
Pasodoble 1 (4/4@122)
Quickstep (4/4@200)
Rumba (4/4@112)
Samba (4/4@104)
Slow Fox 1 (4/4@108)
Tango (4/4@130)
Viennese Waltz (3/4@180)
COUNTRY - 20 Styles
Bluegrass 1 (4/4@142)
Bluegrass 2 (4/4@120)
Carpenter (4/4@180)
Country 2/4 (4/4@105)
Country 8 Beat 1 (4/4@124)
Country 8 Beat 2 (4/4@148)
Country Ballad (4/4@72)
Country Brothrs (4/4@112)
Country Pop (4/4@180)
Country Rock (4/4@148)
Country Shuffle 1 (4/4@126)
Country Swing 1 (4/4@150)
Country Swing 2 (4/4@130)
Country Two Step (4/4@126)
Country Waltz (3/4@140)
Cowboy Boogie (4/4@178)
Cowboy Rock (4/4@125)
Guitar Pop (4/4@100)
Hoedown (4/4@128)
Singer Song Writer (4/4@106)
DANCE - 30 Styles
16BtDanceShuffle (4/4@104)
6/8 Trance (6/8@155)
70's Disco 1 (4/4@117)
70's Disco 2 (4/4@120)
Clubdance (4/4@123)
Dance Funk (4/4@107)
Dance Soul (4/4@95)
Disco (4/4@123)
Disco Chocolate (4/4@106)
Disco Fox (4/4@125)
Disco Fusion (4/4@102)
Disco Hands (4/4@122)
Disco Samba (4/4@122)
DJ Berlin (4/4@120)
Entrance (4/4@120)
Euro Shop (4/4@122)
Eurobeat (4/4@145)
Flip Hop (4/4@108)
Groundbeat (4/4@94)
Handbag (4/4@125)
Hip Hop (4/4@85)
House Musik (4/4@146)
Party Pop (4/4@122)
Saturday Night (4/4@110)
Soul Dance (4/4@100)
Techno 1 (4/4@152)
Techno 2 (4/4@138)
Techno-Polis (4/4@152)
Trance 1 (4/4@128)
Trip Hop (4/4@109)
LATIN - 20 Styles
Beguine (4/4@120)
Bossa Band (4/4@150)
Bossa Nova (4/4@160)
Caribbean (4/4@106)
Carnival (4/4@116)
Espagnole (4/4@124)
Fast Bossa (4/4@180)
Guitar Bossa (4/4@136)
Gypsy Rumba (4/4@166)
Happy Reggae (4/4@88)
Jumbo Reggae (4/4@100)
Mambo 1 (4/4@104)
Piano Rumba (4/4@110)
Pop Rumba (4/4@160)
Rumba Flamenca (4/4@110)
Rumba Island (4/4@112)
Salsa (4/4@106)
Samba City (4/4@110)
Samba Rio (4/4@118)
Sheriff Reggae (4/4@92)
MARCH&WALTZ - 20 Styles
6/8 March (6/8@120)
Christmas 3/4 (3/4@80)
Christmas 4/4 (4/4@200)
German March 1 (4/4@112)
German March 2 (4/4@112)
Guitar Serenade (3/4@106)
Jazz Waltz (3/4@194)
Jig (4/4@120)
Musette (3/4@200)
Polka Oberkranr (4/4@128)
Polka Pop 1 (4/4@126)
Polka Pop 2 (4/4@122)
Pop Waltz (3/4@94)
Reel (4/4@112)
Showtune (4/4@128)
Slow Waltz (3/4@90)
Swing Waltz (3/4@110)
Tarantella 1 (4/4@136)
US March (4/4@116)
Waltz Oberkrainer (3/4@192)
R & B - 25 Styles
16 Beat Funk (4/4@112)
6/8 Blues (6/8@68)
60's Rock & Roll (4/4@170)
60's Rock 3 (4/4@126)
Amazing Gospel (3/4@58)
Blueberry Blues (4/4@96)
