181 Preset Styles

PSR2000Introduced in the summer of 2001, the PSR2000/1000 models represented a new generation of Yamaha keyboards. These replacements for the PSR740/640 included a large LCD display borrowed from the PSR9000 as well as many of the "Sweet", "Live", and "Cool" voices from that keyboard. Other innovations included the Music Finder database and the ability to load styles directly from a floppy disk. This innovation provided PSR users with, in effect, many hundreds of additional styles "floppy"-based styles that could be loaded as quickly as the internal preset styles. There's an enormous amount of information about the PSR2000 available on this site, but if you would like to read the original press release, click the "PRESS RELEASE" link above.

PSR1000Styles were not hyped in either the press release or the manual. PSR2000 styles included three intros, four main sections, and three endings. There were a number of "Session!" styles included. According to the manual, "These styles provide even greater realism and authentic backing by mixing in original chord types and changes, as well as special riffs with chord changes, with the Main sections. These have been programmed to add 'spice' and a professional touch to your performances of certain songs and in certain genres. As a result, the styles may not necessarily be appropriate - or even harmonically correct - for all songs and for all chord playing." Included on the floppy disk were a number of Piano Combo! styles. "These accompaniment styles feature a basic piano trio (piano, bass, and drums), augmented in some cases with other instruments. Since this is a small combo sound, the accompaniment bacing is appropriately sparse, making it useful and effective for a wide variety of songs."

The original PSR2000 styles are provided in the table below. However, we also have quite a few styles that have been converted and tuned for use on the PSR-2000. You'll find some of them listed on this page. In addition, many of the conversions from other manufacturer keyboards (Other Kbds) were done initially for the PSR2000.

PSR-2000 Preset Styles
16Beat 80
16BeatBallad1 76
16BeatBallad2 66
6-8ModernEP 64
6-8Orchestral 62
6-8SlowRock1 105
6-8SlowRock2 68
8BeatAdria 100
8BeatModern 92
AcousticBallad 158
AnalogBallad 77
CountryBallad 72
LoveSong 70
ModCntryPop 68
OrganBallad 78
PianoBallad 68
PopBallad 77
R&B 83
RockBallad 75
SecretService 80
Slow&Easy 64
Unplugged 68
ChaChaCha 132
EnglishWaltz 90
Foxtrot 184
Jive 176
OrgQuickstep 200
Pasodoble 122
Quickstep 200
Rumba 112
Samba 104
Slowfox 108
Swingfox 192
Tango1 130
Tango2 130
VienneseWaltz 180
70'sDisco1 120
70'sDisco2 117
70'sDisco3 122
Clubdance 123
ClubLatin 124
DiscoChocolate 106
DiscoFox 125
DiscoFunk 126
DiscoHands 122
DiscoParty 120
DiscoPhilly 118
DiscoSamba 122
EuroTrance 138
FunkyDisco 118
Garage1 127
Garage2 133
HipHopGroove 85
HipHopLight 90
HipHopPop 104
HipShuffle 92
HouseMusik 146
Ibiza 128
LatinDisco 124
ModernR&B 100
SaturdayNight 110
SwingHouse 120
TechnoParty 130
TechnoPolis 146
UKPop 124
Beguine 113
BigBandMambo 104
BigBandSalsa 102
Bolero 96
BossaNova 140
BrazilianSamba 96
Caribbean 106
DiscoLatin 100
Espagnole 124
FastBossa 175
GypsyRumba 166
HappyReggae 88
JumboReggae 100
Mambo1 104
PopBossa1 160
PopSamba 110
RmbFlamenca 110
RockChaCha 120
RumbaIsland 112
Salsa 106
SlowBossa 106
Tijuana 200
6-8March 120
BandMarch 118
BandWaltz 180
Bluegrass1 142
Bluegrass2 120
ChildrensMarch 120
ChristmasSwing 184
ChristmasWaltz 80
CountryWaltz 140
GermanMarch1 112
GermanMarch2 112
GuitarSerenade 106
Hawaiian 100
HullyGully 126
JazzWaltz1 194
Jig 120
LimboRock 92
Musette 208
OberPolka 128
OberWalzer 192
PolkaPop 126
PopWaltz 94
ScottishReel 112
Showtune 135
SwingWaltz 90
Tarantella 136
TraditionalWaltz 180
USMarch 116
16BtUptempo 100
60's8Beat 130
60'sGtrPop 128
60'sRock&Roll 170
60'sRock1 152
60'sRock2 142
6-8Blues 65
6-8Soul 48
8Beat1 116
8Beat2 142
8BeatRock 116
AmazingGospel 58
BoogieWoogie 166
BritPop 86
CntryBrothers 112
Country2-4 105
Country8Beat1 130
Country8Beat2 148
CountryPop1 148
CountryPop2 180
CountryRock 128
CountryShuffle 126
CountrySwing1 150
CowboyBoogie 178
CrocoTwist 176
DetroitPop1 172
DetroitPop2 150
FingerPickin 94
FunkyFusion 100
GospelBrothers 108
GuitarPop 100
HardRock 120
HeartBeat 148
Hoedown 128
JazzRock 100
KoolShuffle 100
OffBeat 120
PopShuffle1 90
PopShuffle2 120
Rock&Roll 176
Rock+HalfTime 132
RockShuffle 137
RootRock 128
SingrSngWriter 106
Soul 116
SoulBeat 124
SoulShuffle 106
Twist 174
Bebop 140
BigBandBallad 82
BigBandFast1 180
BigBandFast2 185
BigBandMid1 130
BigBandMid2 130
BigBandShfl1 158
BigBandShfl2 148
CatGroove 180
Charleston 206
Dixieland1 220
GypsySwing 232
JazzBallad1 64
JazzClub 165
MoonlightBallad 82
Ragtime1 210
Swing1 154
Swing2 152
40'sBigBand 82
8BeatPiano 70
AfroCuban 200
BigBandSamba 114
BluesPiano1 84
BluesPiano2 60
ClassicWaltz 180
ComboBoogie 166
ComboSamba 110
ComboTwist 172
CoolFunk 116
Five-Four 168 5/4
GuitarBossa1 162
GuitarBossa2 132
JazzPiano 192
JazzWaltz2 160
JungleDrum 200
Merengue 130
MidnightWaltz 90
Montuno 100
MovieBallad 80
MoviePanther 114
Piano16Beat 60
PianoOrchBld 78
PianoShuffle 98
RomanticPiano 68
StrideSwing 126
Swingin'Boogie 178

