214 Preset Styles

PSR-8000Here's how Yamaha described the 214 PSR8000 music styles:

From standard 8 and 16-beat, to ballad and dance, the PSR8000 has the perfect accompaniment style for your music. All the styles make full use of XG control, effects, filters, etc., to make you sound your best. The One Touch Setting feature lets you select from four different texture variations for each style to find the accompaniment that's right for you. You can also create your own custom styles and grooves.

This top-of-the-line arranger keyboard, introduced in 1998. It was followed by the PSR9000, 9000Pro, Tyros, Tyros2, Tyros3, Tyros4, and now the Tyros5.

The 214 styles were in 13 categories. Click on the category links below to download the ZIP file. All of the styles shown are stored in a single ZIP file, which must be unzipped before the styles can be used.

PSR-8000 Preset Styles
8Beat - 20 Styles
1-8 Beat 1
2-8 Beat 2
3-8 Beat 3
4-8 Beat 4
5-8 Beat Adria
6-Heart beat
7-Organ Ballad
8-Piano Ballad
9-Pop Rock 1
10-Pop Rock 2
11-8 Beat Soft
12-8 Beat Heat
13-8 Beat Soul
14-Guitar Ballad
15-8 Beat Pop
16-Polka Pop 1
17-Polka Pop 2
18-Polka Pop 3
20-Pop Rhumba
16Beat - 20 Styles
23-Pop Ballad 1
24-Pop Ballad 2
25-Funky Pop
26-Hip Hop Pop
27-Soul Shuffle
28-Street Pop
29-Soft Fusion
30-West End
33-Pop Ballad 3
34-Pop Ballad 4
35-Funky Fusion
36-Analog Pop
37-Game Show
38-Cool Night
39-Fusion 1
40-Fusion 2
Ballad - 10 Styles

41-Love Song
42-Slow Ballad
43-16Beat Ballad 1

44-16Beat Ballad2
45-Epic Ballad
46-Slow Rock 1
47-Slow Rock 2
48-Slow Rock
49-6/8 Ballad
50-Modern 6/8
Rock - 18 Styles
51-Rock 1
52-Rock 2
53-Hard Rock
54-Rock Shffle1
55-Rock Shffle2
56-6/8 Rock
57-Jazz Rock
58-Soft Rock
59-Rock Ballad1
60-Cowboy Rock
61-Rock 3
62-Rock 4
63-Sunny Rock
64-Rock Ballad 2
65-Rock Ballad 3
66-80's Rock
67-LA Shuffle
68-Rock Classic
Dance - 20 Styles
71-Euro House
72-Techno 1
73-Trance 1
75-Clubdance 1
76-Dance Pop 1
77-Dance Soul
78-Hip Hop
79-Trip Hop
80-Techno 2
81-Techno 3
82-Dance Pop 2
83-Dance Pop 3
84-Clubdance 2
85-Trance 2
86-Cool Dance
87-Funky Dance
Disco - 20 Styles
89-70's Disco 1
90-Disco Girls
91-Disco Samba
93-Disco Latin
94-Disco Hands
95-Disco Queen
96-Disco Fox
97-Disco Rock
98-Disco Pop
99-70's Disco 2
100-70's Disco 3
101-Party Pop
102-Disco Tropic
103-Soul Dance
104-Electro Pop
105-Disco Philly
106-Disco Clap
107-Disco Slap
Swing - 18 Styles
109-Swing 1
112-Swing BaIIad
113-Swing WaItz 1
114-DixieIand 1
116-Gypsy Swing
117-Jazz Quartet
118-Lazy Jive
119-Swing 2
121-CooI Jazz
123-Jazz WaItz
R&B - 17 Styles
127-4/4 BIues
128-6/8 BIues1
129-BIues Rock
130-BIues BaIIad
131-Rock & RoII
132-Twist 1
133-Boogie 1
134-BB Boogie
138-6/8 BIues 2
140-Pop ShuffIe1
141-Pop ShuffIe2
142-Twist 2
143-Boogie 2
Country - 17 Styles
150-Country 2/4
151-FoIk Rock
155-Two Step
159-BIuegrass 2
160-Light Pop
Latin - 20 Styles
161-Samba Rio
162-Bossa Nova 1
163-More Bossa
164-Reggae 1
165-Reggae 2
166-Pop Reggae
167-Swing Reggae
170-Mambo 1
171-Jazz Samba
172-Pop Bossa1
173-Pop Bossa2
174-Bossa Nova2
Ballroom - 20 Styles
181-Vienna WaItz
182-EngIish WaItz 1
184-Foxtrot 1
187-Rhumba 1
193-Foxtrot 2
194-Foxtrot 3
195-Foxtrot 4
197-BB Quickstep
199-Rhumba 2
MarchWaltz - 14 Styles
201-March 1
202-6/8 March
205-Pop WaItz
209-Trad WaItz1
210-Trad WaItz2
214-BB WaItz