Blues Shuffle (4/4@130)
Boogie Woogie1 (4/4@166)
Boogie Woogie2 (4/4@168)
Croco Twist (4/4@176)
Funky Fusion (4/4@101)
Gospel Brothers (4/4@108)
Gospel Shuffle (4/4@180)
Gospel Sisters (3/4@90)
Lovely Shuffle (4/4@120)
Modern R&B (4/4@100)
Motown (4/4@172)
Motown Soul (4/4@150)
Pop Shuffle (4/4@90)
Rock & Roll (4/4@176)
RockShuffle (4/4@137)
Soul (4/4@116)
Soul Beat (4/4@124)
Soul Shuffle (4/4@106)
Twist (4/4@174)
SWING&JAZZ - 25 Styles
Acoustc Jazz (4/4@140)
Bebop (4/4@140)
Bigband 1 (4/4@134)
Bigband 2 (4/4@184)
Bigband 3 (4/4@92)
Bigband Ballad (4/4@82)
Bigband Shuffle (4/4@150)
Cat Groove (4/4@180)
Dixieland (4/4@110)
Electrc Jazz (4/4@120)
Foxtrot 1 (4/4@184)
Foxtrot 2 (4/4@186)
Glen Miller Ballad (4/4@82)
Gypsy Swing (4/4@232)
Jazz Ballad 1 (4/4@70)
Jazz Ballad 2 (4/4@64)
Lounge Piano (4/4@75)
Midnight Swing (4/4@82)
Organ Quickstep (4/4@200)
Piano Swing (4/4@144)
Ragtime (4/4@180)
Shuffle (4/4@158)
Swing 1 (4/4@154)
Swing 2 (4/4@152)
Swingfox (4/4@192))
PIANIST - 34 Styles
P_2BtSwing (4/4@68)
P_4Stroke (4/4@152)
P_6-8Ballad (4/4@150)
P_6-8March (4/4@130)
P_8Beat (4/4@95)
P_8BtBallad (4/4@142)
P_Arpeggio1 (4/4@116)
P_Arpeggio2 (4/4@100)
P_Ballad1 (4/4@100)
P_Ballad2 (4/4@116)
P_Beguine (4/4@112)
P_Blues (4/4@136)
P_Boogie (4/4@65)
P_BossaNova (4/4@104)
P_ChaCha (4/4@158)
P_JazzBallad (4/4@126)
P_JazzWaltz (4/4@81)
P_March1 (4/4@120)
P_March2 (4/4@148)
P_Musical (4/4@70)
P_Pianoman (4/4@56)
P_Ragtime1 (4/4@120)
P_Ragtime2 (4/4@78)
P_Rock&Roll (4/4@72)
P_Rumba (4/4@128)
P_Samba (4/4@132)
P_SlowWaltz (4/4@150)
P_Stride1 (4/4@68)
P_Stride2 (4/4@75)
P_Swing1 (4/4@130)
P_Swing2 (4/4@80)
P_Traditional1 (4/4@80)
P_Traditional2 (4/4@80)
P_Waltz (4/4@80)
FLOPPY - 32 Styles
16BtBallad3 (4/4@68)
16BtBallad4 (4/4@152)
4-4Blues (4/4@150)
8BeatPop (4/4@130)
BigBand4 (4/4@95)
BigBandSlow (4/4@142)
Bolero (4/4@116)
CShuffle2 (4/4@100)
DiscoLatin1 (4/4@100)
DiscoLatin2 (4/4@116)
DiscoPhilly (4/4@112)
DiscoQueen (4/4@136)
DiscoRock (4/4@65)
DiscoTrop (4/4@104)
Hawaiian (4/4@158)
HullyGully (4/4@126)
JazzBallad3 (4/4@81)
JGuitarTrio (4/4@120)
LimboRock (4/4@148)
Mambo2 (4/4@70)
Pasodoble2 (4/4@56)
Polka (4/4@120)
PopBossa (4/4@78)
PopRock (4/4@72)
R&B (4/4@128)
RockChaCha (4/4@132)
SlowFox2 (4/4@150)
SwingyJazz (4/4@68)
Tarantella2 (4/4@75)
Techno2 (4/4@130)
Tejano (4/4@80)
TradWaltz (3/4@80)