While you will undoubtedly enjoy all the preset styles provided in the PSR2000, a great advantage of this, and later, Yamaha keyboards, is the ability to load external styles from floppy disk about as fast as you can load the built-in preset styles. When you are ready to try some new styles, you can entertain yourself for a very long time just trying out the over 1,000 additional styles for the PSR2000 that are provided in the various collections below.

Onacimus Sayahan Conversions for the PSR2000

(July 2007) I made these collections of styles from the PSR9000, 9000Pro, PSR2100, PSR1500 and CVP210 for the benifit of PSR2000 owners. I thoroughly checked the 2k styles and selected various styles with a similar from the above models, which have no Mega Voices. I selected many styles from PSR 9000 and 9000Pro that are not in the 2k and also slightly different from the 2k styles. I've collected all new 2100 styles (not in 2k) and CVP 210 additional styles and also the new PSR1500 styles. In addition to that, I've added the 740 floppy styles that have four variations and also Break Fill in. I copied the Intros and Endings B to C and filled the missed section (B) from PSR8000. I identify the "source" of these as "90's."

I brought all of these together in one large collection. I made voice changes in tracks as well as in OTS to stantard panel voices acording to the availablity of 2k voices. I also made volume adjustments as needed. Very interestingly, many styles appear as 'Session' and 'Piano Compo' as recomented in 2k1, CVP, and 1500. Finally, I arranged them into 10 categories (plus some BassCHold and Metronone styles). -- onacimus

7/29/07 update -- I took a copy and checked with all the styles in each original source. I found 12 tempo changes. So I picked those styles and changed to the original tempo values. Also I missed 4 styles that have no risk of Megavoices. The zips in the table below have all been updated to reflect these changes.

391 Styles for the PSR2000
46 Styles
41 Styles
19 Styles
50 Styles
27 Styles
41 Styles
37 Styles
46 Styles
32 Styles
52 Styles

Click here for an Excel file with a list of all the styles and the source keyboards.

Note: Onacimus has generously provided a wide variety of style conversions for various keyboards. You can find all of his conversions on the Onacimus Sayahan style page.

PSR8000 Styles for the PSR2000

Yamaha earlier arranger keyboards only had two style variations rather than four, so if you load the style, it will play fine, but you will not have the four variations you are familiar with in the PSR-2000. In addition, PSR-8000 styles do not have one-touch settings incorporated into the styles. I have provided separate lessons on how you can expand these to four-variation styles and how to add your own one-touch settings. I have already tuned some of the PSR-8000 style categories below. These are available in the table below:

58 PSR-8000 Styles for the PSR-2000
20 Styles
20 Styles
18 Styles

Tyros Styles for the PSR2000

The Tyros conversions in the table below are listed by style category. I have added the default tempo to each style name, which may assist you in picking styles when you are looking for just the right style. All the styles in each category are stored in a single "ZIP" file. To use the styles, you must download this file, unzip it to extract the styles, and then copy these to a floppy disk for use in your 2000. You will find that all the category styles fit on a single floppy disk (that is why the Swing & Jazz category is divided into two parts.) Note that in these conversions, the left-hand voice is generally ON and the styles will sound best if you are using full-fingered chords in your left hand.