Additional 2-part Styles

(Feb 2017) I recently converted 254 Yamaha song styles from 4 variations to 2 variations for a friend who still uses a PSR8000. These might be of use to members who use some of the more recent keyboards that still use 2 variation styles. Click on 2 Part styles.zip to download this collection.

Best wishes,
Brian Miles

PSR8000 - New Yamaha Flagship

PSR8000January 29, 1998 -- The PSR8000 is the new flagship of Yamaha's Portable Keyboard line to be introduced at the Winter NAMM (98 Session in Los Angeles. "Incredible power and innovation best describes this keyboard," states Jim Presley, marketing manager, Portable Keyboard Department, Pro Audio & Combo Division, Yamaha Corporation of America. The PSR8000 is a 61 key, touch sensitive, 64 note polyphonic, keyboard using Yamaha's remarkable "XG" MIDI standard. A direct to computer, "To Host" port, and both pitch bend and mod wheels are included. This instrument was designed for the professional, live performance, musician, the serious hobbyist, or anyone who loves to play and sing music. The surprising list of professional features continue with an optional hard drive, SIMMs expandable wave RAM, after touch, multiple pedal control outputs, and a 3.5" HD disk drive with "Style File" and "Disk Orchestra" compatibility (enabling access to a huge library of songs on disk).

The expandable wave RAM compliment the sampling capability of the PSR8000. Memory is expandable to 32 Megabytes. Sampling complete with loop editing is another unexpected feature of this remarkable keyboard.

The stunning sound quality is due, in part, to Yamaha's Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) tone generation, Yamaha's XG MIDI compatibility, a newly designed bass reflex sound system, and enhanced, multi-efffect DSP.

Yamaha's XG MIDI format, never before available in a portable keyboard, is backwards-compatible with GM (General MIDI) but adds a super set of voices and controls for audio, effects and more, resulting in unparalleled life-like sound reproduction. The "To Host" port enables the direct connection to the serial port of a PC or Macintosh without the need of a MIDI interface card or box. A simple cable from the keyboard to the serial port is all the hardware needed. This opens a world of music, educational, and creative possibilities to the more than thirty million U.S. households with personal computers. Especially important for laptop users, where the addition of cards may not be an option. Laptop users are becoming a bigger part of the total computer market. Much attention has been paid to ease of use, with a larger, icon-based, backlit display. All user interfaces have been completely redesigned, taking the PSR8000 to a new level of user-friendliness. Yamaha's auto accompaniment is world renowned for its styles being natural, musically correct, and a joy to play. VA (Virtual Arranger), a new innovation from Yamaha, adds more than a simple variation of the style the user plays. It will add riffs, phrases, chord changes, and other embellishments appropriate for that style, making users sound even more professional.

Innovations continue with a microphone input for vocals which links up with an internal vocal harmonizer, enabling the player to, literally, sing harmony with him/herself in real time.

If remembering the words is a problem, another innovation called "LY"(Lyrics) will scroll the words across the large, backlit display, in time to the music, becoming a comprehensive Karaoke system. Want to enhance voice a little? How about adding reverb using the, built-in, multi-effect processor. Yamaha is world famous for its DSP technology.

A large library of professional performing sequences is available that include both lyrics and harmony parts. The harmony parts actually tell the PSR8000 when to add harmony to the user's voice in the song, how many parts, and at what intervals.

The PSR8000 at a SRP of $2995.00 will set new standards of performance/value. The musician who has wondered why someone couldn't put it all into one package will be delighted to see that Yamaha has listened by providing the PSR8000. The stunning performance of the PSR8000, in one complete package, is going to make musicians rethink the way they play live music.