Tyros Styles for PSR9000 and Earlier PSRs

Tyros keyboardThe PSR-9000 has OTS, but it is not compatible with the OTS used in the Tyros and PSR-2x models. Earlier PSR keyboards do not have OTS at all. These keyboards can not play these Tyros conversions with the OTS built into the style. Thanks to Graham, UK, who has both a Tyros and a 9000Pro, for providing the conversions here. Here are Graham's notes on the conversion:

Conversions were done from original Tyros Styles using the excellent Free MidiPlayer program by Michael Bedesem. This program deletes the OTS (One Touch Settings) from the Tyros Styles which the 9K's won't accept. The only other change is the styles volumes have been increased by 10% to 12% to play better on the 9K's. These have been tested on my 9000Pro and 95% of the conversions work very well. There are only a few styles which do not perform ideally, but are still acceptable. These are where the Tyros has used a different Drum Patch not in the 9K's or has used the Mega Guitars within a style. Anyone can themselves make style adjustments like changing the voices used within a style with the Midiplayer program. I would be interested to hear of any style not performing as expected on the 9k or 9kPro.

Graham UK.

287 Tyros Styles for the PSR9000
26 Styles
28 Styles
21 Styles
12 Styles
42 Styles
28 Styles
33 Styles
29 Styles
31 Styles
37 Styles

Tyros3 to PSR9000

(Jan 2009) Brian has converted the Tyros3 styles for use on his PSR9000. The Bass volume has been increased on all the styles, most now play with a more satisfactory bass line.

464 Tyros3 Styles for the PSR9000
45 styles
25 styles
29 styles
48 styles
33 styles
40 styles
38 styles
59 styles
46 styles
49 styles
52 styles

Brian's 9K Conversions

Brian Miles has converted a large number of files for use on his PSR9000. The conversions below and additional Brian conversions are available on Brian's Style page.

The conversions listed here were all done for use on the PSR-9000. Since I'm sure there are still a number of 9000 owners out there, the original 9000 conversions are provided below. You can use Michael Bedesem's Midiplayer program to convert them to a different target instrument. Generally, the 9000 styles will have a relatively heavy bass when loaded on later PSR keyboards.

277 Styles for the PSR9000
36 styles
36 styles
36 styles
32 styles
34 styles
35 styles
35 styles
33 styles

(Jan 2009) Brian has converted the Tyros3 styles for use on his PSR9000. The Bass volume has been increased on all the styles, most now play with a more satisfactory bass line. Note that the Ballads and Pop&Rock categories have been updated and replace the earlier versions that were posted here.

476 Tyros3 Styles for the PSR9000
45 styles
25 styles
29 styles
48 styles
33 styles
40 styles
38 styles
59 styles
46 styles
49 styles
52 styles

Yamaha Announces PSR9000 Portable Keyboard Arranging Workstation

February 7, 2000 - Yamaha Corporation of America, Pro Audio & Combo Division, will launch a new dimension in sound and performance with the introduction of the PSR9000 portable keyboard at Winter NAMM 2000. Complete with an array of production and performance-oriented features, the PSR9000 is a versatile arranging workstation for the professional musician, an ideal live performance instrument, or the perfect keyboard for anyone who loves to sing and play. The PSR9000 will begin shipping in February, 2000.

PSR9000 keyboard"The PSR9000 represents a new kind of keyboard that almost defies definition," states Jim Presley, marketing manager, Portable Keyboards. "Based on its sonic quality, functions and capabilities, it is a remarkably ‘professional’ keyboard. The PSR9000 has a combination of professional features that don’t exist on any other keyboard on the planet, making it the perfect choice for performing musicians or professionals who use it as a writing tool. However, the user interface and auto-arranger functions are perfect for beginners or hobbyists. The PSR9000 breaks the rules and sets new standards."

Like its predecessor–the PSR8000–the PSR9000 is a 61-key, portable keyboard complete with microphone input, digital mixer, vocal harmonizer, a built-in audio system, and professional features like after touch, pitch bend and mod wheels. Designed for users at every level, the unit can be connected directly to a computer without requiring a MIDI interface, and contains GM compatibility and auto accompaniment features. In addition, the PSR9000 is fully compatible with the software of the PSR8000.

The stunning sound quality is some of the best ever produced by Yamaha. Expanded to 126 notes maximum polyphony, the PSR9000 is loaded with 32 MB of incredible voices that reproduce all the timbres and nuances of acoustic and amplified instruments. Innovative live drum sounds contain six layers of samples which crossfade from each other, based on velocity. They have been recorded in stereo, resulting in realism never before heard in sampled drums.

Much attention has been paid to ease of use. The PSR9000 contains a large music database, and all interfaces have been simplified through the direct access function, one- touch settings, and on-screen guidance–a necessity for the performing musician who must change settings quickly. In addition, a PS-2 PC keyboard input allows the user to enter alphanumeric data, taking the PSR9000 to a new level of user-friendliness.

Video output allows the PSR9000 to display lyrics from a MIDI song file through a projector or directly into a television monitor. This is an attractive feature for churches that display lyrics, or for home users as a karaoke device.

The list of professional features continues with an optional hard drive (up to 8 GB), SIMMs expandable RAM (up to 65 MB), additional MIDI in/out for external tone generators, and a SCSI port which can connect to an external storage device like a Zip drive. Four individual outputs, 12 blocks of DSP effects, an onboard sequencer and automated mixer are ideal for recording professionals. The PSR9000 contains a Flash ROM operating system, which enables software upgrades to be loaded from disk or the Web.

Innovations continue to the redesigned sound system. A pair of built-in two-way speaker cabinets produces rich, natural sound reproduction. Each speaker has been mounted inside a wooden cabinet with a large bass port, and is powered by a 56-watt amplifier.

The versatility of the Yamaha PSR9000 invites live performance musicians, studio musicians, songwriters, and amateurs alike to experience the highest level of musical performance and productivity ever available–all from the same keyboard.