293 Tyros Styles for the PSR2000
26 styles
30 styles
21 styles
12 styles
20 styles
22 styles
30 styles
33 styles
30 styles
32 styles
37 styles

9K Factory Disk Styles w/OTS for the PSR-2000

I have tuned about half of the PSR-9000 factory disk styles for the PSR-2000 and provided them in the two zip files shown in the table below.

PSR9000 Factory Disk Styles for PSR2000
30 styles
32 Styles

Note that many styles tuned for the PSR2100 or PSR3000 will also play just fine on the PSR2000. If corrections are needed, you can always use Michael Bedesem's MIDIPLAYER program to convert the style to your 2k keyboard.

PSR730 Styles for the PSR2000

The original internal PSR-730 styles have all been adjusted by Randy Johnson who used Michael Bedesem's StyleUpdater program to convert the 2-variation(AB) styles into 4-variation(ABAB) formats. This also had the benefit of fixing some "double-ending" problems encountered in the original styles. (Several styles -- Big Band Quickstep, Cajun, and Euro House -- were too large for the PSR-2000 when converted by StyleUpdater, so I converted them manually on the PSR-2000.) Randy's conversions, without the OTS, are available in the table below.

Charley [Rattley] was kind enough to provide PSR-2000 versions by adding OTS to all of these PSR-730 styles. Charley's conversions are available in the zip files (with a "2k" suffix) in the table below.

There are 100 styles in the PSR-730. I have grouped them into style categories and then included several categories in one zip file. These styles will fill up the better part of three floppy disks when unzipped. The categories shown below are close, although not identical, to the original categories. Note: actual filenames include the default tempo (not shown below) so that it is easily visible in the PSR-2000 window when selecting a style file.

Randy's 730 Conversions for the PSR2000 w/o OTS
16 Styles
8 Styles
13 Styles
13 Styles
17 Styles
15 Styles
7 Styles
11 Styles
Charley's 730 Conversions for the PSR2000
16 Styles
8 Styles
13 Styles
13 Styles
17 Styles
15 Styles
7 Styles
11 Styles

Yamaha's PSR2000/1000 Portable Keyboards

PSR1100July 21, 2001 - The Yamaha PSR1000 and PSR2000 represent a new line of portable keyboards with features and performance characteristics that blur the lines between hobbyists and professionals. One look at the radically new designs and ergonomics will prove that this is something very new.

"Incredible power and innovation best describe these keyboards," states Jim Presley, marketing manager, Portable Keyboards, Pro Audio & Combo Division. "Every few years, Yamaha replaces models with new, improved versions of successful products. The PSR1000 and PSR2000 represent a departure from their predecessors, with more than incremental improvements. Their price points are affordable for the casual user; but the performance is more than enough for the most discerning professional."

PSR2000A large bit-mapped LCD screen, borrowed from the professional Yamaha PSR9000, shows information not previously available on low-tech displays, including: graphic representations of functions; computer-like folders showing song, style and function lists; animated help screens; song lyrics; music notation; and more.

Yamaha's remarkable new Music Finder Function makes operating the PSR1000 and PSR2000 as simple as knowing a song title. Users may choose from hundreds of song titles, and, with the push of a button, the entire keyboard automatically adjusts all appropriate settings for that particular song.

Stunning sound quality is due, in part, to Yamaha's Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) tone generation, Yamaha's XG MIDI compatibility, a newly designed bass reflex sound system with two-way stereo speakers and enhanced, multi-effect DSP. In addition, Yamaha's exclusive "Sweet Voices," "Cool" and "Live" voices have been added from the legendary PSR9000, resulting in realistic instrument sounds that imitate natural timbres.

The PSR2000 contains a flute organ, complete with eight graphic drawbars that can be individually manipulated. This classic jazz and rock organ sound is further enhanced by programmable tremolo in the DSP. Innovations in the PSR2000 continue with a microphone input for vocals which links up with an internal vocal harmonizer, enabling you to literally sing harmony with yourself in real time. A built-in multi-effect processor, complete with Yamaha DSP, allows the user to enhance—or even change the gender—of the voice.

If remembering song lyrics is a problem, both the PSR1000 and PSR2000 have another innovation called "LY" (Lyrics) that will scroll the words across the display, in time to the music, adding the functions of a comprehensive Karaoke system. Lyrics can be displayed with music notation on the PSR2000. Auto accompaniment functions have been enhanced, with four variations per style, three intros and three endings per song.

A TO HOST port enables the direct connection to the serial port of a PC or Macintosh with a single cable, eliminating the need for a MIDI interface card or box. This opens a whole world of musical, educational and creative possibilities to the more than 30 million U.S. households with personal computers, and is an especially attractive feature for the growing number of laptop users, where the addition of cards may not be an option.