Korg PA3 Conversions

(Jan 2013) Not sure where I got these styles! I was cleaning and reorganizing and came across them in my downloads. Apparently, they are internal Korg PA3x styles converted to Yamaha. They did not have OTS so I added a default OTS and batch processed them using Michael's Midiplayer. Many members have been looking for more modern styles and give Korg PA3x as an example. There are 250 in the package, which I split into two files. They are SFF1 format.

Ed Beaty

250 PA3 Styles from Ed
118 styles
132 styles

28 Bluezplayer Conversions

fI converted a number of PA80 rock styles for use on the PSR-2000. I used panel voices so I'm not sure how well they will translate to the Tyros, but it might be worth a try. They sound good on my 2k.

The pop shuffle style is very song specific ("You're Mama Don't Dance"), and the pop ballad style favors "Margaritaville." Since I am using the 2k along with the PA80 in my live act, I am glad to have these styles available, should one of the boards go sour in action. The style creator and revoicing features work well on the 2k. The mixer and dsp area is on par with the PA80's, but the 2k allows for a system effect available to the styles plus chorus and reverb.  I previously converted 81 Yamaha styles for the PA80, and now I am reversing the process. In each case it's a good bit of work and somewhat time consuming. I don't use EMC or any other auto convert software, and more time goes into tweaking volume levels, effects, panning, and revoicing than the actual note conversion.  I'll be working on more as time permits.  

- AJ (Bluezplayer)

28 PA80 Styles from AJ
16 styles
12 styles

Korg to Yamaha Conversions (Tyros/3000)

Brian Miles, Eileen Lowrey, Roger Z, and Tom G. (BERT) have all worked on the set of conversions below. I've tried them on both the 3000 and the 2100 and they sound fantastic. I think you will be particularly impressed with the OTS in these styles. As usual, all the styles are included in separate zip files that you need to download and unzip. Just click on the titles, e.g. "Korg-YamV1" to download the file.

102 Korg Style Conversions
20 styles
20 styles
13 Christmas Styles
20 styles
29 styles

PA80 Internal Styles

These files are the complete PA80 preset styles totaling 256 styles. By scanning the whole PSR archive, I found that Oh Henry had made the conversions in banks 1-9. I searched for the manual to check all the styles but the styles weren't complete then. Since I collect complete presets styles, I decided to approach Oh Henry by email and asked him for the missing styles. He was kind enough to comply to my request so here is the result. A few styles were out of tune, but I edited the difficult ones. I have put them exactly how they were placed in the folder as indicated in the manual. Oh Henry (who lives in Toronto, Canada) did all the conversions and I ("ndl" - Netherlands) tweaked and put OTS in them. These are tuned to the Tyros and I have included some Mega voices in the styles.

I have enjoyed tweaking existing forgotten styles as a hobby since I bought my PSR-2000 two years ago. I sold it when I bought my Tyros. I can not play the keyboard as well as the "pros", but I like creating styles more, I think. I do that more nowadays than playing.

-- ndl (Norie)

256 PA80 Internal Style Conversions
16 styles
16 styles
16 styles
16 styles
16 styles
16 styles
16 styles
16 styles
16 styles
16 styles
16 styles
16 styles
16 styles
16 styles
16 styles
16 styles

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