Jan's photoMy name is Jan and I'm from Sweden. I'm converting and creating Dance/Trance styles to Yamaha PSR-S910, PSR-S750/PSR-S950, Tyros3, and Tyros4. I've been playing keyboard since I was 14. My first keyboard was a little brown thing called Yamaha porta sound.

To create Custom styles from scratch is a lot of hard work and a very time consuming process. Below I offer a couple of things you need to know before creating your own styles.

First of all, you have to understand all those different parameters in the STYLE CREATOR, how they work together as NTR (Note Transposition Rule), NTT (Note Transposition Table), High Key, Note Limit, and RTR (Retrigger Rule).

For example, when you record a bass pattern in the Bass channel in STYLE CREATOR, then you need to change the NTR parameter to ROOT TRANS, the NTT to MELODY, and also have the BASS on.

Sometimes when playing the bass, it may sound an octave higher in some chords. To make the bass play lower, you need to change the HIGH KEY parameter to E or Eb.

When recording a Chord or a PAD in the Chord/PAD channel, you need to play it in Em chord for best result, then change the NTR parameter to ROOT FIXED, and the NTT to CHORD.

You don't necessarily have to play a key or a chord only in C major. For example, I used different keys and chords when creating the Trance styles.

Euro Dance Pack

(Oct 2013) The conversion of Euro Dance Pack was very time consuming. First of all, I extracted and converted the YEP-files, and revoiced all the channels. Next, the most difficult part, I created all the drums from scratch, and finally I mixed everything properly.

47 styles

Custom Dance and Trance Collection

(Oct 2013) The Custom Dance and Trance Collection includes 27 new styles. All styles have Drum-fill-ins, Break, Intros and Endings, and also 4 OTS settings. Keep in mind that some styles with 2 Intros and 2 Endings are Custom made. This means that the Intro II, and Ending II, are playable in many (not all) different chords, but Intro III, and Ending III are locked to the original song chords. For example: The style EthnoHouse is made from the song "Stereo Love" with Edward Maya. So the Intro III, and Ending III is only playing the original chords of the song (C#m).

Another thing to keep in mind is that the two styles named Rekenium2 and RekeniumDance, have the ArabicMixturekit in drumchannel 2 (Rhytm2). The Tyros 3 and Tyros 4 do not have that kit. So, I remade the drums and renamed them with T3 in the end. I also custom changed the parameters for the effects in the Bass for the RazorDance style. (Note: You can check out Jan playing his Dance styles on his YouTube channel.)

29 styles

Note: The Euro Dance Pack and my new Custom Styles of Dance/Trance are in the SFF2 format and, thus, only for these models PSR-S910, PSR-S950/750, PSR-S970/770, Tyros 3/4/5. Patrick Hannequin converted most of the new dance styles to the SFF1 format so they can be played on earlier keyboards. Patrick's conversiosn are available below:

24 styles

(Jul 2014) Here are 14 new Dance styles. Five of these are Discopolo styles that a Polish friend sent to me. Hope you enjoy them! -- Best regards, Jan.

14 styles

(Dec 2014) Here are 21 new Synth styles, 10 of them are from the Vintage Synth Pack, which I converted for other PSR models. Wishing everyone Happy New Year! -- Best regards, Jan.

21 styles

(Sep 2015) This new collection contains 17 new Dance/Trance styles. Some of them are based on famous Eurodance songs from the 90's.

27 styles

(Nov 2015) These are 7 brand new Dance/Trance styles produced with voices and drums from Euro Dance Pack.

7 styles

if you have any requests or questions about custom made styles, please let me know. You can contact me: at styles2psr@hotmail.com


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